Can i publish data from a conference proceedings elsewhere


Yes you can still publish your work in another journal even after presenting it in a conference. However kindly write a formal letter to the conference organizers that you are doing this as there are times where they might have already endorsed your paper for publication in their conference proceedings (which in other countries are also journals).

Yes, it is possible to publish in journals. Usually the proceedings includes the abstract or report on unfinished work. So publishing the final outcome in peer reviewed journals is acceptable.May 24, 2013


Can conference proceedings publish in peer-reviewed journals?

However, there are other conference proceedings with very soft (or not at all) peer-review activity, and authors are typically allowed to publish in peer-reviewed journals the same papers accepted in such proceedings. Also, there are conference proceedings which publish only extended abstracts (usually about 12 pages).

Should you present unpublished data at a conference?

So presenting unpublished data at a conference should not be a problem. Take a step toward advancing your career by learning more about getting funded, disseminating your research widely, and developing essential skills that will open new opportunities for you to succeed. Subscribe to receive curated content.

Can I publish a conference paper if it is already published?

But, if your conference paper is already published as a Journal paper by the conference authority, you have no option to publish it anymore. I think, you are clear enough about my statement.

Is it acceptable to publish the final outcome in a conference?

So publishing the final outcome in peer reviewed journals is acceptable. According to maximum reputed journal, if your manuscript includes more than 30% new information then conference paper, you can submit your manuscript to as Journal Paper.


Do conference proceedings count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Where can I publish conference proceedings?

Publish your Conference Proceedings with Springer Springer is a leader in publishing proceedings, with over 2000 titles available per year. You can benefit from our experience and services to turn your conference publication into worldwide accessible science.

Can I present my paper that has been accepted by a journal at a conference?

Since your paper has already been accepted by the journal, you should first write to the journal editor and ask if it’s acceptable to submit the findings at the conference. A lot will also depend on whether copyright has been transferred to the journal at the time of acceptance.

Are conference proceedings copyrighted?

“All publication material submitted for presentation at an IFAC-sponsored meeting (Congress, Symposium, Conference, Workshop) must be original and hence cannot be already published, nor can it be under review elsewhere. The authors take responsibility for the material that has been submitted.

How do you turn a conference paper into a journal article?

The major requirements are that the journal version must have at least 30% new material, the journal version must include a citation to the conference paper, and the journal version must discuss the conference paper and summarize the new material.

What is the difference between conference proceedings and conference paper?

Proceedings are the papers themselves, or increasingly these days abstracts. Conference journal papers are usually a selection of papers, sometimes by track or that particularly focus on the conference theme published in the journal associated with the conference. Sometimes these are developed versions of the papers.

Can you submit the same paper to different conferences?

It is generally considered unethical practice to present research that has already been shared at another conference, platform or event as if it is a new piece of work.

Can you republish conference proceedings?

Those that do republish conference papers will generally only do so if the paper has been substantially reworked to include additional detail which could not be included in the conference paper, such as detailed proofs or wider comparison with other work in the field.

Can you post a version of a paper whose right you’ve transferred to the ACM for publication on your personal Web page?

Yes. An author is permitted to post his IEEE copyrighted paper on his personal site and his institution’s server, but only the accepted version of his paper, not the published version as might be downloaded from IEEE Xplore.

Are abstracts copyright protected?

Abstracts are protected under copyright law just as any other form of written speech is protected. However, publishers of scientific articles invariably make abstracts freely available, even when the article itself is not.

What is IEEE copyright?

1. IEEE shall serve and protect the interests of its authors and their employers. 2. All technical, educational and professional publications of the IEEE, except newsletters, but including Society and Technical Council Newsletters, are required to be copyrighted by the IEEE.

Why do researchers publish their research articles in conferences?

Most of the researchers publish their research articles in conference because its a faster way of making the results available. At many places, papers published as conference proceedings are not considered during promotion, on the other hand, at few places it is counted as publications but with less credits.

Why are conference papers not accepted for promotion?

However, a problem with conference papers is that at many places, papers published as conference proceedings are not accepted for promotion, yet in some places where it is accepted for promotion it is given less credit than a article published in a journal.

How much of a manuscript should be new?

Generally, it is required that your manuscript is improved based on the feedback of the conference review process and on the discussion at the conference, a (computer science) rule of thumb is that at least 30% of the material should be new and the exposition improved. In most fields conference papers are views as preliminary results open …

What is the scope of acceptance in a conference?

Generally the scope for acceptance in a conference and journal are different. The general practice is to present the preliminary results in a conference. Since it is presented in front of knowledgeable crowd who are familiar with the subject get some inputs about your study, discussion and conclusion.

