Can i have a button for live conferences on teachable

Can you teach live on Teachable?

Teachable does not have a native way to add livestreams. However, you can embed a third-party livestream directly into your lecture area, for example: YouTube. Twitch.

How do I upload a course on Teachable?

Log in to your Teachable admin area. In the admin sidebar, select the course you want to add content to. If the course is not displayed, click View All to see all courses in your school. Click Curriculum and select a lecture, or create a new lecture to add content to.

Is Thinkific or Teachable better?

Bottom line: Thinkific wins for overall course website capabilities, managing bulks sales and content, and quiz/testing capabilities. Teachable wins for student engagement and interactivity, ease of navigation, selling/conversion tools, and customer support.

What is better Teachable or Kajabi?

ā€¨Bottom Line: If you want a robust functionality for testing your students, sending surveys, or simply designing a more interactive learning experience, Kajabi is one of the best Teachable alternatives. Kajabi is everything your online business needs.

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