Did the governor’s conference vote to impeach nancy pelosi

Did a ‘Governor’s conference’ vote 32-12 to impeach Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Did a “Governor’s Conference” vote 32-12 to impeach Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi]? No, that’s not true.

Was Nancy Pelosi impeached by art tubolls?

The article was posted under the category “The Fictional Impeachment of Nancy Pelosi”. The name “Art Tubolls” is an anagram for “Busta Troll”, the owner of the site. And of course members of Congress are not subject to impeachment. So every reasonable person should understand that the story was just a joke.

Did Rudy Giuliani file impeachment papers against Pelosi?

First, the U.S. Constitution does not outline a process for the impeachment or removal of a speaker of the House of Representatives. Second, Rudy Giuliani (former mayor of New York and currently an attorney for President Donald Trump) has not “filed impeachment papers” against Pelosi.

Are the Dominos falling in the impeachment process?

The vote will be recorded by the Secretary of State and delivered to the Senate for the third and final step in the impeachment process. New Hampshire Lieutenant Governor Art Tubolls said it was “awe-inspiring” to be a part of such a historic event. Users on social media only saw this title, description and thumbnail: The dominos are falling.

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