Can i use my meme in a conference talk


Yes, we can, if we’re mindful about the content. We’ve seen an uptick in the use of memes in presentations. They’re a great way of keeping a talk fun for the audience, as well as reinforcing the sense of group.

What is the meme Conference?

From the clinicians who brought you the highly acclaimed Best Science Medicine Course and the MEDS Conference, as well as the BS Medicine Podcast and Tools for Practice comes the MEME ( Making Evidence Matter to Everyone) Conference – we make evidence fun!

Why are we Sharing meeting memes today?

We are sharing meeting memes today guys, because omg – we all have been in the office, sitting around the table with co-workers and clients – thinking IS THIS A JOKE? It’s like you were in a meeting meme IRL.

Should you use memes on social media?

Use an Appropriate Tone Success on social heavily depends on the voice and tone brands use—and memes are part of that. Voice and tone matter because they provide consistency for the personality of your brand. For some brands, memes come as a natural fit to their existing content.

Should you use memes to communicate with your kids?

Don’t worry about always using the newest memes to communicate with the kids out there. I mean, stay away from older performance memes, like planking. Those are dead and buried. However, it’s generally regarded as acceptable to use older image memes, because they’re tied to specific ideas and shared experiences.


Can I use memes for commercial use?

Generally speaking, almost every popular meme is copyrighted. Unless the image is classified as a Creative Commons graphic or is generally public domain, it’s safe to assume you don’t truly have the rights to share it. It also isn’t uncommon for the owners of these images to seek damages for their misuse.

Can a meme be just words?

Memes are ideas or concepts that spread from person to person through online sharing. These can be pictures, videos, or even words and phrases.

Can you use memes in PowerPoint?

0:175:49And they’re actually very easy to make if you’ve got a copy of PowerPoint PowerPoint. Isn’t mostMoreAnd they’re actually very easy to make if you’ve got a copy of PowerPoint PowerPoint. Isn’t most people’s first choice for graphics editing but it’s actually very capable.

How do you use memes in class?

10 Fun Ways to Use Memes in Your ClassroomUse memes instead of labels. … Check for understanding. … Incorporate memes into vocabulary practice. … Post class rules around your room. … Create memes about a book or historical concept. … Use memes as an emotional check-in tool.More items…•

What is considered a meme?

A meme is a virally transmitted image embellished with text, usually sharing pointed commentary on cultural symbols, social ideas, or current events. A meme is typically a photo or video, although sometimes it can be a block of text.

Why is meme called meme?

meme, unit of cultural information spread by imitation. The term meme (from the Greek mimema, meaning “imitated”) was introduced in 1976 by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his work The Selfish Gene.

Can I use an image from the internet in a presentation?

It is illegal to copy & paste, download or otherwise use most images on the web in your presentation, even if you link back to the page where you found the image.

Is it legal to use images from the internet?

Even though most people do not intend to illegally use images, intent doesn’t come into play when it comes to copyright infringement. No matter if you accidentally use a protected image, you’ll still be expected to pay a hefty fine, and fines can run upwards of $900.

Can I use an image in a presentation?

Your use of a few copyrighted images from a Google search as part of a classroom presentation would fall under fair use in education. It is good practice to attribute the image in some way such as include a small URL below the image to the source or include a slide with “credits” at the end.

Can teachers use memes?

‘ Sharon is one of many educators who have found that memes can be effective teaching tools, whether they’re created for students or by them. Read on to explore ways to create and use classroom memes.

Can memes be used for education?

Educators have implemented memes into their lectures and classrooms in various ways. Some have used them for comedic relief to help relax students and create a comfortable learning environment.

Why do schools use memes?

Humor (well, appropriate humor!) in the classroom is always a great idea. That’s why memes are such a fun and engaging tool to promote learning. They’re a fun and easy way to capture students’ attention and can be used for assignments as an alternative outlet for creative expression.

Zoom Meeting Meme

If you’ve ever told your team that your camera wasn’t working, which is why you needed to connect via voice, when actually, you were just too lazy to brush your hair that day, then I’m sure you can relate to these types of Zoom meeting memes. There’s no shame, we’ve all likely done in once or twice in our remote working career 😅.

Staff Meeting Meme

Sounds familiar? It’s sad to say, but many managers love to cling to their daily meetings because holding meetings often gives the impression to the team that the manager is in control. Sadly, a poorly run meeting without actionable items or thoughtful discussion is simply another pointless meeting.

Team Meeting Meme

Nothing beats the sarcastic messages exchanges after the team meeting.

Boardroom Meeting Meme

Let’s get the board together on a regular basis so it lookssss like we’re actually taking the time to discuss big issues, even though, we spend most of the time in the meeting, reviewing what we need to discuss, but not actually discussing it. Can you relate to this board meeting meme?

Virtual Meeting Meme

Meetings are held frequently so I as a leader can effectively micromanage ever single task my employees are working on.

Oh Great! Another Quick Work Meeting

Are you suggesting a ‘quick’ meeting, because if you didn’t, you’d have less people showing up? 😂

Didn’t I Say, That Meeting Could Have Been An Email?

This is a meeting email meme that has more variations, then Tom Hanks’ collection of portable manual typewriters. Bet you didn’t think you’d learn that coming to this blog post. 😂

Funny Meeting Memes

If you too hate bad meetings, long meetings, poorly planned meetings or just the whole idea, in general… these funny meeting memes are for you.

Staff Meeting Memes

These amazing staff meeting memes are perfect for sharing with coworkers before the dreaded “team meeting.”

