Did trump remove democratic senators from press conference


How many senators does it take to remove Trump from office?

At that point, the Constitution requires two-thirds of senators to vote to remove President Trump from office. That supermajority vote can happen only after a trial, over which Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. will preside.

Why did the most conservative senators vote to remove the President?

The most conservative senators voted to remove the Democratic president; liberal members did not. The kinds of legal arguments senators made did not correlate with their votes. Legislator ideology was the reason senators voted to acquit or to convict the president.

Can trump be removed from office?

The only way for Trump to be removed is for these conservatives to vote him out. The chance that Trump will be impeached is high, and the chance that he’ll be found guilty in the Senate is not zero. But if ideology decides the outcome as it did for Clinton, the chance that Trump will be removed from office is quite low.

How many votes do Democrats need to unseat Trump?

But that won’t get Democrats close to the supermajority required to unseat him. If every Democratic senator and these two moderate Republicans vote to convict President Trump, only 49 senators would support removal. To reach the 67-vote threshold, Democrats would also need to persuade conservative Republicans.


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