Can you pay for conference registration fees with perkins funds

Question: Can Perkins pay for registration and costs of attending a conference that centers on Special Needs students or general education improvement? Answer- No. Perkins can only pay for the expenses of CTE teachers centered directly on CTE activities. The conference would need to be a CTE-based conference.

Can Perkins be used to fund professional membership dues?

If professional membership dues are included as part of the registration for a conference, can Perkins be used to fund the entire cost? No, Perkins cannot fund individual membership dues in professional organizations even when included in

Can I use Perkins funds to attend the Acte Conference?

An administrator may utilize Perkins funds for registration and travel to the ACTE Conference but those expenses must be included as administrative expenses and are subject to the total 5% ADMIN cap of grant funds. STUDENT AND STAFF TRAVEL

How are Perkins funds distributed?

At the K-12 level, Perkins funds are distributed to school districts (with a few exceptions), and at the postsecondary level, they are distributed to individual institutions.

Can a teacher use Perkins funds to fund college credits?

Perkins funds cannot be utilized for any individual student expenditure. Can a teacher use Perkins funds to fund college credits towards an advanced CTE degree or a cross endorsement? A teacher’s college tuition for an advanced degree or a cross endorsement is not a reimbursable expense.

What can you spend Perkins funds on?

Some things Perkins funds may be able to be used for in your state include software licenses (wherein Perkins Grant funding can be used to support eLearning platforms), field trips (federal funds might be able to be utilized to fund staff members’ travel to CTE leadership activities), work-based learning programs, …

What is Perkins V funding?

Perkins Funding is a staple of financial support for career and technical education (CTE). Perkins V, officially titled The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, presents the first major increase to that funding since 2006.

What is the Perkins Act and how does it pertain to Ctso’s?

Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) permits the use of Title I, Basic Grant Funds, to support career technical student organizations (CTSOs) and related activities. Funds used for appropriate CTSO activities must follow the established guidelines for use of Title I- Part C funds.

What are some of the key differences between Perkins IV and Perkins V?

Under Perkins IV, the US Department of Education was responsible for approving performance metrics. Perkins V, however, shifts that responsibility to the states.

Why is Perkins funding important?

Programs funded by the Perkins CTE help immigrants and other workers gain work skills. Certificates, licenses and the education gained from CTE programs allow immigrants and other workers to secure better jobs and fulfill their career potential.

What is the purpose of the Carl D Perkins Act?

Originally passed as the Vocational Education Act of 1963, renamed the Carl D. Perkins Act in 1984, it was enacted to increase learner access to high-quality CTE programs of study, especially to those students who had been underserved in the past or who had substantial education needs.

What is a Perkins survey?

Perkins grant funding, known as consortia, around the state of Wisconsin. These surveys focused on leadership, decision-making, and responsibilities related to CTE programs, in particular, as well as on the effectiveness of CTE consortia for administering Perkins grant funds.

What is CTE grant?

Program established as a state education, economic, and workforce development initiative to provide pupils in kindergarten through grade twelve with the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to employment and postsecondary education.

Where are Perkins funds distributed?

At the K-12 level, Perkins funds are distributed to school districts (with a few exceptions), and at the postsecondary level, they are distributed to individual institutions. Since the Perkins Grant application can be different for each state, it is best to get in touch with your state CTE director to figure out what to do and how to apply for a Perkins Grant on behalf of a district or postsecondary institution.

What are the funds available under the Perkins Act?

Basic State Grants (Title I): Through this program, money is distributed to each state, which in turn disseminates money to local school districts and postsecondary institutions to fund their CTE programs.

What can Perkins funds be used for?

Perkins funds must be used to support CTE, but each state has its own separate criteria for programs and expenses that come specifically under Perkins funding.

What is Perkins Funding or the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act?

Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, known as Perkins or Perkins V, , is the main federal funding source for high school and postsecondary CTE programs.

What is NIH conference administrative contract?

The NIH Conference Administrative and Travel Services Contracts (see NIH’s website at: are considered to be part of the Department’s strategic sourcing efforts to leverage HHS-wide spend, reduce contract duplication, increase purchasing efficiencies, and reduce the total cost of conferences hosted by HHS. OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs are encouraged to use these, or other multiple-award contracts that have been established by the OPDIV/STAFFDIV specifically for the logistical and administrative aspects of conference support.

What is a conference under 5 CFR 410.404?

The term “conference” also applies to training activities that are considered to be conferences under 5 CFR 410.404 .”. This term is clarified, based on the common dictionary meanings of a conference, seminar and symposium, as follows:

Can OPDIVs use grant funds for HHS conference?

OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs are reminded that agencies may not use a grant or contract for the purpose of defraying the costs of an HHS conference unless such conference is directly and programmatically related to the purpose for which the grant or contract was awarded.

Can an appropriation be used for non-federal employee travel, transportation, and subsistence expenses?

OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs shall abide by the general rule that an appropriation may not be used for non-Federal employee travel, transportation, and subsistence expenses for a meeting. Specifically, 31 U.S.C. § 1345, “Expenses of Meetings”, applies to our appropriations and states that “except as specifically provided by law, an appropriation may not be used for [non-Federal employee] travel, transportation, and subsistence expenses for a meeting.” Therefore and as a general principle, appropriated funds generally cannot be used to pay the expenses of persons who are not federal employees. There are a few exceptions to these general rules/principles, as follow below, that may be applied in determining to fund non-Federal employee travel to HHS’ or other organizations’ meetings and conferences.

Can an agency sponsor an employee’s attendance at a conference?

Agencies may sponsor an employee’s attendance at a conference as a developmental assignment under section 4110 of title 5, United States Code, when—

Do STAFFDIVs have to conduct meetings in space?

Additionally, OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs must conduct meetings in space controlled by the Federal Government whenever practicable and cost effective . Therefore, OPDIVs and STAFFDIVs shall establish internal policies and procedures to approve the obligation of funds for non-federal meeting space.

Does OMB require travel reimbursement?

Since OMB Memorandum M-12-12 does not require such travel reimbursements to be included in the cost of conferences held by the agency, OPDIVs/STAFFDIVs should exclude allowable travel costs charged to grant funds when determining the cost of an HHS Conference. (Ref. Memorandum M-12-12 footnote 5: “‛Conference expenses’ are defined as all direct and indirect conference costs paid by the Government, whether paid directly by agencies or reimbursed by agencies to travelers or others associated with the conference, but do not include funds paid under Federal grants to grantees. …”

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