Did obama hold press conference for fallen soldiers


Did Obama meet with hundreds of wounded soldiers?

“I also photographed him meeting with hundreds of wounded soldiers, and family members of those killed in action,” Souza wrote in the caption. In 2009, Obama made an unscheduled late-night visit to Dover Air Force Base to receive the remains of 18 U.S. soldiers and drug enforcement agents from Afghanistan and comfort the families of the dead.

Did Trump accuse Obama of inadequate outreach to fallen soldier families?

President Donald Trump accused Barack Obama and other former presidents of insufficient outreach to fallen soldiers’ families. Following Trump’s silence on the death of four Green Berets in an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger, Trump said he would be calling their families and had already written letters that are “going out either today or tomorrow.”

Did Obama ever call the families of soldiers who died in combat?

As former White House officials attested, it’s inaccurate to say Obama and previous presidents never called the families of soldiers who died in combat. But how often these calls were placed is hard to pinpoint, because presidential dealings with soldiers’ families are traditionally kept private out of respect.

Did president Obama attend any military funerals or go to Dover?

Mr. Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush, visited the families of hundreds of fallen soldiers but did not attend any military funerals or go to Dover to receive the coffins.


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