Can you be prosecuted at a status conference


In criminal cases, the defendant is required to be present at the courthouse during the status conference. However, it is common practice for the defendant not to be present in the room during the actual meeting that takes place between the prosecuting attorney and defense attorney.

What does a status conference mean in law?

Status conference is a meeting that occurs before trial where attorneys from opposing parties and sometimes a judge meet. The nature of a status conference often will depend on the type of case.

What is a status hearing in a felony case in Texas?

The purpose of these status hearings is to ensure that the case continues to move through the system, and the parties are actively preparing for trial. A Trial Readiness Conference is held in cases involving drug crimes, resisting arrest, sex crimes, and many other crimes charged as misdemeanors.

What does status mean in a court case?

Answer: A Status court date (also known as a Progress Call) is when the case is called in open court and the attorneys are required to advise the court as to the progress of the case thus far.

What are the steps in the Texas criminal justice process?

Step by step criminal justice system in TexasInvestigation. Before a policeman can take you into custody, they have to investigate a crime and ensure they have cause to arrest you. … Arrest. … Arraignment. … Bail or bond. … Indictment. … Pretrial hearings. … Plea bargaining. … Trial.More items…•

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