Does notre dame football play in a conference


First, Notre Dame does not play in a conference so there is no chance to grade them in an actual game this weekend. The Irish finished 11-1 with their only loss coming at home to Cincinnati.


Should Notre Dame just join a conference?

Perhaps the most notable was the longtime debate over Notre Dame’s continued independence after the four byes in the bracket were reserved for conference champions. ESPN personality Paul Finebaum was among those who called for the Irish to bite the bullet and join a conference permanently.

Is Notre Dame still a college football playoff contender?

The Irish (10-1) are at No. 6 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, and there remain some viable arguments to be had over the next few weeks. This is not a new trend. Notre Dame has been in the top six in the CFP rankings heading into rivalry week in three of the last four seasons. There is nothing irrelevant about the program right now.

Can Notre Dame still make the college football playoffs?

Notre Dame’s chances to make the College Football Playoff start at 14% but move up to 32% simply by just winning their last three games, something most fans and observers think they’ll do. For whatever it’s worth, FiveThirtyEight gives Notre Dame a 45% chance to win their three remaining games with a 61% chance to beat Virginia this week.

How many championship games has Notre Dame won?

Notre Dame claims national championships in an additional three seasons, for a total of 11 consensus national championships. Notre Dame, however, is often credited with 13 national championships in total.

What does Notre-Dame value?

Do college football fans want to join a conference?

Is Notre Dame in the Big Ten?

Is Notre Dame in the ACC?

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Is Notre Dame a member of a football conference?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Notre Dame’s football team spent the 2020 season as a member of the ACC. The move benefited the program, as Notre Dame owned a 9–0 record in conference play and earned a spot in the College Football Playoff. Notre Dame went back to being an independent for the 2021 season.

What conference will Notre Dame be in 2021?

2021 Notre Dame College Football – Schedule – Mountain East Conference.

Is Notre Dame still in ACC?

Notre Dame football will stay Independent because of the ACC deal. Explaining why the deal Notre Dame football has with the ACC will keep them from being forced into a conference, for the next fifteen years. Notre Dame football isn’t going to join a conference any time soon.

Does Notre Dame play in a conference championship?

What needs to happen for Notre Dame to make the College Football Playoff? It’s make or break for Notre Dame today. No, the Fighting Irish aren’t playing on conference championship Saturday. They never do with the one exception being last season’s one-time deal in the ACC.

What conference is Notre in?

NCAA Division I FBS Independent SchoolsNotre Dame Fighting Irish football / Conference

Is Notre Dame in the Big Ten football conference?

Notre Dame tried for years to join the Big Ten but was not allowed. Now many want Notre Dame to join a conference full-time but the school remains independent in football and with the good lord willing, they’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Is Notre Dame in the SEC?

Notre Dame is in the ACC in every sport besides football and hockey (Independence, Football and Big Ten, Hockey). The ACC has been memorable for Notre Dame especially last year with the home game vs Clemson and going to the ACC championship.

Why does Notre Dame not play in a conference?

Notre Dame joined the ACC for the 2020 season due to COVID. It literally took a global pandemic and the threat of no college football season for Notre Dame to kinda join a conference. That shows you how much Notre Dame values being an Independent. So, no, Notre Dame will not be joining the Big Ten.

Does Notre Dame football have a contract with nbc?

Notre Dame is currently planted in position with an NBC deal through 2025, one which is reportedly worth $15 million annually.

Is Notre Dame not in a football conference?

Notre Dame is one of seven schools that competes as an Independent at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level; however, they play five games a year against opponents from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), of which Notre Dame is a member in all other sports except ice …

Why is Notre Dame in ACC championship?

Notre Dame historically competes in football as an independent, but played the 2020 season as a member of the ACC following a delayed start to the season and factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, this was Notre Dame’s first appearance in an ACC Championship Game.

Why is Notre Dame in the FBS independent?

Because of its national popularity built over several decades, Notre Dame was the only independent program to be part of the Bowl Championship Series coalition and its guaranteed payout.

Why is Notre Dame not in a conference? Four reasons the Irish remain …

Why won’t Notre Dame’s football program join a conference? Why does it insist on remaining independent while other Notre Dame athletic programs except hockey compete in the ACC? These questions …

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Why does ESPN broadcast Notre Dame games?

The TV networks love this, too. ESPN/ABC routinely broadcasts Notre Dame away games because of the ratings draw the program is , and those ratings are amplified when the Fighting Irish play in big games. Last year’s Notre Dame-Georgia game was such a big deal to CBS, the network sacrificed its only prime-time window of the season to show the game at 8 p.m. ET and forced itself to broadcast LSU-Alabama in its 3:30 p.m. ET window later in the season.

