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Why attend a UX conference?

This exam-based credential reinforces learning and boosts your credibility. Attend any 5 UX Conference courses (at one event, or spread out across several events) Who will you meet? Leading organizations have sent more than 50,000 professionals to NN/g training since 1998.

Can I make my own recordings of UX conference?

We will not be making recordings of this event, and making your own recordings is not permitted. “UX Conference” is a trademark of Nielsen Norman Group, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Reg No. 4,970,733.

What are the Best UX conferences in Europe?

UX Lx is the premier UX conference in Europe. The inaugural edition of the conference will take place between 15-17 October 2015, and comprises 2 workshop days and 1 day of speeches. The line-up is stellar – with names like Ingrid C. Lindberg, Geoff Dowd or Josh Clark (and many more) giving talks and workshops. 2 days of UX in Edinburgh.

When is the next UX Expo Canada?

Nov 3-6, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada. } 401 days, 21 hrs, 22 mins, 56 secs to go. A four day showcase of modern experience design trends shaped as Canada’s premier annual UX event , featuring hands-on workshops and a world-class mix of amazing presentations , with plenty of chances to find inspiration, learn, exchange ideas and make new friends, eh?


Awesome UX conferences to attend in North America

Interaction 19 spreads over a whole week and is brought to the world by IxDA. Attendees first enjoy 2 days of an education summit, which focuses on how to pass on design-related knowledge.

The best UX conferences in Asia and Oceania

This UX conference covers extensive topics from UX research to the connection between UX design and business administration. Speakers at UX Hong Kong are highly experienced designers that will definitely keep attendees interested.

Cool user experience conferences in Africa

Pixel Up! approaches classic topics such as interface design, content writing, UX research and so on. Among the speakers you’ll find product managers, UX and UI designers, UX writers and researchers — known and experienced leaders and authors.

The best UX conferences in Latin America

This UX conference makes waves in Brazil, and tends to include keynote speakers from different parts of the world. UX design is king here, without talks escaping onto other fields such as general art or business administration like other user experience conferences on this list. UX conference BR seems like an interesting 2 days!

Ready to learn?

So, which one of these conferences are you most excited about attending? With these top 20 picks, you can really get into UX with the “best of the best” industry professionals. Learn and share your knowledge with some of the best UXers in the industry!

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UX Certification

Earn UX Certification. This exam-based credential reinforces learning and boosts your credibility.

Who will you meet?

Leading organizations have sent more than 50,000 professionals to NN/g training since 1998. Here are a few companies who have invested in UX Conference training in 2019-2020:

Convince Your Boss: Why You Should Attend the UX Conference

With intensive courses and optional exam-based UX Certification, NN/g user experience training provides the knowledge, skills, and credibility you need to create designs that are both usable and appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Virtual Conference like?
A: Watch our instructors explain what the conference will be like, and get tips for how to prepare and participate: Watch a 3 minute video about participating in the Virtual UX Conference.


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