Can i conference call on ooma


Setting up a conference call is simple and easy. Ooma Office users can get started by placing the first call on hold, dialing a second number and hitting the conference soft key on the phone (if you already have a second call). You’ll receive a free conference bridge and conference number with each Ooma Office account.

Why choose Ooma for conference calling?

With Ooma’s superior control over conference calling, you can talk without worrying about racking up double cell phone minutes or accidentally hanging up on the wrong person at the end of the call. What is three-way conference calling and how does it work?

How do I initiate a three-way conference call on Ooma HD2 or HD3?

To initiate a three-way conference call from an Ooma HD2 or HD3 Handset. You can do the following: Call the first number or have them call you. Press the Hold button on the handset (you will be transferred to your Instant Second Line) Call the second number. Press Menu.

How do I place a call on hold on Ooma?

For example, if you’d like to stay on the phone with the caller on line 2, you can press the line 2 button on your Ooma device. The caller on the other line will be automatically placed on hold.

How do I get Out of a 3 way conference call?

It’s not currently possible to break out of a three-way conference call by hanging up on one party. You can only do this by having the party you no longer wish to speak with hang up the phone. Can I have more than three people on a conference call?


Does OOMA have video conferencing?

Yes. In fact, Ooma Enterprise supports two types of video conferencing solutions. Employees can easily spin up a video chat for one-to-one conversations, or set up a video conference with multiple participants across desktop, mobile and web browsers.

What is OOMA conference bridge?

Conference Bridge with Ooma Office Meetings are an essential component of your business, no matter the size or industry. To make meetings simple and straightforward for companies, Ooma Office offers a conference bridge for meetings with up to 10 participants for every user.

Can you do a 3 way call on line?

The group call feature can be utilized for no charge as long as the user has the LINE app installed *3, allowing easy communication with a worldwide community of users. The service is perfect for catching up with friends and family, and also for use at work for important conference calls.

How do you do a conference call with multiple people?

How to make a conference call on an AndroidMake a call.After connecting, press the “Add Call” icon. The graphic features a person with a “+” next to it. … Dial the second party, and wait for them to answer.Press the “Merge” icon. This will appear as two arrows merging into one.

Can you do 3 way call on Ooma?

To initiate a three-way conference call from an Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie without line 1 and line 2 buttons. You can do the following: Call the first number or have them call you. Press the flash button on your phone to activate the Instant Second Line.

How do I make a conference call on my office phone?

Call first party. … When first party answers press button listed for your set type to place caller on hold. … Call second party. … When second party answers press button to place caller on hold.Call third party (following dialing instructions for local or long distance dialing)More items…•

Why can’t I merge calls?

If your SIM card isn’t activated to provide these functions by your service provider, the device will show an “Unable to merge calls” message if you try to use them. Please contact your service provider to enable multi-conference call service for your SIM card.

How do I arrange a 3-way call?

To start a 3-way call on most smartphones:Call the first phone number and wait for the person to answer.Tap Add call.Call the second person. Note: The original call will be put on hold.Tap Merge to begin your 3-way call.

How do you call a conference?

Here’s how it works:Phone the first person.After the call connects and you greet the first person, touch the + symbol labeled “Add Call.” After touching that, the first person is put on hold.Call the second person. … Touch the Merge or Merge Calls icon. … Touch the End Call icon to end the conference call.

How many calls can conference merge?

five callersConference calling on Android supports up to five callers at once.

How do I set up a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

How many persons can be connected in a conference call?

You can connect up to eight people together in a conference call. You can include in a conference call anybody that you are normally able to place calls to, including external numbers, mobile phones, and, if you are normally allowed to dial them, international numbers.

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