Can a research paper be published in both scientific journals and proceedings?

Thanks a lot for sharing this question.From my perspective, I think that the same research paper can be published in both proceedings and scientific journals, taking into account that the paper published in journal should be an extension of the research presented at the Conference based on the observations and comments from experts who attend your presentation and gave a useful feedback to improve/enhance the proposed methodology. These suggestions can be used in a journal paper to give better results. In this case, you will add a positive value to your upcoming work instead of repeating the same exact work.

Is a full manuscript published online?

As a usual practice, full manuscripts for oral presentation are published online as part of the proceedings journal/book of abstracts. Can we still submit the same paper to are reputable journal for publication?

Can a conference paper be published in a journal?

Yes, conference paper may be published in any journal if the data and methodology are same but the interpretation is different. If conference paper is published in conference proceedings as a full paper then you can not publish the that paper as copy paste style. As long as you modify it, yes you can.

Why do you notice a lot of other participants presenting unpublished research?

This is because conferences provide a forum to present latest studies that might include preliminary results or proposals. It is usually advisable that the data in your manuscript is more extensive than that presented at the conference.

What to do if the editor does not agree to the abstract?

If the journal editor does not agree to it, you can inform the conference organizers that your paper on the same topic has already been accepted by a journal and hence you would not want to include the abstract in the conference proceedings.

What to do if your paper is accepted by a journal?

If your paper is accepted by the journal, you can write to the journal editor and inform him/her that you are presenting the findings at the conference. Mention that you are presenting only part of the study and not the content in its entirety.

When you present your work in a conference, should you mention it?

Answer: Usually, when you present your work in a conference, it shows the work in progress, i.e., one part of the work that is preliminary & usually unpublished. If this is published as a part of conference proceedings, it is advisable to mention this while submitting to a journal. But, the research article submitted to the journal should have a much more exhaustive data and it is also better to change the title of the article. If the paper is already published in the journal, you could contact the journal editor and ask the permission to re-use the figures/data. It is also a good idea to cite the published article in the conference presentation. You could contact the conference organizers in case your paper gets published and let them know of this. The Abstract that you send to the conference might or might not be published in the conference proceedings keeping in view the guidelines of the conference; it will be at the discretion of the organizers.

What does archived mean in a journal?

Answer: The status “archived” means that the manuscript is no longer pending any decision and has been included in the journal database. Since you have mentioned that your manuscript is already accepted, it does not require any action from the editorial team. It is now stored in the journal database and can be accessed by the readers of this journal or all readers if it has been published as an open access article.

Can you present a paper that has been published?

However, when presenting a work that has already been published or accepted, there might be some restrictions on how you can reuse the material that has been published/accepted.

Do you need to cite a paper in a presentation?

For instance, you may need to provide citations when including figures from the paper in your presentation, as well as citing any text that is taken directly from what has been published. For many journals, however, you may do so without asking prior permission, so long as you include the appropriate citations.

Why do you present a preliminary analysis at a conference?

The purpose of presenting your research at a conference is to inform people about your study and get feedback from them to improve your methodology.

How to improve the chances of a manuscript being accepted?

Improve the chances of your manuscript’s acceptance by learning how to prepare a manuscript for journal submission and handle the peer review process. Subscribe and get curated content that will give impetus to your research paper.

When will abstracts get accepted in SCI?

If I submit my abstract now to the Society, develop it into a paper soon after, and submit it to an SCI journal, it might get accepted by the journal before October. However, there is a higher possibility of the paper getting accepted by the journal after October. Here are my questions. 1.

Can you present a published article at a conference?

It is also acceptable to present your published work at a conference. However, in this case, it is generally considered good practice to cite your published article and provide a link at the end of the presentation if it is avilable online. 1.You can submit your conference abstract to the society and submit the full-fledged paper …

Can you publish a conference paper in a journal?

So, it is okay to develop a previously published conference paper into a full-length manuscript and publish it in a journal later on. This is an acceptable practice, provided you clearly disclose the conference paper and include at least 30% new material in the journal paper.

Can you present a paper at a conference?

2. It is also fine to present at the conference, write the paper after the presentation and then submit it to the journal. In fact, this might work better for you because you will be able to incorporate the feedback that you receive at the conference in your paper.

Can you submit an abstract to a conference?

1.You can submit your conference abstract to the society and submit the full-fledged paper to an SCI journal around the same time. However, it is best inform the editor about this and ask whether it is fine to publish the abstract as part of the conference proceedings. If the journal editor is not okay with publishing the abstract, you can still make your presentation, but inform the conference organizers that you would not want it to be a part of the conference proceedings.


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