Can lds general conference be considered scripture


It is just as much scripture as anything you will find written in any of these records, and yet we call these the standard works of the Church.


What is considered scripture?

the sacred writings of the Old or New Testaments or both together. (often lowercase) any writing or book, especially when of a sacred or religious nature. (sometimes lowercase) a particular passage from the Bible; text.

What is a scripture LDS?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints accepts four books as scripture: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. These books are called the standard works of the Church. The inspired words of our living prophets are also accepted as scripture.

What is LDS canonized scripture?

Canonized scripture is a collection of divine revelations given by the Lord to His prophets for the edification of mankind.

What are canonized Scriptures?

Canonization of the Old Testament Canonization is the process by which the books of the Bible were discovered as authoritative. Men did not canonize Scripture; men simply recognized the authority of the books that God inspired.

What is an example of a scripture?

Scripture is the sacred writings of a religion. For Christians, the Bible and the words of Christ are an example of scripture. The Adi Granth.

What is the purpose of scriptures LDS?

The central purpose of all scripture is to fill our souls with faith in God the Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Is the Book of Mormon canon?

A recognized, authoritative collection of sacred books. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the canonical books are called the standard works and include the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

Do Mormons read the Apocrypha?

The Apocrypha was not included in the Joseph Smith Translation and so is not considered part of Latter-day Saint canon, but records show that Joseph Smith and the early members of the restored Church used these books as a spiritual and historical supplement to the Bible.

What denominations use the Apocrypha?

Generally, Anabaptists and magisterial Protestants recognize the fourteen books of the Apocrypha as being non-canonical, but useful for reading “for example of life and instruction of manners”: a view that continues today throughout the Lutheran Church, the worldwide Anglican Communion, among many other denominations, …

When was the canon of scripture closed?

This canon remained undisturbed till the sixteenth century, and was sanctioned by the council of Trent at its fourth session.” According to Lee Martin McDonald, the Revelation was added to the list in 419. These councils were convened under the influence of St. Augustine, who regarded the canon as already closed.

What term refers to a list of books that are officially accepted as scripture?

What term refers to a list of books that are officially accepted as scripture? canon.

What are three qualifications for a book to be considered a New Testament?

Terms in this set (7)Had to be specifically chosen by Jesus or the Holy Spirit for a specific ministry.Had to have seen the resurrected Jesus.Had to be given miraculous powers by the Holy Spirit.

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Therefore we know that the Journal Of Discourses are not necessarily the same as conference talks. They were written by second hand witnesses, and not by the speaker.

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Both the OT prophets and the NT apostles had scribes – “second hand witnesses”. So your argument falls flat.

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Hey guys, have you heard about love? This love stuff is crazy! It can make a completely off-topic reply magically be on topic somehow!

What is the purpose of a general conference?

President David O. McKay (1873–1970) summarized the purposes of general conferences: “ (1) To inform the membership of general conditions —whether the Church is progressing or retrogressing, economically, ecclesiastically, or spiritually. (2) To commend true merit .

Who compared general conference to the Liahona?

Elder Lowell M. Snow of the Seventy compared general conference to the Liahona, which the Lord provided to guide Lehi and his family (see 1 Nephi 16:10, 16, 29 ):

What to do after listening to conference addresses?

After listening to or studying the conference addresses, recommit to improve your life in those areas that impressed you.

What does doctrine and covenants 107:22 mean?

Doctrine and Covenants 107:22 states that the members of the First Presidency are “upheld by the confidence, faith, and prayer of the church.” On the day Thomas S. Monson, Henry B. Eyring, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf were sustained in a solemn assembly as the First Presidency, President Eyring taught the following about what it means to sustain our leaders:

What is the mind and will of God revealed through His servants?

Scripture is the mind and will of God revealed through His servants (see D&C 68:4 ). The Apostle Peter declared, “Prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” ( 2 Peter 1:21 ). Such scripture has been written and preserved in the standard works as priceless gems of eternal truth. However, the standard works are not the only source of scripture . Elder James E. Talmage (1862–1933) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles identified the connection between the standard works and the words of living prophets: “The Standard Works of the Church constitute the written authority of the Church in doctrine. Nevertheless, the Church holds itself in readiness to receive additional light and knowledge ‘pertaining to the Kingdom of God’ through divine revelation. We believe that God is as willing today as He ever has been to reveal His mind and will to man, and that He does so through His appointed servants—prophets, seers, and revelators—invested through ordination with the authority of the Holy Priesthood. We rely therefore on the teachings of the living oracles of God as of equal validity with the doctrines of the written word ” ( Articles of Faith [1968], 7; emphasis added).

When was the first church conference?

About two months after the organization of the Church, the first conference was held on June 9, 1830. The Prophet Joseph Smith recorded the following concerning this first conference: “Our numbers were about thirty, besides whom many assembled with us, who were either believers or anxious to learn.

Who encouraged us to study the conference addresses found in the Church magazines?

President Thomas S. Monson encouraged us to study the conference addresses found in the Church magazines: “We remind you that the messages we have heard during this conference will be printed in the … Ensign and Liahona magazines. As we read and study them, we will be additionally taught and inspired. May we incorporate into our daily lives the truths found therein” (in Conference Report, Oct. 2009, 109; or Ensign, Nov. 2009, 109; emphasis added).

Why are students being given tests in seminary?

Starting this year, the kids in my stake (and from what I’ve heard, elsewhere) are being given tests in Seminary to gauge their comprehension.

Can you add anything to the Book of revelation?

As long as you didn’t add or take away anything to the book of revelation you should be fine

Is every statement spoken or written by prophets and apostles doctrine?

Not every statement, spoken or written by prophets and apostles is doctrine so I’m not sure we would want to call it scripture if we can’t be confident it is doctrine.

Is “canon” a concept in the seminary quiz?

Interesting that you should mention “canon,” which is a concept notably absent in the Seminary quiz, because it is a much narrower range of “scripture,” or the “spoken word,” than that Seminary question allows. It also pointedly ignores what the Book of Mormon says about itself (in a post-modern, self-reflective way) and the 8th Article of Faith.

Do LDS leaders have infallibility?

In my opinion we as LDS frequently mention infallibility in both our leaders and scripture, especially dead leaders and the Bible, but in practice we do not act that way, nor are we forgiving of those that do.

When did the Latter Day Saints begin to acknowledge the prophets and apostles?

In addition to the standard works, Latter-day Saints acknowledge the inspired words of prophets and apostles since the Restoration began in about 1820 as the revealed word of God in our day.

How many official declarations are there in the Standard Works?

There have been only two Official Declarations which are published in the Standard Works, but similar declarations, such as The Family and The Living Christ, are equally important. Many Mormons have one or both of these hanging on the walls of their home.

Is scripture intended for everyone?

Not all scripture is general, meaning, intended for everyone. In an abstract sense, any truly-God-inspired words are scripture. But that inspiration may have a narrow scope in some cases, applying to only an individual or a small group of people.


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