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Why should recruiters attend talent acquisition conferences?

Human resources and talent acquisition conferences present recruiters with a great opportunity to invest in their own professional development, learn new recruiting strategies and best practices, network with other industry professionals, and gain insights into trends and issues affecting recruiting practices.

What is the recruitment Leadership Conference?

The conference is a top-of-the-line learning experience for attendees, with past keynote speakers like Brene Brown and Martha Stewart. HR leaders and recruiters alike will gain knowledge on workplace strategy, compliance, employee benefits and talent retention.

Why host a recruitment event?

Hosting a recruitment event is a valuable opportunity to grow your talent pool and make a lasting impression as an employer. Meeting candidates in person also lets you see what’s not on their resume, like their curiosity, their personality or any useful similarities or differences they might be able to contribute to your team.

Why is it so hard to find new clients for recruitment firms?

It is obvious why. New clients are the lifeblood of a recruiting firm and it is always a challenge to find them in a highly competitive market. However, as you can see by the numbers in the image above, the blog post on how to find clients for your recruiting business or staffing agency has clearly been done to death.


How do I get clients for my recruitment agency?

9 Ways To Find Clients For Your Recruiting Firm1: Job Posting Websites. … 2: Social Media Searching. … 3: Email Marketing. … 4: Follow Up Calls. … 5: Ask for Referrals. … 6: Networking. … 7: Cold Calling. … 8: Content Marketing.More items…•

How do staffing agencies get direct clients?

How to get clients for a staffing agencyDefine your target industries and occupations.Use current clients to drive your hiring search.Understand the market you’re staffing for.Avoid low-quality opportunities.Employ job postings data.Build strong relationships with your clients and candidates.

How do you recruit in a conference?

How To Recruit Talent At A ConferenceKnow who you’re talking to. … Start with small talk. … Get sufficient background information. … Mention a position. … Follow up.

How do recruitment agencies attract candidates?

9 Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Candidates1) Use your values to attract talent to your business.2) Promote your corporate culture … everywhere.3) Give employees benefits that matter.4) Develop an internal referral program to recruit staff.5) Maintain close collaboration with your external recruiters.More items…

How do I become an independent recruiter?

Getting experience as a recruiter Before embarking on a freelance recruiting career it is recommended you have around 5-10 years experience at a staffing agency first. Working at an agency will give you the experience you need to track down clients and source candidates.

How do I get the best applicant?

Beyond technology solutions, there are a number of creative ideas you can implement to drive more applicants:Leverage influencers. … Apply from the job board. … Apply reminders. … Boost employee referrals. … College newspapers. … Billboards. … Virtual job fair. … Streaming advertising.More items…•

How can I attract best applicants?

Here are our four tips for attracting the best candidates:Create an effective employee value proposition (EVP) … Make sure any development/promotion opportunities are advertised. … Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, make sure they’re selling you. … Promote your organisation’s values.

What are the five recruitment strategies or methods?


How do I get direct clients?

When you’re ready to go the extra mile, here are some fresh ideas for how to find clients.Personalize your cold calls and emails. … Partner with other freelancers. … Volunteer your services. … Book a speaking engagement. … Get back in touch with former clients. … Search for opportunities on Twitter. … Use your skills in a different way.More items…•

What is direct clients in US staffing?

Direct Hire Staffing, often mentioned as permanent placement or direct placement, is when a staffing firm recruits on a permanent add-to-staff position for a client. The staffing firm or staffing agency will take on the recruitment activity such as souring for candidates, interview scheduling, skills assessment, etc.

How do staffing agencies advertise?

A primary goal of your agency’s advertising is to convert new clients. Often, ads that receive conversions are Google Ads. What makes Google Ads so successful for staffing agencies? Google Ads put your staffing services in front of prospective clients when they’re looking for the right staffing solution.

How do staffing agencies grow?

How to Grow Your Staffing Agency and Stand Out From CompetitorsWhy recruiters need a sales mindset. … How to develop a repeatable sales process to bring in more clients and candidates. … Identify your best business. … Identify additional ideal clients. … Identify provable benefits. … Know your stats and individual ratios.More items…•

How to keep clients from remembering you when they have a vacancy?

Assume that all employers will have vacancies. Finding a compelling reason to keep calling your target clients will lead to them remembering you when they do have a vacancy. Keep an eye on what your target client base are doing. Follow them on social media and in the news.

Is recruitment a business?

Recruitment isn’t much different from any other industry where you need business to business (ie, company to company) relationships to make revenue. However just focusing on sales techniques isn’t going to be enough to build long term relationships – you also need to do some clever marketing.

Attracting candidates with job adverts

Who writes your job adverts? Your clients? Your consultants? Your marketing department? An external supplier?

Attracting clients and candidates with content marketing

Are you and your team writing regular blog posts? And sharing regular social media posts? Are you utilising guest blogging opportunities in targeted industry publications?

