Can duo be used for conference calls


You can have up to 32 participants in a group video call on Google Duo.

Do I need an account to make a duo call?

No. Duo needs your phone number. The app lets you reach people in your phone’s contacts list. No separate account is required. Can you make Duo calls from a browser?

What can the other person see when I call using duo?

When you call a contact using Duo, the other person can see live video of you while the device rings if they have you as a contact. You won’t be able to see the person you’re calling until they answer.

How to make a Google Duo conference call?

1 Open the Google Duo App on your smartphone/tablet (iOS and Android supported). 2 Tap on the create group button. 3 Now select the members you want to add to the conference (up to 11). 4 Tap on ‘ Done ‘. 5 In the next window, tap on the ‘ Start ‘ button. The participants will then get a notification to join the call.

Can you use duo on a landline phone?

Using Duo With Any Cell Phone or Landline. Duo works with all cell phones and landlines by supporting authentication via phone call and SMS passcodes. Click the Call Me button on the Duo Prompt (or type “phone” in the “second password” field if you don’t see Duo’s interactive prompt) and Duo will call your phone.


Does Duo work with a conference calls?

Apart from simply video or voice calling someone, Duo lets you record audio and video messages in case a person doesn’t answer. You can even spruce up these video messages with filters and effects. You can enjoy a conference call with up to eight people as well.

Is Duo better than zoom?

Google Duo allows a maximum of 12 participants to join a video call, which is significantly less when compared to Zoom’s 100 users (49 on-screen). However, while Zoom has a limit of 40 minutes on video calls with more than 3 users, there is no such limit for Google Duo.

Do both parties need Google Duo?

According to Android Police, Duo users can now call people who don’t have the app installed and who haven’t registered with the service. It works like any other Duo communication, except that at the end of any call, recipients who don’t have the app installed will then be prompted to install Duo.

How long can a Google Duo call last?

It appears duo video calls have a 25 hour limit.

How to use Duo on mobile?

Open Duo on your mobile device and give the app access to your microphone, camera, and contacts. You should also allow the app to send you notifications if you expect to receive call invitations. You then need to verify your mobile phone number by entering the verification code you receive in a text message.

How to call someone on Google Duo?

Open the Google Duo site on any browser and make sure you’re signed in with your Google account. Click the name of the person you want to call or type the person’s name or phone number in the search field at the top. Before placing the call, you can choose between a voice call or video call. Advertisement.

How to make a group on Google Duo?

Create a Group. To speak with multiple people, you have to create a group of the individuals you want to call. At the main Google Duo screen, tap Create group. Select the people you want to add to the group, then tap Done. You can change the name of the group by tapping the pencil icon.

How many people can you chat with on Google Duo?

Available for iOS/iPadOS, Android, and the web, Google Duo offers a simple interface for video chats with other people. Duo now allows you to chat with as many as 12 people, and Google plans to bump that number to 32 in the near future.

Can you turn off your microphone on a video call?

There are fewer actions available than in one-on-one video calls. You can turn off your microphone and change the camera, but there are no tools for shutting off video, connecting Bluetooth headsets, or capturing screenshots. If you tap the group name icon, you can view a list of members.

What happens if you join a group on Google Duo?

Google Duo won’t give you any information about group members you blocked. You can join or decline the group. If you join, Google Duo won’t unblock people you blocked.

How to share a link in Google Duo?

Open the Duo app . At the bottom right, tap New call Create group. Select your contacts. Tap Done. To share the link or add contacts, tap Copy or Share . If the recipient clicks the link on a computer, it opens If the recipient taps the link on mobile and Google Duo is installed, the Google Duo app opens.

Can a child join a Google Duo group?

Important: Child accounts can only join groups if at least one of their contacts is in that group. Open the Google Duo app . On the screen, swipe up. Under “Groups,” call a group or join a live group. If “Live” is under the group name, the call is live and you can join.

Getting started

See who’s already available to connect on Duo or invite a friend to join.

Be part of bedtime

Tuck them in with their favorite stories over one-to-one video calls with the highest quality 1, so you don’t miss a precious moment. Learn more about Nest.

Get the group together

Keep the fun times rolling with your weekly game nights over group calling. Available for 32 friends at a time and works on Android phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets. You can also join a group call with just a link.

Capture special moments

Take a photo of your video call to capture any moment, and share it automatically with everyone on the call.

