Can you do video conference on screenleap


We currently support video conferencing where your viewers can see you during your meetings if you are sharing using our installation-free screen sharing option. You can enable full-screen conferencing by clicking the “Video” icon after starting your meeting.

Can I use screenleap to share a presentation?

Screenleap works really well however for things like sharing a PowerPoint presentation, getting feedback on a design, reviewing an Excel spreadsheet, or giving a sales demo of a web application. Can I use Screenleap to share a video in real-time? Screenleap is designed as the easiest way to share your screen.

Does screenleap support 2-way audio conferencing?

Our long-term goal at Screenleap has always been to make it ridiculously easy for you to enable live-collaboration on your website or web app. As a step towards achieving that goal, we are excited to also announce that you can now enable 2-way audio conferencing and video conferencing when using our new installation-free sharing option.

What kind of lag can I expect with video conferencing?

You can expect low-lag screen sharing, whether you’re sharing your screen with one viewer or thousands. Full-screen video conferencing allows you to share your camera with your viewers to connect with them before jumping into sharing your screen.

Does screenleap work with computers with multiple monitors?

Yes, Screenleap works with computers with multiple monitors. We only support sharing one screen at a time. The monitor that is share depends on the sharing mode: in full screen mode, the screen that contains the Screenleap console will be shared. In rectangle mode, the portion of the screen inside the green rectangle will be shared.


How do you screen share on Screenleap?

You can start a new screen share by either a) visiting the Screenleap website and starting a screen share from the website or b) clicking on the Screenleap icon in the notification area of the task bar and then clicking on the Start Screen Share option.

Is Screenleap free?

Free Screen Sharing and Online Meeting Software | Screenleap.

How can I share my screen with a video?

1:113:41Share Your Screen, Video, or Audio – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe advanced tab allows you to use slides or powerpoint as a virtual background. And place yourMoreThe advanced tab allows you to use slides or powerpoint as a virtual background. And place your video in front of. It. Share just a selected portion of your screen.

Can you Share Screen on go to meeting?

How to Screen Share on Browser with GoToMeeting Web App GoToMeeting Web App vs Desktop App: If you’ve used the desktop version, the control panel will look familiar. Click the screen icon and you’ll see a list of options to share. You can show your entire screen, or you can present a single application.

How do you use Screenleap?

Go to “Share your screen now!” button.Select what you want to share (a specific screen, window, or browser tab).As soon as your friends or colleagues click the Screenleap link or enter the share code on the Screenleap home page, they will see your computer screen in their web browser.

What is the best free online screen sharing?

Mikogo is at the top of our list for the best screen sharing mobile apps. It’s compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. It also includes meeting recording and remote screen access control, and has an intuitive interface.

Which app is best for screen sharing?

The 6 best screen sharing appsZoom for everyday screen sharing.Slack for collaborative internal meetings.Google Meet for Google ecosystem users.Surfly for co-browsing your app with leads and customers.Drovio for free creative collaboration.Demodesk for sales calls and presentations.

Can you share your screen and face at the same time on Zoom?

Hosts using the Zoom desktop client can allow multiple participants share their screens simultaneously during a meeting. This can be useful for a real-time comparison of documents or other materials by participants. To make full use of this feature, enable the dual monitors option in the Zoom client settings.

Can Teams Share Screen and camera at the same time?

While in a Teams meeting, the presenter turns on the video camera then clicks or taps the share content icon. A sharing tray appears with four presenter modes, as described in the sections that follow. Select a mode then choose either your screen or a specific window to begin sharing.

Can I use GoToMeeting without app?

GoToMeeting allows you to attend meetings entirely online – no download needed! You can also use the Web App to host your meetings from your Google Chrome web browser. See About the Web App to learn more! Note: Feature availability will vary based on your browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

How do I show my screen on GoToMeeting?

It’s as simple as on Windows – when you are in a meeting, click the screen icon in the toolbar. In the screen sharing pane, use the drop-down to choose what to share, and then click the play button to begin.

How do I share my phone screen on GoToMeeting?

0:111:17GoToMeeting Android Screen Sharing – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIf you’re joining someone else’s meeting ask the organizer to make you presenter. Once you see thisMoreIf you’re joining someone else’s meeting ask the organizer to make you presenter. Once you see this screen you’re ready you can either tap start sharing to immediately share your entire. Screen.

Quick & Easy Sharing

Share your screen on desktop computers without installing any software. Share your screen on tablets and smartphones using our iOS and Android apps.

Installation-Free Viewing

View from any device with a browser (including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones) without installing any software.

Great Performance

You can expect low-lag screen sharing, whether you’re sharing your screen with one viewer or thousands.