Which teams have clashed with Notre Dame?

Texas and Oklahoma have clashed with Notre Dame in the last decade. The rivalry games with USC, Stanford and Navy are protected. This is a great deal for Notre Dame football fans, who don’t have to watch their team play the same eight or nine teams every year.

How long will Notre Dame’s marriage last?

Three years ago, the ACC announced an extension of its football agreement with Notre Dame that will last through at least 2037 .

What network did Notre Dame use to broadcast?

In 1991, Notre Dame signed a five-year, $38 million television contract with NBC so the network could broadcast all Fighting Irish home games. Notre Dame at the time was three years removed from its 11th national championship. Coach Lou Holtz was entering his sixth season in South Bend. NBC wanted to tie itself to such a powerful brand.

What are the advantages of Notre Dame?

The advantages for Notre Dame are simple: It gets a portion of ACC revenue, participates in the conference’s bowl tie-ins and, perhaps most importantly, preserves its football in dependence. The advantages for the ACC are equally simple: It gets the TV ratings and attendance boosts associated with Notre Dame away games,

How much money does Notre Dame get from Power 5?

Notre Dame received just $7.9 million.

How long is Notre Dame’s contract with NBC?

In 2013, NBC announced a new, 10-year contract with Notre Dame that would begin in 2016 and run through 2025. The school reportedly gets $15 million per year in the deal.

How did Notre Dame football gain a nationwide following?

Through game broadcasts during the Golden Age of Radio, Notre Dame football gained a nationwide following of “subway alumni”, Catholics who became fans whether or not they attended the university. Former Saint Louis head coach Heartley “Hunk” Anderson was promoted from assistant coach and took the helm of the Irish after Knute Rockne’s death, leading them to a record of 16 wins, nine losses, and two ties. Anderson was a former Irish player under Rockne and was serving as an assistant coach at the time of Rockne’s death. Anderson resigned as Irish head coach after the 1933 season to accept the position of head football coach at NC State.

Where is Notre Dame Stadium?

Located on the southeast part of the university’s campus in Notre Dame, Indiana and with a seating capacity of 77,622, Notre Dame Stadium is one of the most renowned venues in college football.

How many touchdowns did the Irish have in the previous 126 years?

They also had two touchdowns of over 90 yards, (a 91-yard touchdown run by C. J. Prosise and a 98-yard touchdown run by Josh Adams ). The Irish only had two in the previous 126 years of Notre Dame football. The running game was dominant.

What was the Notre Dame losing streak in 1960?

Included was a school-record eight-game losing streak in 1960, a year in which the Irish finished 2–8. It was one of the worst stretches in program history.

What was the score of the Irish in the second game of the season?

The Irish began the season with a 25–0 win over Indiana, Notre Dame tied Northwestern in the season’s second game. Anderson’s squad then demolished Drake by a score of 63–0. After defeating Pittsburgh by a score of 25–12, the Fighting Irish shut out their next three opponents; Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania and Navy.

Why is Notre Dame still called Cartier Field?

In 1930, it was replaced by Notre Dame Stadium, due to the growing popularity of ND football. Notre Dame’s practice facility still bears the Cartier Field name. Most ND practices take place on Cartier Field.

What was Notre Dame’s first game?

Football did not have an auspicious beginning at the University of Notre Dame. In their inaugural game on November 22, 1887, the Irish lost to Michigan by a score of 8–0. Their first win came in the final (and only) game of the 1888 season, when the Irish defeated Harvard Prep School of Chicago by a score of 20–0. Between 1887 and 1899 Notre Dame compiled a record of 31 wins, 15 losses, and four ties against a diverse variety of opponents ranging from local high school teams to other universities.

Why is Notre Dame a conference?

Because of the hype around Notre Dame football and all of the money it draws to its games, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) have a contract with Notre Dame that allows all of its other sports to participate in ACC play. But football is forced to schedule 5 ACC regular season games each season. Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) of Yahoo Sports writes, “As such, Notre Dame is a pseudo ACC member, getting the benefit of playing lots of games in the talent-rich Southeast while maintaining scheduling flexibility that allows it to continue to schedule nationally.” This deal also allows for the Fighting Irish to play their two California state rivalry games each year against USC and Stanford. John Tamny (@JohnTamny), a columnist for Forbes, described the USC rivalry as “the long-term significance of an intersectional rivalry that is easily college football’s greatest.”

