Can you share your screen on webex conference


When you take part in a Webex meeting, you can share your screen with the other attendees – anyone can “take control” of the meeting and share content. Of course, only one person can share at a time, so if you start sharing, Webex will disable the previous presenter automatically.

With Webex, you can share an application or your entire screen with remote attendees in real-time across any device— even when you’re on the go. You can share your content or screen from your: Browser. Android devices.


How do I share my screen during a meeting?

Try it!

  • Select Share content and choose if you want to share your computer audio.
  • Select what you want to share: Screen lets you show everything on your screen. PowerPoint Live lets you share a PowerPoint presentation. …
  • After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you’re sharing. …
  • Select Stop sharing to stop showing your screen.

How to share your screen during a meeting?

  • Slides / PowerPoint as Virtual Background: Allows you to utilize a slideshow presentation as your virtual background, providing a more immersive presentation.
  • Portion of Screen: Share a portion of your screen represented by a green border. …
  • Computer Audio: Only share your computer’s audio (your selected speaker in your audio settings ). …

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How do I record my screen using WebEx?

  • Get and install this WebEx screen recorder through the button below. …
  • After that, open the tool and make some configurations by going to “Settings”. …
  • Next, open the WebEx meeting that you need to capture, and then select the recording mode that you want such as full screen, regional, game mode, webcam, or audio only.

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How to record screen activity in a WebEx Meeting?

Steps to Record WebEx Meeting as a Participant with Audio

  1. Launch the WebEx recorder. Get the WebEx recorder download free on your Windows or Mac. …
  2. Manage screen recording area. You can record WebEx meeting with full screen, custom region or preset region with your mouse freely.
  3. Customize the WebEx recording settings (optional) Click “More settings” option on the top. …

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Does WebEx let you share screen?

0:241:07Webex Help: How To Share Your Screen – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOr programs you have open you can click to share that only or if you wanted to share your wholeMoreOr programs you have open you can click to share that only or if you wanted to share your whole screen you can click share. For this demo I’m going to just click share my screen. Once you click share

Why can’t I share my screen in WebEx?

The issue is caused by security permissions on Mac. You need to allow access to share screen in system preferences.

How do I share my screen on Cisco?

You can start Cisco Webex Screen Share using one of the following methods: • Right-click on a contact in the hub window and choose Share screen.. from the menu options. Select a contact in the hub window and click on the Settings menu. Choose Communicate and select Share screen… from the menu options.

How do I enable screen sharing in Webex?

If you’re using Android 5.0 or later, you can also share your screen during a meeting on Webex App for Android. > Share screen. Choose your optimization option: Optimize for text and images—Displays text and images in your shared content at the highest resolution and clarity possible.

How do you present on Webex?

To Share a PowerPoint Presentation in a WebEx MeetingWithin a meeting, select the Share button from the meeting controls.Select Share File.Browse your computer and open the PowerPoint file.PowerPoint will open. WebEx will then load and display the PowerPoint in the meeting.

How do I share my screen with audio on Webex?

Click Share and then select Optimize for text and images or Optimize for motion and video. Select Screen. If you selected Optimize for motion and video and your content includes sound, check the Share your computer audio check box. Select the screen or application you want to share.

How do I share my screen on Webex tablet?

How to Share Your iPhone, iPad and Android Screen with Cisco…Open the Cisco Webex Meetings app on your phone or tablet.Start or join a meeting.Begin broadcasting your screen. … Open Webex on your computer and join a meeting.In Webex on your computer, click the Share Content button.More items…•

How can I share my computer screen?

0:010:37Sharing Your Screen – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSimply select the checkbox for share computer sound and then select share screen once contactMoreSimply select the checkbox for share computer sound and then select share screen once contact sharing begins. You can always select stop share to stop sharing your screen with others at any time.

Do I have control over what I screen share?

With Webex Meetings you can choose exactly what you want to share-no more, no less. Share individual files or documents, such as a specific Word do…

Can I screen share from any device?

With Webex, you can share an application or your entire screen with remote attendees in real-time across any device– even when you’re on the go. Y…

Can anyone in my meeting share a screen?

Screen sharing isn’t limited to just the host. Your attendees can take control and share content as well. Best of all, you can collaborate together…

How do I share my screen?

Select Share in the control bar on your screen. Select to share your screen or application from the list of open applications. To share an applicat…

How many frames per second is WebEx?

Share multimedia viewers and players so you can show video or animation in a Webex Meeting at 30 frames per second.

How to start a whiteboard session in WebEx?

To start a whiteboard session, select Share, and New Whiteboard. To stop screen sharing, select Stop Sharing on the floating bar at the top of the screen. You can also screenshare from your Webex Meetings desktop app when connected to a Webex device.

How do I share my screen?

To share an application that isn’t open, select Share, and Other Applications.

Can you screenshare with a Cisco WebEx?

Cisco Webex Device. Screenshare wirelessly to a Webex Device via Proximity. You can also share whiteboard sessions into a Webex meeting from a Webex Board.

Can you share audio in WebEx?

Webex allows for 1 person to share at a time. A possible work around would be to fire up 2 Webex Meetings at the same time and have the team put the meetings side by side. Tip: make sure everyone joins audio only in 1 meeting (same meeting for all).

Can multiple people share screens in WebEx?

Unless the feature is turned off at a Corporate or Host level the capability is already built into Webex. Multiple attendees may share and multiple screens may be shared within a Webex Meeting. No sense of going to another ‘room’ and stay with with the leader that includes built in Security from day 1 and all the features and functionalities that makes Virtual Meetings experience 10x greater.

Why do we share our screen on WebEx?

Sharing your screen on Webex can help others follow along with your video presentation. Alistair Berg/Getty Images

Where does WebEx move when sharing?

When you share from the desktop app, the Webex interface moves to the top of your desktop. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How to stop sharing on WebEx?

To stop sharing, tap the red time display at the top left of the screen and then tap ” Stop.” You can then return to the Webex app and tap any blank part of the screen to return to the meeting.

How to stop screen sharing on Mac?

You can click “Share” to change the kind of content you are sharing. Click “Pause” to freeze the view that other participants see, or “Stop Sharing” to disable the screen share.

Can you share WebEx?

No matter how you are joined to a Webex meeting – from the Windows or Mac desktop app, a web page, or mobile app – the process to share is almost identical, though the controls vary somewhat once you are sharing.


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