Attracting candidates, clients, and recruiters to join your team with media coverage

Media coverage gives you something no other form of marketing or advertising can. Third party credibility.

1. Research

It goes without saying, but research is absolutely vital. If your clients have operated in the industry for some time as have you, it is likely you have some mutual connections or have unknowingly crossed paths at some stage. Checking their LinkedIn profile will highlight any crossovers within your respective networks.

2. Prepare

If you think you know what type of employees they’d love to hire, why not print off a couple of CVs and take them with you, to demonstrate how high-quality your network is? Be careful not to give hard copies away too quickly though as you may be breaking some ‘back door’ rules.

2. Dress to impress

These are almost givens, but dressing to impress is important. Just like an interview or your first day in a new job, you want to put your best foot forward to create the best first impression possible! Always go over-dressed as opposed to under-dressed.

4. Location, location, location

Choose a location that is relaxed but professional. Coffee shops are a great choice, as everyone loves a coffee, tea or hot chocolate, but make sure it’s not too loud in there! You don’t want to be fighting against cutlery and kids cackling just to get a word in.

5. Be punctual

Whatever you do, do not be late. This is the first unofficial test of what it would be like for your potential client to work with you. Don’t screw it up by falling victim to unreliable trains, planes and automobiles. Allow ample time for things to go wrong, and for you to get lost navigating down dodgy side streets.

6. Set an agenda

Explain what you would like to cover in the meeting. This should cover a quick recap of how it came to be that you heard about them / where the introduction came from, as well as what you’d like to know from them (in a nutshell) and an elevator pitch on how you think you can help them (not a hard sell here).

7. Lead & listen

Leading is important. There needs to be a sense of direction throughout the meeting, or one of two things will happen. One, you’ll both stare at each other and wonder what the hell you’re both doing. Two, you’ll get along like a house on fire and go on off on a chin-wagging tangent that leads to no business.

Why do recruiters not have a following on social media?

The problem with using social media is that most recruiters or recruiting firms do not have a following on social media and will never be able to develop a following because they will not spend the time required to do so.

What to do if a business posts a job on a job board?

If a business has posted a job on a job board, they could typically use some help from a recruiter to fill the role. Call them up and see if you can offer your recruiting services, either in coordination with an internal recruiter or on your own.

How to ensure fair and compliant hiring?

In order to ensure fair and compliant hiring, you’ll likely have some HR plans and processes in place. Whether each candidate has to go through an official phone screen, have a meeting with the CEO or do a skills assessment, these nuances should be communicated upfront.

Who is responsible for communicating hiring processes and philosophies?

However, Human Resources directors and managers are still responsible for communicating hiring processes and philosophies. Here’s how you can make your recruiting process crystal clear to your company’s hiring managers:

What are some examples of legal requirements for hiring?

Any hiring policies, both company-enforced and legal. Background checks, communicating with references, non-disclosure agreements, invention disclosure, tax requirements – these are just a few examples of the many legal requirements candidates may need to go through before they’re hired. Though HR will handle most of this part …

Can bias affect hiring decisions?

Hiring biases are an unfortunate reality, and can negatively impact a hiring decision . Combating nepotism, cronyism or other kinds of preferential treatment of particular kinds of candidates is a responsibility that falls on Human Resources.

Why is hosting a recruitment event important?

Hosting a recruitment event is a valuable opportunity to grow your talent pool and make a lasting impression as an employer. Meeting candidates in person also lets you see what’s not on their resume, like their curiosity, their personality or any useful similarities or differences they might be able to contribute to your team.

What to tell candidates about your promotional materials?

Make sure your promotional materials tell candidates that they should bring their resumes and be prepared for a formal job interview. During the event, share important details about your hiring process with candidates, including how you plan to follow up with people who advance to the next stage.

What is the default position for most agencies?

The default position for most agencies is to compete fiercely with rivals, and to never do anything which might benefit them. After all it’s only natural to covet the clients of your competitors, and to expect them to do the same.

How to get a contract written?

1. Establish the scope of the agreement early on (one or more vacancies, or ongoing work), and be as open as possible. Honesty is absolutely essential. 2. Get it in writing. Cover all eventualities in a written agreement. 3. Involve agency owners/directors at all stages. 4.

What is RANJobs in Scotland?

A few years ago, The Recruitment Agency Network (RANJobs) in Scotland was a network of firms which initially built a website to contend with S1Jobs price rates. Before long those agency owners, who would normally never speak, were pursuing a joint tender for a huge government contract in order to compete with major national agencies. It can work. …

Do recruiters give up after a search?

In that scenario, recruiters are more likely to give up altogether after a cursory search of their database and a brief advert of the job online. Not quite the bustling competition the client had in mind, when giving the job requisition to 4 agencies.


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