Can we make conference call in boss revolution


Can I have both international calling and Boss Revolution?

Yes, you can have both services. If you need to call out-of-plan locations, you can add funds to your Boss Revolution account for International Calling. You’ll be charged our low per-minute rates for out-of-plan calls, and the cost will be deducted from your calling balance.

How do I make calls with the Boss Revolution app?

To make calls with the Boss Revolution app, you will first need to create a Boss Revolution account with funds for international calling. After creating the account, dial the access number that you received while setting up your account. Once you hear the prompt, dial the number of the person you wish to speak with.

What can I do with Boss Revolution?

Receive Free Secure Calls and Messages from other BOSS Revolution customers. Stay in touch with friends and family around the world with the new and improved BOSS Revolution App. Make cheap and crystal-clear international calls with the most innovative technology.


How do I make a call with BOSS Revolution?

Alternatively, you can use BOSS Revolution’s toll-free access numbers: 1-800-374-4922 (English) and 1-800-376-5077 (Spanish)….Which Boss Revolution access number should I use?English: 716-271-BOSS (2677)Spanish: 716-770-BOSS (2677)Creole: 716-328-1927.French: 716-328-9007.Arabic: 716-328-9027.Amharic: 716-328-9057.

Is BOSS Revolution a calling card?

Best Calling Card Out There. You can add it to your house, cellphone or download app to smartphone and the minutes never expire like other calling cards after 30 days. I’ve been using Boss revolution for years now.

How do I call BOSS Revolution to India?

Calling India from the BOSS Revolution AppPress the + button to add a plus sign.Dial 91 + City Code + Local Number.

How do you share minutes on BOSS Revolution?

If you want to allow another phone to use your Boss Revolution calling balance, you must first register the phone number in the account centre. After downloading the app to a registered phone and launching it for the first time, the app will be authorised to use your calling balance.

Who is the owner of BOSS Revolution?

IDT CorporationAbout IDT Corporation: IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), through its IDT Telecom division, provides telecommunications and payment services to individuals and businesses primarily through its flagship Boss Revolution® and net2phone® brands.

Can I text using BOSS Revolution?

Forget about disconnection. Now staying in touch is only one app away. Talk and text with a reliable, low-cost service that delivers on its promise to help you keep in touch across the miles. This is BOSS Revolution.

How long does it take to receive money from BOSS Revolution?

Speed of money transfer service through Boss Revolution Generally, the cash will be available within 30 minutes after completing the transfer process. However, the actual speed of the money transfer varies depending on different factors, including banking hours and local bank holidays.

Where is BOSS Revolution located?

Newark, New JerseyBoss Revolution – Newark, New Jersey, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn.

How do I make an international call?

Open the Google Voice app on your Android device and log in if needed. 2. Tap the Dial icon and dial the international number that you want to call. Make sure to enter the country code before the phone number.

Is BOSS Revolution safe to use?

Taking pride in their reputation as a safe and affordable remittance provider, BOSS Revolution allows customers to send money instantly using the mobile app, offering incentives such as zero transfer fees for global transfers up to $300 USD for customers using the app for the first-time.

Is the BOSS Revolution app free?

Download one of the best calling apps for free, add credit and connect to the world. BOSS Revolution lets you make a call or send a free in-app message when you need to.

How do you use a boss calling card?

Physical Cards Vs. Virtual PINless Calling CardsPhysical Cards.Virtual PINless Calling Cards.Purchase a calling card online or in-store.You will get your identification number (PIN) and an 800 number.Dial the 800, your access number.Listen and follow the instructions.Enter your PIN code on the phone.More items…

What is the number to Boss Revolution?

Alternatively, you can use BOSS Revolution’s toll-free access numbers: 1-800-374-4922 (English) and 1-800-376-5077 (Spanish). Please note that a 1.5¢ per minute surcharge applies when using toll-free access numbers.

How to send money to Boss Revolution?

There are several simple and secure ways to send a money transfer with BOSS Revolution. You can sign up on and send a money transfer online or you can do it in the BOSS Revolution Money App. Download the Money App now. Another way is to do it at a participating BOSS Revolution retail store.

How to check status of Boss Revolution?

You can check the status of your order in the BOSS Revolution Money App ( download now ). You will also receive text messages and/or emails with your order status. You can also login to your account to view order status or call customer support at 1-716-271-1468.

Can you make free calls on Boss Revolution?

Yes, BOSS Revolution app customers can make free calls to other app users. Download the BOSS Revolution Calling App and ask your loved ones abroad to also download it. This will enable you to make calls, have videoconferences, and send text messages completely FREE between app users.

Can you add funds to Boss Revolution?

If the store is closed, you can add funds directly from the BOSS Revolution Calling App:

Do you need access number for Boss Revolution?

Did you know you don’t need an access number when calling from the BOSS Revolution Calling App?

Is the Boss Revolution app free?

Yes, your first money transfer up to $300 sent from the BOSS Revolution Money App is FREE! Simply download and register in the app to get started.

What is the number to Boss Revolution?

Please, select the language you speak: As an alternative, you can use BOSS Revolution’s toll-free access numbers: 1-800-374-4922 (English) and 1-800-376-5077 (Spanish).

How to sign up for Boss Revolution?

Signing up is simple. Create an account on the website by clicking “Join” in the menu bar or download the BOSS Revolution app and follow the simple in-app instructions. Then just add funds and start saving on international calls to over 200 countries worldwide.

Does Boss Revolution charge for international calls?

Our calling rates and fees are always transparent, with no hidden charges for calling international phone numbers.

What is Boss Revolution’s goal?

We appreciate your valuable feedback. Our goal is to offer you the best experience, calling rates and quality connection while user our service. Thank you for using BOSS Revolution.

Does Boss Revolution have privacy policies?

The developer, Boss Revolution, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer ’s privacy policy.


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