Keep calls private with end-to-end encryption

Whether it’s one-to-one calls, group calls or video messages, your conversations on Duo will always stay private with end-to-end encryption. Learn more.

How to show face on Duo?

To move it, touch and hold the rectangle, then swipe your finger across the screen to another corner. To show your face on the entire screen, tap your picture.

Can you see a duo call?

When you call a contact using Duo, the other person can see live video of you while the device rings if they have you as a contact. You won’t be able to see the person you’re calling until they answer.

Can my child use Google Duo?

Tip: If you use Family Link, your child can also use Google Duo with their Google Account. To protect your child’s privacy, child accounts can receive calls and messages only from people in their contacts. Learn more about Family Link.

Can you use Wi-Fi on Duo?

Using Wi-Fi will save your data usage and also could be a better video connection. If you can’t, turn on your data. Keep yourself centered on Duo video calls using Auto-framing. To turn the setting on in a call, tap the screen and turn on Auto-framing mode . Or, you can turn it on/off in Settings.

Is Google Duo free?

Google Duo is a free service. Before you set up and use Google Duo you need: To use Duo across multiple devices and platforms, you need a Google Account. Learn how to set up Google Duo. Tip: If you use Family Link, your child can also use Google Duo with their Google Account.

What happens if you tap on Google Duo?

If the recipient taps the link on mobile and Google Duo is installed, the Google Duo app opens. If the recipient taps the link on mobile and Google Duo isn’t installed, the link opens Google Duo in Google Play or the App Store.

How to install Google Duo on Chromebook?

If Google Duo isn’t on your Chromebook, learn how to install it. In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher Up arrow . Open Google Duo. Select a contact to audio or video call; create a group: or invite friends.

Does Google Duo use mobile data?

When you use Duo for web, you don’t need to turn on your phone or have it nearby. If you make calls from your computer, Google Duo won’t use your mobile data. Learn how to set up Duo for web.

What is the interface of Duo?

Duo has an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive interface. Before you begin a call, you’ll see icons to start a video call and your recent contacts (sorry, there’s no audio-only option). During a call, you’ll see yourself (in a small little circle), and icons to mute audio, switch cameras and hang up.

What is the Duo app?

Google’s new app, Duo, is a simple video-calling service that’ s available for Android and iOS today. Alongside the upcoming messaging app Allo, it’s one of two communication apps Google announced earlier this year …

What is the unique feature of Duo?

Duo’s unique feature is Knock Knock, which gives you a preview of who is calling by firing up the camera on the other end of the line. If you’re initiating the call, you’ll see a little notice that says your video is visible, which means the other person can see what you’re doing right at that moment in real time.

Is Duo a competitor to Skype?

Duo is coming into a crowded industry, competing not only against Skype, Facebook Messenger and others, but even Google itself with Hangouts. All three of these competing apps do much more than simply one-to-one video calls. For example, they support messaging and you can start video calls with multiple people.

Is Duo the same as Hangouts?

But according to Google, Duo is supposed to be way more specialized. Whereas Hangouts can be used on desktops, supports messaging and group chats, and has multiway video for collaboration (and its interface reflects these extra features), Duo does one thing and one thing only: video calls on your phone or tablet.

How does Duo work?

Duo relies on your phone number, enables you to reach people in your phone’s contacts list, offers end-to-end encryption, and has nifty features like Knock Knock, which allows you see live video of your caller before you answer . It’s easy to use too because the app’s interface is ridiculously simple. Here’s how Duo works, including how …

How many people can be in a Google Duo call?

Yes, Google Duo offers group video calls for up to 32 people. To create a group, tap on ‘Create Group’ at the bottom of the Google Duo screen and select the contacts you want to add.


Klicken Sie auf Anrufen in der Duo-Aufforderung (oder geben Sie “Telefon” im Feld “Zweites Passwort” ein, wenn Ihnen die interaktive Duo-Aufforderung nicht angezeigt wird), und Duo ruft Ihr Telefon an. Die Statusleiste unten in der Duo-Aufforderung wird mit jedem Prozessschritt aktualisiert.

SMS Passcodes

Sie können sich mit einem Passcode authentifizieren, der per SMS an Ihr Telefon gesendet wird. Um von Duo einen Satz Passcodes per SMS zu erhalten, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche SMS mit neuen Codes senden, nachdem Sie Einen Passcode eingeben geklickt haben (oder schreiben Sie „SMS“ in das Feld „Zweites Passwort“).


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