Can we go to conference before the paper is published


Answer: In most fields, it is an acceptable practice to present published research papers at a conference. However, when presenting a work that has already been published or accepted, there might be some restrictions on how you can reuse the material that has been published/accepted.Nov 22, 2017

Can I present an unpublished paper at a conference?

Answer: You can present your unpublished research at multiple conferences. As long as the research is not published, you have no restriction in presenting it elsewhere. However, you should avoid publishing the abstract as part of the conference proceedings.

How long after a conference does a paper get published?

Depending on where the conference was held, and who sponsored it, the proceedings can take 2-5 years to become published. Proceedings can be published in a separate proceedings volume and given to all attendees, but some conferences charge separate fees for attendees to purchase copies of the proceedings.

Is it compulsory to present paper in conference?

Radu-Emil Precup, it is mandatory that at least one author should present the conference paper otherwise the paper is not elegible for publication.

Can you submit a paper to a journal and conference at the same time?

So in both cases, having both a journal paper and conference contributions from the same results is perfectly within the norm, and also simultaneous submission of a journal article and a conference contribution is no problem.

Is it good to publish in conference proceedings?

The purpose of presenting your research at a conference is to inform people about your study and get feedback from them to improve your methodology. So, it is okay to develop a previously published conference paper into a full-length manuscript and publish it in a journal later on.

Should I publish in conference proceedings?

Many researchers go on to publish the work that they presented at a conference in a journal publication. It is a useful route to take because conference attendees will comment on your presentation, ask questions and provide their input. The conference proceedings contain the first draft or your journal article.

How do I apply for conference papers?

How to Write a Conference Paper ProposalPropose a presentation that is unique, controversial, or treads new territory in your field.Review what your presentation will cover and address specifically.Address how your proposed presentation fits the theme and scope of the conference.More items…

Can second author present in a conference?

Just like your PI could present your work, you can present the work of your student. If you contributed more than only supervision: even better. But I answered especially to say that usually there’s no such thing as “leaving the material to present at a later conference”.

How long should a 20 minute conference paper be?

A 20-minute conference paper is about 9-10 double-spaced pages — less, if you have visuals you need to talk the audience through. Don’t try to cram more in by simply talking fast.

Can I submit my paper to multiple conferences?

It is generally considered unethical practice to present research that has already been shared at another conference, platform or event as if it is a new piece of work.

Can you publish in a journal after presenting at a conference?

Yes you can still publish your work in another journal even after presenting it in a conference.

Is it OK to submit the same abstract to two conferences?

Conference planners and directors have the right to insist that submitted abstracts not be sent to multiple conferences. Presumably, the rule of exclusive submission insures that the abstract material will not have been presented elsewhere such that attendees will find value in learning it.

How long does it take to publish a paper in IEEE after conference?

How long does it take to publish a paper in IEEE? 2 to 6 months depending on how long it takes the authors to submit final files after they receive the accept/reject notification.

How do you turn a conference paper into a journal article?

The major requirements are that the journal version must have at least 30% new material, the journal version must include a citation to the conference paper, and the journal version must discuss the conference paper and summarize the new material.

Is journal or conference better?

A conference paper presentation gives you a platform to interact with people of the same field but journal publication is generally considered superior especially with a good impact factor.

Are conference abstracts considered publications?

In one word, no. Abstracts are not peer-reviewed publications, and don’t contain enough information to be evaluated as such.

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