Did yg sent a reporter to bts press conference


Fans Think Reporter Who Asked Controversial BTS Question Has Ties To YG Entertainment. During BTS’s recent press conference, a reporter by the name Yoon SangGeun brought up the boy group’s past plagiarism issue involving French photographer Bernard Faucon.Apr 19, 2019


Why are BTS fans criticizing the reporter for asking questions about BTS?

Many BTS fans were angered by the reporter’s question, and began criticizing him for knowing that it would be uncomfortable for the group members to be asked about it. And the fans didn’t just stop there.

Was BTS’s previous hit “Blood Sweat&Tears” asked by a Korean news reporter?

A Korean news reporter has come under fire for asking an inappropriate question regarding BTS ‘s previous hit, “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”. The reporter asked the question during BTS’s press conference for their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA”.

Did BTS plagiarize a reporter’s article?

Netizens later uncovered an article written by a reporter of the same name on YG Life, a website that provides updates on YG Entertainment news. They further discovered an article written by the same person back in March that goes into the plagiarism controversy between BTS and the French photographer indepth.

Is BTS”Blood Sweat and tears’plagiarized?

BTS fans are currently in anger over a reporter bringing up the boy group’s past plagiarism issue regarding ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’. French photographer Bernard Faucon expressed his discomfort in similarities to his works, which Big Hit Entertainment responded by saying the alleged similarities claimed by the photographer were not valid.


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