Can u presnt the same data at 2 conferences


It is generally considered unethical practice to present research that has already been shared at another conference, platform or event as if it is a new piece of work.Sep 15, 2021

Can you present the same work at two conferences?

And even if plagiarism carries awful connotations, self-plagiarism is not officially considered to be research misconduct. So in theory, it is possible and not punishable to present your own paper unaltered on more than one occasion at different conferences.

Can I submit same paper to two conferences?

Yes. If you submit a paper to a conference, and that conference rejects the paper, then you can revise the paper in light of the reviewers’ comments, and then submit the revised paper to another conference.

Can we publish same paper in different conferences?

No. It is considered unethical in the academic community to submit a paper for simultaneous review at multiple venues (unless it is explicitly permitted by the publications, and you disclose this on submission).

Can you present published data at a conference?

It is also acceptable to present your published work at a conference. However, in this case, it is generally considered good practice to cite your published article and provide a link at the end of the presentation if it is avilable online.

Is it acceptable to publish a conference abstract and an article based on it in two different journals?

Yes you can still publish your work in another journal even after presenting it in a conference.

Can you republish conference proceedings?

Those that do republish conference papers will generally only do so if the paper has been substantially reworked to include additional detail which could not be included in the conference paper, such as detailed proofs or wider comparison with other work in the field.

Do conference presentations count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Are conference abstracts considered publications?

In one word, no. Abstracts are not peer-reviewed publications, and don’t contain enough information to be evaluated as such.

What is an encore abstract?

The original abstract is the initial presentation and encore abstract is reproduced data of an original abstract with minor changes in line with Congress guidelines, which can communicate the same clinical data to diverse audiences for whom it is applicable, including those who work in other geographic areas or …

Multiple Submissions and Self-Plagiarism

  • It is considered self-plagiarism if you include chunks of previously published research in current research without clearly citing yourself and your work. In the same way, delivering exactly the same paper and content at several conferences, without clearly indicating where, when and why you have previously presented this material, can also be considered self-plagiarism. It is generall…

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How to Present at Multiple Conferences

  • If you do still want to submit your work for consideration and to present at multiple conferences then you need to think about how to write significantly different papers for each of them. It is possible to include similar issues, datasets or findings, but each paper should have a markedly distinct main focuswhile at the same time responding clearly and directly to the theme of each c…

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Update Your Research and Be Honest

  • Sometimes it may be necessary and relevant to include the same content, findings or data from a previous paper in another paper for a separate conference. This might happen if you have made significant amendments to your research design, the research has evolved to encompass other directions or themes, the findings now significantly influence or di…

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When It Is Acceptable to Deliver The Same Paper Or Findings

  • Sometimes renowned academics may be invited by conference organisers or research institutions to present a talk. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the speaker to present a paper or some work that they may have previously delivered elsewhere. This is generally acceptable as audiences understand a keynote or invited speakerwill usually talk about some ar…

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Help Or Harm Your Reputation?

  • If you are thinking of resubmitting the same paper to multiple conferences, pause to consider what you hope to gain from doing this. If you want to boost your academic CV and profile, understand that recycling content can actually do you more harm than good. You risk developing a reputation for being dishonest and deceptive, or for sloppily reproducing old content instead o…

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  • Presenting papers at conferences is an excellent way to share novel findings from your research and connect with others who would be interested and impressed by your work. Make the most of these opportunities by investing the time and effort into producing original papers that will be worthy of your audience’s attention and respect. This will do much more for your academic repu…

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