Did trump have news conference today


What is Trump News Today?

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Why is Donald Trump speaking at the Republican National Convention?

This is Trump’s seventh speaking appearance at the annual event, which organizers say is “designed to empower conservative activists to fight for their values at the polls and in the public arena and to equip attendees with the knowledge and connections they need to drive engagement and voter turnout.”

Did Trump falsely claim he won the 2020 election?

Trump, meanwhile, has continued to attack the committee and falsely claim he won the 2020 election. During remarks Saturday in Memphis as part of the “American Freedom Tour,” Trump claimed without evidence the committee is doctoring video of depositions and accused its members of being “liars and con artists.”

What does Trump’s rebuttal say about Democrats’ narrative?

Trump responded earlier this week with a 12-page rebuttal in which he said Democrats are “desperate to change the narrative of a failing nation” by distracting people with the hearings and the investigation. Share your thoughts with friends.


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