Can you use a polycom conference phone as a speaker


The speaker and microphones of the Polycom conference phone can then be used to include everyone in the conference room or office in the conversation. In this mode the call is traveling over the Internet. Introduction

You connect a mobile phone or computer calling application so you can use the conference phone speaker to stream two-way audio from the mobile phone or computer calling application for hands-free conversations.


How to setup a Polycom phone?

  • Display Name: SIP Extension Number
  • Address: SIP Extension Number
  • Authentication User ID: SIP Extension Number
  • Authentication Password: Phone-Password from above (not the numeric/voicemail password!).
  • Label: SIP Extension Number

How to make video calls using Polycom phone?

Use your Polycom Phone

  • Place a Call
  • Search a Contact. Using a headset? …
  • Dial an Extension. …
  • Receive a Call. …
  • Conference (Add a Caller)
  • Transferring Calls. …
  • Guest Login (Hotdesking or Hoteling) Before following these steps, make sure your Dialpad Admin has enabled this on your Office’s account.
  • Switch to this Device. …
  • Caller ID. …
  • Check Your Voicemail. …

More items…

How do I use group paging on my Polycom phone?

On your Polycom phone, go to Advanced Settings > Admin Settings > PTT/Paging. Select Enable. To enable the Paging using GUI. Please see the instructions below to learn how to use this feature with your particular phone model. Note: To configure this feature in Account Manager, see the online documentation for Setting Up Group Paging.

How do I transfer calls on Polycom phones?

Transfer a Call Using a Polycom Phone

  • After receiving a call, press the transfer key
  • Select Normal Transfer
  • Dial the person to whom you wish to transfer and hit Dial. This puts the caller on hold
  • Once you’ve spoken with the receiving party, hit transfer again to complete the transfer

How do I use the speaker on my Polycom phone?

Polycom SoundStation2: Conference a CallStart a call with Polycom SoundStation2.Press the Conference button . Places the first call on hold.Dial the number and connect with the second party.Press the Conference button. This will merge the three calls.

Can Polycom connect to speaker?

Connection and Setup The conference phone connects to the speaker set using a set of adapters included in the Speaker Integration Kit (Polycom part number 2215-17409-001). The same adapters are also available as regular off-the-shelf components.

What is a Polycom speakerphone?

The Polycom VoiceStation 300 is speaker phone suited for small conference rooms, desktops, and home offices. With a microphone range of up to 7 feet (2-meters), the VoiceStation 300 is also ideal for small conference rooms for 3 to 4 participants.

How does a Polycom conference phone work?

0:312:53Conference phone setup and use – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipInto the bottom of the conference. Phone the phone cable goes into the power supply with the wallMoreInto the bottom of the conference. Phone the phone cable goes into the power supply with the wall port symbol as shown. Then plug in the other end of the phone cable into the phone jack in the wall.

Can Polycom be used as a microphone?

You can connect your computer to a Trio 8500 or 8800 system to use the Poly Trio system’s microphones, speakers, and connected cameras as playback and recording devices for your computer.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my Polycom phone?

0:020:58Polycom VVX: Pair a Bluetooth Headset – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSelect Bluetooth radio select on once the Bluetooth radio is turned on press the back arrow selectMoreSelect Bluetooth radio select on once the Bluetooth radio is turned on press the back arrow select manage Bluetooth headsets select a scan place your headset into discoverable mode.

Does Polycom make a wireless conference phone?

The Polycom® SoundStation2W™ wireless conference phone extends mobile conferencing to virtually any environment by eliminating the need to connect via dedicated telephone or data lines. Anywhere high-quality voice conferencing is needed, the Polycom SoundStation2W phone delivers.

How do I connect my Polycom SoundStation 2 to my laptop?

Connecting your SoundStation2 or SoundStation2W to your computer is easy: Simply connect the computer calling cable to the Applications Port on your Polycom conference phone at one end. Then, attach the other end to your computer’s microphone and speaker ports.

What is a Polycom phone?

The Polycom VVX 150 business IP phone is a high quality, two-line, IP phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise grade sound quality. It is ideal for home offices or shared/common areas or any: locations that needs simple and reliable voice connectivity.

How do you conference call on a Polycom phone?

How to set up a conference callCall the first person.From Lines or Calls view, press More and then Confrnc. The active call will be put on hold.Using the Dialer, call the second person.When the second person answers, press More and then Confrnc to join everyone in a conference.

How do you set up a Polycom phone?

Connect Your Polycom PhoneLocate the LAN and PC ethernet ports on the bottom of the phone.Connect the ethernet cable for your network into the LAN port. … Connect an ethernet cable from your computer or laptop dock/port replicator to PC port, if applicable. … Complete the setup process:

What is a spider phone?

OVERVIEW of the SPIDER CONFERENCE PHONE The four powerful microphones, true HD audio, full duplex, and exceptional broadcasting range ensure crystal-clear seamless conversations. The Spider addresses all your audio needs in the conference room. Ideal for huddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and executive offices.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Polycom Conference Phone

The best way to ensure that you’re experiencing the best conference call possible is to upgrade your system to a Polycom Conference Phone.

Meeting Your Needs

Polycom Conference Phone systems come in a wide variety of models, so you can match one perfectly to your businesses’ needs. For example, Polycom phones can be chosen in accordance to the size of your meeting room, by choosing the model with the right acoustics.

A Realistic Experience

Polycom Conference Phone systems solve a lot of issues when it comes to giving you the best conference experience possible. They boast an entirely realistic experience, with models that use Polycom HD Voice, designed specifically to capture each pitch and tone of the human voice.

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What is a polycom phone?

Polycom conference phone has become the foremost choice for every enterprise as it provides a platform for potential businesses to boom. Polycom conference phone can be used for video conferencing, audio conferencing and web conferencing. They provide better quality audio and voice clarity compared to a normal speaker phones.

Why is it important to know how the conference phone should be used and positioned at a place for it to deliver

They provide better quality audio and voice clarity compared to a normal speaker phones. It is important to know how the conference phone should be used and positioned at a place for it to deliver effective performance.

Why is it important to use Conferencing?

In today’s scenario, it is essential to use cost effective ways to grow your business enterprise. Conferencing is one affordable mode of networking, which is widely used in offices for holding meetings and communicating with business clients in distant areas.

Can a Polycom phone be used as a conference phone?

Usually the Polycom conference phone is connected with a desktop and suitable for small or medium sized rooms. Besides, connecting the phone with a USB port, some Polycom conference phones are Bluetooth enabled, hence can be connected to mobile phones and computers without USB connection.

Can you make a conference call with a Polycom phone?

With the application port, you can make a number of conference calls using internet phone services. Voice over Internet Protocol telecommunication can be done using Polycom device. Four or more people can participate in conferencing, with this phone.


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