Can gonzaga move into a better conference


So making the move would ultimately result in Gonzaga playing in a tougher conference with a better reputation. Playing in a better conference against better competition likely results in a better media deal for them, so there’s more money on the front end. There’s also the March madness units to consider.


What if Gonzaga doesn’t join a new conference?

If Gonzaga isn’t going to join a new conference, and there are a lot of roadblocks obstructing them, they’re going to have to be creative in their scheduling. The reality is schools are playing more intra-conference games, which makes it harder for Gonzaga to get the competition it needs to thrive.

Should Gonzaga be in the Big East?

As a reminder, Gonzaga is located Spokane, Washington. And while Spokane is the eastern-most city in Washington, they remain a bit west of the Big East’s westernmost school Creighton, which is in Omaha, Nebraska. While the Big East doesn’t make the most sense, a Gonzaga realignment does seem to be in order.

Should the Mountain West add Gonzaga?

So in summary, the Mountain West would get more revenue, more prestige, and more national relevance by adding Gonzaga. Admittedly, the move doesn’t benefit Gonzaga as much as it benefits the Mountain West. It still benefits them though. With BYU leaving their supporting cast in the conference is basically St. Mary’s.

How good is Gonzaga basketball?

College basketball fans know about Gonzaga. They know come March every year they’ll be a good team. But Gonzaga has four first-round losses, eight second-round exits, seven Sweet 16 losses, three losses in the Elite Eight, and two losses in the national championship.


Can Gonzaga join the Pac 12?

Sources said that the Pac-12 has never even informally considered adding Gonzaga, based on the premise that more than half the league would likely be an auto-no on an invite. As for the Mountain West, the jump isn’t considered good enough to be worth the move for the Zags.

Can Gonzaga go all the way?

Gonzaga has the talent, experience, coaching and offensive flow to go all the way. But it will have to survive some alley fights, and this team must prove that it is physically tougher than the one that was punked by Baylor in the championship game last year.

Should Gonzaga join Big East?

Ultimately, Gonzaga in some sort of trans-continental Big East just doesn’t make much sense. If the Big East is insistent on adding a team, and they shouldn’t be, they need to look at the many options much closer to home. Gonzaga will join a big conference soon, but it shouldn’t be the Big East.

What conference would Gonzaga go to?

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have dominated the West Coast Conference for so many years, they’re hardly considered a mid-major anymore. They’ve won the WCC in 20 of Mark Few’s 21 years and they have the third-longest streak of NCAA tournament appearances at 23.

Is Gonzaga really that good?

Gonzaga now looks well-suited to stay atop the rankings for a long, long time. The Zags have not won a West Coast Conference game by fewer than 16 points, and their 10 league victories have come by an average of 30.1 points. Say whatever you want about WCC competition, but that’s a wildly impressive number.

Will Gonzaga win the NCAA Tournament?

Though Gonzaga doesn’t go into the tournament undefeated like it did last year, it is the No. 1 overall seed for the second season in a row….Gonzaga is the fans’ top pick to win the 2022 March Madness men’s tournament.TeamPercent picked to win titleNo. 1 Gonzaga30.26No. 1 Arizona13.76No. 1 Kansas7.8711 more rows•Mar 17, 2022

Will the Big 12 expand?

The Big 12 Conference will officially expand on July 1, 2023. Houston, Cincinnati and Central Florida have reached an exit agreement with their current league, the American Athletic Conference, and will be members of the Big 12 beginning with the 2023 football season.

Who will join the Big East?

Loyola Chicago and the Atlantic 10 announced that the Ramblers would be joining the league for the 2022-23 school year. Combining exceptional academics + nationally competitive athletics, Loyola Chicago will become the 15th member of the Atlantic 10 in the 2022-23 academic year.

What is the acceptance rate for Gonzaga?

72.9% (2020)Gonzaga University / Acceptance rate

Why does Gonzaga not have a football team?

Like many colleges, the football program went on hiatus during World War II (in April 1942), but after the war the administration decided not to resume it. The program had been in financial difficulty prior to the war.

Are all WCC schools Catholic?

All 10 of its current members were founded by churches; seven are Catholic schools. Only Pacific, which was founded by Methodists, no longer receives money from a church.

How many national championships has Gonzaga won?

Since 2015, their earliest exits have been the Sweet 16 in 2016 and 2018. After that, it is two Elite Eight appearances. These numbers could be even higher if the 2020 Tournament wouldn’t have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have never won a NCAA Championship.

Why Gonzaga should leave the West Coast Conference

Gonzaga’s ongoing conference realignment conversation continues to remind me of a very familiar cliche that I’m guessing everyone hears at least once per week: “life isn’t fair”. While I really despise this phrase and liken it to the phrase “it is what it is”, as they are both cop outs, I can’t help but think they apply very well to this situation.

Dismissing the…theories

Let’s break that down for a little bit and let’s first off dismiss the 2 opinions that often fly in the face of this opinion. The first wild opinion is that Gonzaga should join the Pac-12. Make no mistake, Gonzaga basketball has just as good of a chance as joining the NFL as it has of joining the Pac-12.

Why the MWC?

Ok, now to the Mountain West Conference. If you eliminate the Pac-12 option (as it is ludicrous) and the Big East (as it isn’t currently feasible), the MWC is absolutely the best option from a basketball perspective. Keep in mind I am saying from a basketball perspective.


How Would Gonzaga to The Big East Work?

Gonzaga to the Big East makes sense if you look at it through purely a basketball lens. The Bulldogs don’t fit into the Pac-12, but them competing with Villanova year in and year out is enticing. It would give Gonzaga a stronger resume, and give it competition heading into the tournament. Most importantly, the Big East would b…

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Why Wouldn’t It Work?

  • The geography is the easy answer, but the NCAA has proven time and time again it doesn’t care about conference alignment making sense as long as it makes dollars. The bigger problem is Gonzaga is more than basketball. When BYU was swallowed up by the Big 12, it allowed BYU football to stay independent. Although Gonzaga doesn’t have a football team, the Gonzaga Olym…

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So What Are Gonzaga’s Options?

  • If Gonzaga isn’t going to join a new conference, and there are a lot of roadblocks obstructing them, they’re going to have to be creative in their scheduling. The reality is schools are playing more intra-conference games, which makes it harder for Gonzaga to get the competition it needs to thrive. For as good as Gonzaga is, it historically struggl…

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