Can large buses get into asilomar conference grounds

How do I get to Asilomar Conference Center?

Asilomar is approximately 120 miles from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and 65 miles from San Jose International Airport (SJC). Note the driving traffic from either airport to Asilomar Conference Center can be extreme on Friday afternoons. From these airports to Asilomar you may choose to rent a car or take the Monterey Airbus shuttle.

How is Asilomar redefining the guest experience?

“Socially distant, but close to nature” is the current theme on Asilomar’s website, which says it is redefining its guest experience to meet safety guidelines while maximizing vacation stays such as contactless operations, and increased takeaway meal offerings.

What is Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds?

Celebrated as Monterey Peninsula’s “Refuge by the Sea” – Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds is a breathtakingly gorgeous 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land.

How to get from San Francisco to Asilomar?

From these airports to Asilomar you may choose to rent a car or take the Monterey Airbus shuttle. From SFO to Asilomar the fee is $65 one-way and from SJC the fee is $55 one-way. Save $5 per trip if you book online at Their website has detailed pages on schedules (to airport and from airport).

Improved Access for the Disabled

A long-term project to upgrade Asilomar to meet the guidelines set by the American with Disabilities Act as well as state and federal laws has taken place. Improvements completed include:

Asilomar Grounds

One hundred and seven acres of dunes, beach and forest are dedicated to a natural ecological environment and are therefore considered a bit rugged by some guests – particularly those who are elderly or physically disabled. The paved pathways have some slopes, steps and uneven surfaces.

Accessible Meeting Rooms

All meeting rooms have wheelchair access into the room with the exception of Willow Inn, Manzanita, Oak Knoll, Toyon, and Acacia. Meeting rooms (not including living rooms) that have fully accessible public restrooms include Merrill Hall, Chapel, Surf & Sand, Nautilus and Triton.

Accessible Parking

There are designated accessible parking spaces located throughout Asilomar, which are indicated on the property map. In addition to the designated accessible parking spaces on grounds, any of our timed parking spaces can be utilized for overnight parking by a guest displaying a state issued permanent or temporary placard / license plate.

Mobility Disabilities

The grounds and walking paths at Asilomar are hilly, making it challenging to navigate for people using manual wheelchairs or for someone who has difficulty walking. Asilomar’s jitney (a 24-hour on-grounds shuttle service) is available to transport individuals and luggage anywhere within the property.


Asilomar is committed to operating our conference facility in a safe manner for both guests and employees. We utilize Food Safety Standards to insure a safe environment through our culinary process and production. We utilize Safe Step observations, Safety Meetings, and thorough investigations of all accidents that take place on the property.

How far is the Asilomar Conference Grounds?

Follow to Sinex Avenue (approximately 2.4 miles). Turn left on Sinex Avenue and continue to the Asilomar Conference Grounds entrance (corner of Sinex and Asilomar Avenues approximately 0.8 miles).

When will Asilomar reopen?

Exciting news – Asilomar will re-open for overnight guests on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. Take a well-deserved escape to where the air is fresh, the horizon is endless, and the ocean views are stunning. Settle in for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation at Asilomar, where the simple comforts and pleasures of life abound.

What is the Asilomar Coast Trail?

Asilomar Coast Trail Restoration Project#N#In November, 2018, California State Parks at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds began a Coast Trail Restoration Project along the Asilomar Rocky Shore, adjacent to Sunset Drive. The project was undertaken to ensure public access along this beautiful stretch of coast, while minimizing impact on the rich natural and cultural resources of the region. The existing Asilomar Coast Trail and current rehabilitation project are part of the long-term dune restoration effort initiated by California State Parks in the mid-1980s.In recent years several sections of the trail have been damaged by coastal erosion. Erosion is expected to accelerate in the coming years due to sea level rise caused by climate change. California State Parks is employing a managed retreat strategy at Asilomar State Beach, moving trails and structures away from the intertidal zone rather than utilizing engineered “armoring” along the coast. This project will realign affected sections of trail inland on raised boardwalks. The abandoned trail sections will be planted with native vegetation.

Where is Asilomar State Beach?

LOCATION. Asilomar State Beach & Conference Grounds is adjacent to Sunset Drive, Asilomar Avenue, and Crocker Avenue in the city of Pacific Grove. Asilomar State Beach encompasses 1 mile of walking trail along Sunset Drive and the first third of the Sandy Beach habitat, also adjacent to Sunset Drive.

Do you need a face mask for indoor public settings?

Unvaccinated Persons: Face coverings are required in indoor public settings such as museums and visitor centers.

Where is Asilomar Conference Grounds?

It is located east of what was known as Moss Beach on the western tip of the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California. Between 1913 and 1929 architect Julia Morgan designed and built 16 of the buildings on the property, …

What is the significance of Asilomar?

Asilomar was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987 for its role in women’s recreation, the development of the YWCA, and the resort nature of nearby Monterey, California.

Who owns the Asilomar State Beach?

The property is officially named “Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds”, and is owned by California State Parks. It is currently used primarily as a conference center for hire but is also open to individual lodging guests and is frequently used for family reunions and other social events.

Is there a telephone in Asilomar?

To preserve the rustic atmosphere of the resort, there are no telephones or televisions in any of the rooms. However, Wi-Fi has recently been installed throughout the property. In October, 2012 construction began to improve Asilomar’s accessibility under Americans with Disabilities Guidelines.

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