Can t montessori conference


Who is the Montessori conference aimed at?

The conference is aimed at: As a parent, you will learn more about Montessori philosophy, age-appropriate activities, and ways to prepare your home. You will learn how to adapt materials to your specific needs, family, and culture.

Where can I find Montessori Professional Development Events?

The American Montessori Society’s professional development events are the first place to look. Join us to connect, engage, explore, discover—and experience joy and purpose with thousands of other Montessori advocates from around the world. The Montessori Event is the largest Montessori conference, and it takes place every year.

What’s new at the Montessori library?

The Montessori Library announces new, self-paced courses that award CEUs! Infant/Toddler, Primary, Elementary, Spanish and Parenting Resources available to stay up to date with Montessori training.


What is it about?

45+ world-class Montessori speakers and Early Childhood experts will hold video sessions to discuss a plethora of topics regarding the Montessori Method and the potential of children in the age group of 0 – 6 years.

How do you join?

At the website of the conference, you can see the full week’s schedule, you can read more information, see the names of all the speakers and also register for free!

VIP lifelong access ticket!

You can also purchase a life long access ticket. You will be invited to 5 Zoom calls with some of the speaker, receive an extra e-course and you will keep access to all the videos once the conference is over. The ticket will also provide you with a certificate, very useful if you are a teacher and want the conference to count towards a CPD.


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