Did hillary have a press conference today


What did Hillary Clinton say about Fox News?

During her speech, Clinton accused Fox News of lying about her in an attempt to spread disinformation regarding the Durham probe. “We can’t get distracted by the latest culture war nonsense or a new right wing lie on Fox or Facebook,” the former presidential candidate said. “By the way, they are after me again lately, in case you may have noticed.”

Will Hillary Clinton be at the 2022 Democratic National Convention?

Former Secretary State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the 2016 Democrat candidate for U.S. President, attends the New York State Democratic Convention in New York, N.Y., Thursday February, 22, 2022. Photo/Douglas Healey.

What did Hillary Clinton say about the Durham scandal?

Clinton reacted to Durham’s latest filing on Wednesday, criticizing former President Trump and Fox News for “desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones.”


Has Hillary Clinton not had a press conference in 269 days?

Donald Trump and his allies have seized upon a statistic that they believe reflects poorly on Hillary Clinton — and they’re hammering it home on a daily basis.

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For context, Post political writer Chris Cillizza has written, “The last time Clinton held a press conference was Dec. 5, 2015. That was before: 1. A single state had cast a vote in either a presidential primary or caucus. 2. Major terrorist attacks in Nice, Brussels and Orlando. 3.

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“Inflation has been caused by the global economies shutting down all at once, reopening all at once. And … the U.S. economy is recovering at a far faster pace than any other country in the OECD.”


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