This Meeting Could Have Been an Email Meme

There is nothing more annoying than a meeting that could have been an email.

Coffee at Meetings

Speaking of coffee during meetings, which is a must… or alcohol. Though, that can be risky. Don’t ask me how I know.

Virtual Meeting Memes

Since 2020 happened, how many virtual meetings have you been forced to attend? With the bad, there are a few good things about them – as shown in these funny virtual meeting memes.

Non-stop Meetings

Somedays it’s like Oprah giving out cars, but no – no cars or perks involved.

Morning Meeting Memes

I once worked at an office that had a REQUIRED staff meeting at 7 am every Monday morning. That was not cool.

Why do we use memes?

Memes play off of content that’s created by other people so you don’t need to create an original video or photo yourself. They save small businesses and digital marketers time that would be needed to produce original content.

What platforms are memes on?

Memes continue to grow in popularity; meme-related content is showing up across visual content platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, IGTV, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are more people than ever creating and consuming memes online. Many brands use memes as an effective vehicle for their marketing strategy.

What is memes on social media?

On social media, memes usually take the form of a GIF or static picture playing on a familiar theme, meaning, or phenomenon, often with text layered on top of or over the image. Across industries, more marketers are using memes to build community, relate to their audience, and stick in their followers’ memory. …

Why do people send memes to friends?

When people send the meme to a friend for a laugh, they express allegiance to and advocate for your brand.

What is meme marketing?

For professional storytellers—digital marketers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creative pros—meme marketing can be an extremely low-cost way to create engaging content that attracts a following . On social media, memes usually take the form of a GIF or static picture playing on a familiar theme, meaning, or phenomenon, …

Why are memes important?

Because memes are often related to a current trend or event, they make your brand more real, modern, and human. Memes appeal to contemporary or cultural events that your viewers know about, which feels authentic and fresh. This content serves to bring a community together around a common touchstone and makes your brand seem more relatable.

Why are memes funny?

Memes are funny, and that helps foster community among your followers. They create a sense of belonging because your audience can relate to the situation you refer to and everyone’s in on the same joke.

What do you need to know about memes?

Okay, the thing you need to understand about memes is that people can get really attached to them, and take them very seriously. Some people go so far as to tell their most private stories and thoughts to thousands or millions of strangers in meme form, which makes using the right meme for the job all the more important for them. For example: there’s literally a pair of memes (Foul Bachelor Frog, and Foul Bachelorette Frog) that people use to tell stories of their grossest behavior when they’re at home alone.

What are some memes that are performed offline?

Memes performed offline (though documented online) include planking, the apparently mis-named “Harlem Shake”, and “dabbing” which is a word I’ve begun to use as an invective. Online-only memes take a thousand different forms.

What is image meme?

Image memes have adopted a fairly standard format, with a recognizable image in the background, and large, white, bold text. These memes are used to tell jokes, commiserate and celebrate shared experiences, tell stories, and more. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that this article is about using memes in your content, …

Can you oversaturate your website with memes?

Don’t oversaturate your content with memes. Unless your website is dedicated to memes, you’ll probably want to limit the number of memes in each post, or on each page. Even on meme sites, few stories are told entirely through memes, unless the stories are very short.

Can you use memes in your website?

Unless your site is dedicated to memes, don’t use them in the actual design. It’ll make your site look dated inside of a month, if not at launch. Keep them in the content, if you’re going to use them at all. The only exception to this rule would be easter eggs.

Is it okay to use older memes?

However, it’s generally regarded as acceptable to use older image memes, because they’re tied to specific ideas and shared experiences. This gives them a much longer shelf life. Indeed, using the right older meme can actually hit people with a weird feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia sells. Just ask Hollywood.

Can you use memes in your content?

With these tips in hand, using memes in your content should be simple enough. As long as you’ve done your research, the basic concepts and usage of memes are pretty simple things. The only real complexity comes from the shear amount of memes and sub-memes. Sub-memes is a word now. Lastly: Avoid rage comics.

How to make sure you’re using the appropriate tone in your memes?

To make sure you’re using the appropriate tone in your memes: Include a section on voice and tone in your social media strategy guidelinesand make sure everyone on your team follows it. Don’t try to sound too smartwith the language you use, and make sure the memes are not too obscure.

Why are memes good?

Several points make memes great for brands: They are an easy way to capitalize on shared knowledge. They are great for humanizing your brand and sharing it on social media with an authentic voice. They make it easier to showcase complex concepts such as your brand personality and company culture.

Why are memes so popular?

As memes rise in popularity, brands grow keener on capitalizing on their pervasiveness and charm. Why Memes Work. Memes are successful because they’re “carriers of culture.”. Memes seem to collect our ideas, emotions, and actions in a simple and transferable form, making them perfect for the Internet age.

How to protect yourself from memes?

Although there’s no surefire way to use them, there are various waysin which you can protect yourself from having a meme backfire on your brand: Check the rights on an image: It’s important to be aware of the risks you’re taking, even if the chance of ending up on the wrong side of the law is minuscule.

Why was Club Mate upset?

By linking itself to the event, Club Mate is making a risky bet — many people were upset because they felt the whole mix-up was emblematic of racism. Instead of being a lighthearted meme, the Oscars debacle turned into a political issue with a lot of commentary surrounding the event and its aftermath.

Why do voice and tone matter?

Voice and tone matter because they provide consistency for the personality of your brand. For some brands, memes come as a natural fit to their existing content. But for more serious or professional brands, finding the right tone makes all the difference between a successful meme and a total flop. Good Example: Gucci.


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