Did trump have a press conference


How many press conferences has Donald Trump had in his presidency?

Every one since Dwight Eisenhower held more solo press conferences than Trump by this point in their terms. Some held considerably more: Presidents Lyndon Johnson and George H. W. Bush held 19 and 18, respectively, in their first 200 days. Trump’s only press conference was February 16, less than one month into his presidency.

Did Trump realize the news networks were not covering his press conference?

The same source said Trump slowly realized that most, if not all, of the major news networks were not going to carry his press conference live or send their top reporters to Palm Beach to cover it.

What’s the deal with Trump’s press conference habits?

Regular press conferences had a protocol and, at least, a measure of decorum. The president still decides whose questions he’ll answer. Trump’s preference for impromptu exchanges, commonly on the White House driveway, makes the press look like a shouting mob, which sometimes they are.

Who invented the press conference?

Indeed in several early instances (e.g., Coolidge, Hoover), reporters submitted questions in writing, and the President selected which to answer. The modern idea of a press conference dates from the Eisenhower Administration.


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