Did obama kick a reporter out of a press conference


Did Obama ever eject a journalist from a press conference?

There were numerous occasions in which Obama (and others in his administration) actually ejected journalists from his press conferences – and of course you didn’t hear hysterical screeching about “dictators” and “fascism” and “the free press being under attack.” For example, here’s a headline from when President Obama was still “candidate Obama.”

Did Obama ban Fox News reporters from press conferences?

However, Obama’s White House never banned Fox News correspondents from press conferences, nor did they revoke or suspend any reporters’ credentials, as the Trump White House did in the case of CNN’s James Acosta.

Did Obama reject a reporter for asking a question he didn’t like?

This video is real in the sense that it has not obviously been altered, but it does not capture President Obama’s rejecting a reporter for asking a question he didn’t like. This clip documents an incident which took place at a July 2015 event at the White House in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

Did Obama rescind Fox News reporters’ press passes?

The Obama administration never rescinded the press passes of Fox News reporters nor ejected or banned them from White House press conferences.


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