Can i submit the same paper to different conferences


It is common for scholars to submit the same paper to different conferences. This is because many times, a paper will be rejected from one conference but accepted to another. So, if you have a paper that you think would be a good fit for multiple conferences, it is worth submitting it to more than one.

It is generally considered unethical practice to present research that has already been shared at another conference, platform or event as if it is a new piece of work.Sep 15, 2021


Should I submit the same research paper to multiple conferences?

Submitting one paper at a time to multiple conferences may increase one’s chance of acceptance, but adding more findings/insights between different conferences may actually improve it. Such a continual improvement/additions to a research topic could have benefits in long run to the researcher e. g.

Can I Revise a paper after submitting it to a conference?

Yes. If you submit a paper to a conference, and that conference rejects the paper, then you can revise the paper in light of the reviewers’ comments, and then submit the revised paper to another conference. If that second conference rejects the paper, then you can revise and submit to a third conference, and so on, ad nauseam.

Is it acceptable to present a published paper at a conference?

This is an acceptable practice, provided you clearly disclose the conference paper and include at least 30% new material in the journal paper. It is also acceptable to present your published work at a conference.

Is it possible to attend two conferences at the same time?

The pragmatic answer (both for abstract and paper) is: In some cases Yes, if one or both conferences either has a strong chance of not happening/being canceled/imploding, or a high reject rate, or accepted presenters are likely to be unable to attend (e. g. foreseeable travel, visa or funding issues).


Why are there duplicates in conferences?

Many researchers will have given many talks on a subject, but if most of them are invited talks, the reason they’re duplicates is because conference organizers have essentially asked for duplicates . I’d argue it isn’t ethical to submit the same presentation, but a topic is a wide ranging thing.

Do published studies need to be repeated?

In addition, it states: ” (1) Published studies do not need to be repeated unless further confirmation is required. (2) Previous publication of an abstract during the proceedings of meetings does not preclude subsequent submission for publication, but full disclosure should be made at the time of submission.

Is redundant publication unethical?

It also stated that redundant publication is an unethical practice . Of 16 ethical issues studied, redundant publication had the highest severity (that is, it caused editors the most concern—more than plagiarism or data fabrication). Share.

Do you have to disclose if a conference paper has been accepted?

However, in a field where conference papers are required to give a talk, then ethical rules demand that you disclose if a paper has been accepted previously. If you’ve changed the material enough, or introduced enough new material, then it’s a little bit more of a grey area.

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Why do you present a preliminary analysis at a conference?

The purpose of presenting your research at a conference is to inform people about your study and get feedback from them to improve your methodology.

When will abstracts get accepted in SCI?

If I submit my abstract now to the Society, develop it into a paper soon after, and submit it to an SCI journal, it might get accepted by the journal before October. However, there is a higher possibility of the paper getting accepted by the journal after October. Here are my questions. 1.

Can you present a published article at a conference?

It is also acceptable to present your published work at a conference. However, in this case, it is generally considered good practice to cite your published article and provide a link at the end of the presentation if it is avilable online. 1.You can submit your conference abstract to the society and submit the full-fledged paper …

Can you publish an abstract in a conference?

However, it is best inform the editor about this and ask whether it is fine to publish the abstract as part of the conference proceedings. If the journal editor is not okay with publishing the abstract, you can still make your presentation, but inform the conference organizers that you would not want it to be a part of the conference proceedings.

Can you publish a conference paper in a journal?

So, it is okay to develop a previously published conference paper into a full-length manuscript and publish it in a journal later on. This is an acceptable practice, provided you clearly disclose the conference paper and include at least 30% new material in the journal paper.

Can you submit an abstract to a journal?

You can also submit the abstract to the society after submitting the paper to a journal. As I mentioned earlier, it is acceptable to present your submitted/published work at a conference.


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