Can i withdraw conference paper after submission


If you will not be able to attend the conference, or wish that your paper is not published for whatever reason, you can withdraw your paper. Please go to MY PAPERS section of the website and select the paper you wish to withdraw. The click on “Withdraw paper” at the bottom of the page. Confirm on the next page.

Can I withdraw my manuscript after submission?

However, in some cases, you may want to withdraw your manuscript. For instance, you may want to add or revise important points or you may want to correct some errors discovered after the manuscript submission.

Why do authors withdraw a paper after publication?

Another common reason to withdraw your submission after acceptance and before publication is that authors suspect or discover a glaring error, possibly when checking the proofs. This error may require removing existing data, performing some experiments again. It may also require doing supplementary analysis.

What should I do if I receive a letter of withdrawal?

Hopefully, you should receive an acknowledgment letter. This may acknowledge the withdrawal, or ask you for more information to adjudicate the issue on more scientific grounds. For the latter, it is important to cooperate and respond in time.

What are some unethical reasons for withdrawing a research paper?

There are unethical reasons for a withdrawal though, such as being “unaware of the publication fees”, or just wanting to submit to a higher-impact journal. A final reason for withdrawal is impatience with peer review.


Can you withdraw your manuscript after acceptance?

Generally speaking, the goal of an academic or scientist who submits a research paper to a journal is to have the paper published in that journal, so withdrawing a manuscript after an editor has accepted it for publication is rare.

How do I withdraw a conference abstract?

Can I withdraw my abstract after I have submitted it? Yes, please email the conference coordinator to ask that your abstract be removed from consideration.

Do conference presentations count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Do conference abstracts count as publications?

However, the proceedings or the abstracts of the conferences are usually not indexed and are usually not available to others to refer to the conducted research. Abstracts of various research papers form the proceedings of various conferences, but these are not considered as publications in real sense.

How to withdraw a manuscript after submission?

How to Withdraw Manuscript after Submission. You have just completed manuscript submission process for your target journal. The next steps would be initial review by the editor followed by the peer review by the invited experts. During these steps, you wait for the decision. However, in some cases, you may want to withdraw your manuscript.

How long does it take to withdraw a manuscript?

There is a big difference between asking for manuscript withdrawal within 1 week of submission and during or after peer review, say in 1-6 months. In the former case, it should not be a problem.

Can an author withdraw a paper?

In addition, when authors do not want to make all research data available to the journal (sometimes required by the journals) for copyright or commercial reasons or when they realize that they have made submission to a potential predatory journal, authors can withdraw their paper.

Can you submit a paper to more than one journal?

Possible Consequences. Ensure not to simultaneously submit your paper to more than one scholarly journal. This is a standard code of publication ethics. It is unethical to withdraw a manuscript, just because it was accepted sooner elsewhere. Nevertheless, what if you do not get a reply even after multiple requests.

Can a journal blacklist a co-author?

If authors withdraw manuscript on unethical grounds, journals may also blacklist the author and co-authors for future publications.


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