Video Conferencing

Full-screen video conferencing allows you to share your camera with your viewers to connect with them before jumping into sharing your screen.

Audio Conferencing

2-way audio is available for all of your meetings using your computer’s microphone and speakers without installing any software.

Easy Website Integration

Add live collaboration (screen sharing, video conferencing, and audio conferencing) to your website in minutes using our easy integration feature.

Frictionless Collaboration

Share control of your computer with your viewers and allow them to point out things on your screen without requiring them to install any software.

Why is Screenleap so easy to use?

Screenleap is easier to use because there is less to learn—we only include the features needed to share your screen quickly and don’t distract you with complex features that you aren’t likely to use .

What is Screenleap app?

Screenleap allows your viewers to see your screen by simply clicking a link. Because our viewer app is built on technology that already exists in web browsers, there is no software or plugin for your viewers to download or install—all they need is a web browser!

Does Screenleap work on tablets?

Unlike other products that require an app installation, Screenleap works out-of-the-box on smartphones and tablets since our viewer app is built on HTML5 technology. As long as your viewers are on a device with a web browser, they will be able to see your screen.

Can I share my screen on my desktop?

Share your screen easily. Screenleap allows you to share your screen on desktop computer using only a browser. If you are on an iOS device, you will need to install the Screenleap for iOS app in order to share your screen.


If you are using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari on a desktop computer, you can share your screen without needing to install any software. It is truly installation-free sharing for you and installation-free viewing for the other participants in your meeting.


If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, you can share by installing our Screenleap for Windows app or Screenleap for Mac apps, respectively. Your viewers will be able to view your shared screen from any device with a web browser (including tablets and smartphones) without having to download or install any additional software.


The requirements for integrating our live-collaboration platform with your website are:


Integrating Screenleap’s live-collaboration platform with your website is easy: all you need to do is


Once you have added the integration code snippets to your website, you can configure your integration to suit your needs from the user integration settings .

Connecting Your Presenters and Viewers Automatically

The Screenleap API quick integration feature supports automatically connecting your presenters and viewers to an active live-collaboration session.

Free Accounts

To make it easier for you to try out the integration feature, we have made the integration feature available on all account types—including free accounts. Integrations for free accounts are limited to the functionality available on the free accounts and subject to the daily time limit for free accounts (currently 40 minutes per day).

Can I mirror my phone to my TV?

Mirror your phone, tablet, or PC to your TV. If what you really want is to see your callers on a big screen, mirroring the content of your phone or tablet to your TV is by far the most flexible option, even if it’s not as convenient as having an all-in-one calling solution on the TV itself. If you own an Apple device, AirPlay screen mirroring will …

Can you call other devices on Facebook?

You can use it to call other Facebook Portal devices, but it also works with other video-calling apps too, like Zoom, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, or Webex. Naturally, because it’s a Facebook product, you can also initiate calls over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Curiously, even though Amazon Alexa is built into Portal TV, …

Can you use Skype on Xbox One?

Use an Xbox One, Series S, or Series X. This option is heavily Microsoft-centric in that it requires an Xbox gaming console (Xbox One/One S/One X/Series S/Series X), a USB webcam, and a Skype account. Hooking up a webcam and installing the Skype app from the Xbox store will let you make Skype voice or video calls on the big screen.

Is Alexa supported on Portal TV?

Curiously, even though Amazon Alexa is built into Portal TV, Alexa-based video calls are not supported. Unfortunately, neither are Google Duo/Meet or Skype, which means that as clever as the Portal TV is, it’s not a flexible as we’d like. Not everyone is going to be comfortable trusting a camera- and mic-equipped product from Facebook, …

Can you control a meeting using the same interface?

We have moved all the controls that you will use during your meetings into a unified web interface that all the presenter apps will use. No matter what operating system you are using, you will soon be able to control your meeting using the same familiar interface.

Is Screenleap free to share?

With the upcoming release, Screenleap will be returning to our roots with the return of installation-free screen sharing . When Screenleap was originally founded, we offered installation-free sharing through our Java-based presenter app. Unfortunately, as Macs and Windows moved away from Java due to security issues, we had to abandon the Java-based app in favor of our native apps, which required installation before you could share your screen.

Can I use my computer to do audio conferencing?

When you start a meeting with computer audio conferencing enabled, you will be able to speak to other people in your meeting using your computer’s microphone and speakers. Everyone will need to be on a computer with a microphone and speakers and using a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari) in order to user computer audio conferencing. Computer audio conferencing also works for mobile viewers using any browser on Android and the Safari browser on iOS devices.


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