Did hosiasson-indenbaum make it to the 1935 conference in paris


What happened at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920?

Paris Peace Conference. The formal inauguration of the League of Nations on Jan. 16, 1920, brought the Paris conference to an end, before the conclusion of treaties with Turkey (1920, 1923) or with Hungary (1920).

What were the main points of the Paris Peace Conference?

Paris Peace Conference. Concerning the former, the Americans and the British resisted French demands affecting Germany’s western frontier and the Polish demand, supported by France, for Danzig ( Gdańsk ), while the Americans also objected to Japanese claims to Germany’s special privileges in Shantung, China.

What did Clemenceau do at the Paris Peace Conference?

At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Clemenceau, as the principal French negotiator, declared that his goal was to ensure the nation’s security against renewed German aggression. He sought, therefore, to reduce Germany’s power in every possible fashion and to surround Germany with strong barrier nations.


The Sessions on Induction and Probability at the 1935 Paris Congress: An overview

Le premier Congrès pour l’unité de la science (Congrès international de philosophie scientifique) qui s’est tenu à Paris en 1935 comprenait deux sessions, consacrées l’une à l’induction, l’autre aux probabilités.

1 The first Congress for the Unity of Science

1A peculiar feature of the First Congress for the Unity of Science (Congrès international de philosophie scientifique) held in Paris in 1935 is that it hosted two sessions devoted to “Induction” and “Probability” respectively.

5 About Hosiasson

32 The paper delivered by Hosiasson during the Paris Congress, bearing the title “La théorie des probabilités est-elle une logique généralisée? Analyse critique” [Hosiasson 1936], is entirely devoted to a criticism of Reichenbach’s probability logic, her main thesis being that the theory of probability cannot be considered a generalization of the logic of statements, whatever meaning is assigned to the notion of “generalization”.

7 Concluding remarks

46On the whole, the papers delivered during the two sessions on Induction and Probability at the Paris Congress testify to the richness of the debate held during the meeting.

Who painted the Indenbaum portrait?

After…I purchased [several] Soutine landscapes [I] read all I could about his life and his fellow artists—and soon added a portrait by his best friend, Amedeo Modigliani. The portrait was of Leon Indenbaum, the French-Russian sculptor.

What were the major figures in the Avant-Garde?

His portraits captured many leading figures in the artistic and literary avant-garde, among them Jacques Lipchitz, Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Chaïm Soutine, Jean Cocteau, and Max Jacob. Modigliani’s life was cut short by tubercular meningitis, and his demise was hastened by his abundant use of drugs and alcohol.

Where did Leon Indenbaum live?

Born in Vilnius and educated in Ukrainian art schools, the sculptor Leon Indenbaum (1890-1980) came to Paris in 1911 and probably met Modigliani in the artistic circles of Montparnasse. Both men had studios at various times between 1911 and 1919 in the Cité Falguière, a cul-de-sac off Rue Falguière, named after the nineteenth-century painter …

Who asked Modigliani to paint his portrait?

According to the Russian sculptor Léon Indenbaum, Modigliani asked to paint his portrait and inquired whether he had painting materials at his apartment. Modigliani painted diligently during three sittings and, despite Indenbaum’s offer to pay, insisted that the portrait was a gift.

When did Modigliani start carving?

Modigliani first turned to sculpture in 1902, and the medium became his primary focus from 1909 to 1914. He was inspired in part by meeting Constantin Brancusi, whose stylized sculptural forms, devotion to direct carving, and fierce independence all had an impact on Modigliani.

What was the name of the peace conference that the United States signed in Paris?

United States: The Paris Peace Conference and the Versailles Treaty

What was the Paris Peace Conference?

Paris Peace Conference, (1919–20), the meeting that inaugurated the international settlement after World War I.

Why was the Supreme Council of Four reduced to a Council of Four?

In March, however, the Supreme Council was, for reasons of convenience, reduced to a Council of Four, numbering only the Western heads of government, as the chief Japanese plenipotentiary, Prince Saionji Kimmochi, abstained from concerning himself with matters of no interest to Japan.

When did the League of Nations start?

The formal inauguration of the League of Nations on January 16, 1920, brought the Paris conference to an end, before the conclusion of treaties with Turkey (1920, 1923) or with Hungary (1920).

What was the purpose of the Council of Five?

The five great powers likewise controlled the Supreme Economic Council, created in February 1919 to advise the conference on economic measures to be taken pending the negotiation of peace.


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