Can you submit the same abstract to different conferences


Because an individual has submitted an abstract, conference planners have the right to assume that the submitter has read, understood, and is abiding by the exclusive submission rule. Consequently, when researchers submit the same abstract to multiple conferences, they violate this implicit promise and thus commit moral turpitude. The practice of multiple submissions, of course, places additional burdens on conference planners as they must recruit extra reviewers to handle the (morally tainted) surplus of abstracts.

Conference planners and directors have the right to insist that submitted abstracts not be sent to multiple conferences. Presumably, the rule of exclusive submission insures that the abstract material will not have been presented elsewhere such that attendees will find value in learning it.


Can I submit my research paper abstract to two different conferences?

Originally Answered: Can I submit my research paper abstract to two different conferences? That is a big no-no. Such double-submission practice is frowned upon. Every submission takes up the volunteering organizers’ and reviewers’ precious time.

Can I publish the same article in two different conferences?

In general, No, especially if both conferences will publish the article. Some conferences or workshops publish only Abstracts and those conferences, typically, are not really counted as prior publication. Remember, the academic community is VERY small and your paper may be reviewed by the same people.

How do I cite a published article in a conference abstract?

However, in this case, it is generally considered good practice to cite your published article and provide a link at the end of the presentation if it is avilable online. 1.You can submit your conference abstract to the society and submit the full-fledged paper to an SCI journal around the same time.

When should I submit my abstract to sci?

I plan to submit the abstract to the Scholar Society Conference (deadline – mid of May) to be held in October. If I submit my abstract now to the Society, develop it into a paper soon after, and submit it to an SCI journal, it might get accepted by the journal before October.


Can I submit same paper to two conferences?

Yes. If you submit a paper to a conference, and that conference rejects the paper, then you can revise the paper in light of the reviewers’ comments, and then submit the revised paper to another conference.

Can you present the same abstract twice?

It is permissible to present the same research findings at more than one conference if both the first and subsequent conferences allow this. This practice may be referred to as an ‘encore’ (or more specifically an encore abstract or encore presentation).

Can we publish same paper in different conferences?

It is ok to present the same work at different meetings BUT you can publish the same work more than once!

Can you submit the same abstract to multiple journals?

Yes, you can submit an abstract for more journals.

Can I reuse abstracts?

This depends very much on who holds the copyright to the published work you’re copying. Some publishers may give you the right to reuse the text however you see fit. Others may not be so liberal. But in general, the longer the snippet you want to reuse, the worse the idea it is.

Do conference abstracts count as publications?

However, the proceedings or the abstracts of the conferences are usually not indexed and are usually not available to others to refer to the conducted research. Abstracts of various research papers form the proceedings of various conferences, but these are not considered as publications in real sense.

Why is it unethical to submit to multiple journals?

This is known as simultaneous or concurrent submission and is considered as an unethical practice. This is because it leads to a waste of academic and scientific resources as two or more journals would spend time and money on carrying out the same tasks.

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