Is Notre Dame a college football team?

One of the longest lasting teams in college football is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame football also shares one of the most unique stats in the entire association: it is one of three organizations that is run independently, without being a part of a conference. Many people, wonder why Notre Dame stays independent. Here are 3 reasons why the Fighting Irish are not joining any conference.

Does Notre Dame have a TV contract?

Major conferences have television contracts with big providers so that the teams in their conference can have nationwide exposure and make themselves more noticeable. Notre Dame does not have this problem because of one provider alone – NBC. NBC and Notre Dame football have been working together since 1991. In 2013, the two organizations created another contract that is said to last through 2025. ESPN writes about the specifics of the new contract, worth roughly $15 million a year, “NBC will have global media rights on all platforms to a minimum of seven Notre Dame home football games each year, with most airing on the main NBC network. It also allows for games to be carried on the NBC Sports Network cable channel.” With one of the greatest television providers on their team, Notre Dame has no reason to look for a conference for TV time. They are provided with as much exposure as anyone and don’t have to share their NBC revenue. Notre Dame has also claimed that their NBC contract revenue goes straight to a good cause: “Notre Dame plans to continue using revenues from the contract to fund the school’s financial-aid endowment for the general student body, not including athletes. The school said that since 1991, about 6,300 undergraduates have received nearly $80 million in aid from revenue generated through the NBC contract” (

When is Notre Dame 2023?

Rohr Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick announced. The game will take place August 26, 2023, and be broadcast on NBC and simul-streamed on Peacock.

Is Notre Dame on NBC Sports 2023?

NBC Sports’ production of the 2023 matchup will be historic for Notre Dame’s broadcast partner. It will mark the first foreign college football telecast for the industry leader in live sports programming.

Is Navy Notre Dame a rivalry?

The Navy-Notre Dame rivalry was the longest continuous intersectional rivalry in college football before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the 2020 meeting, with the two schools having met every year since 1927. In addition to playing the 2023 game in Ireland, Swarbrick and Chet Gladchuk, Director of Athletics at Navy, have also entered into an agreement to extend the series until 2032.

What does Notre-Dame value?

Notre Dame values their independence above all else.

Do college football fans want to join a conference?

That’s been the question asked for decades among college football fans. And for decades the answer has been the same. They aren’t interested in joining a conference.

Is Notre Dame in the Big Ten?

So, no, Notre Dame will not be joining the Big Ten.

Is Notre Dame in the ACC?

They would all fall over themselves to add them, especially the Big Ten which has long coveted the Fighting Irish. The ACC has Notre Dame as a member in sports outside football and partial membership in football. Notre Dame joined the ACC for the 2020 season due to COVID.




  • With its all-but-football deal in the ACC, Notre Dame football doesn’t get the same conference revenue share other programs get. But it also is not obligated to play what otherwise might be a boring (and in many cases, weak) schedule almost completely full of ACC opponents. Notre Dame is obligated to play just five ACC opponents per year, and the r…

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is the intercollegiate football team representing the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana, north of the city of South Bend. The team plays its home games at the campus’s Notre Dame Stadium, which has a capacity of 77,622. Notre Dame is one of seven schools that competes as an Independent at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level; however, they play five games a year a…


Football did not have an auspicious beginning at the University of Notre Dame. In their inaugural game on November 22, 1887, the Irish lost to Michigan by a score of 8–0. Their first win came in the final (and only) game of the 1888 season, when the Irish defeated Harvard Prep School of Chicago by a score of 20–0. Between 1887 and 1899, Notre Dame compiled a record of 31 wins, 15 losses, and four ties against a diverse variety of opponents, ranging from local high school te…


• Notre Dame has won eight wire service (AP or Coaches’) national championships, second most ever in the post-1936 poll era.
• Notre Dame claims national championships in an additional three seasons before the major poll era for a total of 11. Notre Dame, however, is often credited with 13 consensus national championships in total. The 1938 and 1953 seasons are part of the reason for the discrepancy. I…

Gameday traditions

Notre Dame’s all-time record after January 2, 2021, stands at 918 wins, 329 losses, and 42 ties. The winning percentage of .728 is 4th All-Time. Its 918 wins are fifth behind Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama and Texas, while its 329 losses are tied with Oklahoma as the second-lowest of any college programs that have been playing football for 100 years or more, behind Ohio State’s 326.
† George O’Leary did not coach a single practice or game, resigning five days after being hired fo…

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