Did biden fart at the conference


Did Biden fart during meeting with Camilla?

First, a false claim was spread that Biden pooped his pants during a meeting with Pope Francis. Then, an altered video of Biden was circulated on social media that featured a fake fart noise. And now, a rumor is going around that the president farted while speaking with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Did Joe Biden fart during COP26?

Reports of Biden’s flatulence come after the 78-year-old president was seen dozing off during the opening addresses at the COP26 summit, prompting an aide to wake him up. The COP26 Summit is a conference where more than 120 world leaders and world governments gather to discuss a global response to climate change.

Did the President fart during a town hall event?

While this rumor was made up out of whole cloth, it gained traction on social media, where it trended with hashtags such as #poopgate. A few days later, a video that supposedly captured audio of the president farting during a town hall was circulated online.

Was Joe Biden’s flatulence too loud to ignore at the summit?

“It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,” a source familiar with the incident told The Daily Mail. The Duchess of Cornwall also allegedly could not stop talking about Biden’s flatulence to everyone at the summit. Monday’s episode was not the first time Biden was caught breaking wind while in a conversation with high-ranking officials.



U.S. President Joe Biden farted while meeting with the Duchess of Cornwall.


An anonymous source told the Daily Mail that U.S. President Biden farted during his meeting with the Duchess of Cornwall. Despite headlines claiming that Camilla Parker Bowles “can’t stop talking about it,” the Duchess has offered no public comments on the matter.


In November 2021, some social media users appeared a bit obsessed with U.S. President Joe Biden’s backside.

A Few Days Earlier, Biden Reportedly Pooped His Pants

During Biden’s meeting with the Pope, within ten minutes, the live stream for the event was cut off. The reason why was never revealed, but journalists in Rome reported it was because Biden reportedly had an “accident”.

Biden Caught Raging at Reporters

In the last couple of months, Biden has also been yelling at reporters and other members of the press. During his latest press conference, when asked a question, Biden absolutely yelled at a reporter at the top of his lungs.


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