Does polycom conference phone working with nec phone system


So we’ve just upgraded our phone system to an NEC SV9100 and all new digital handsets. The handsets are not IP handsets, and they all work flawlessly.Mar 21, 2018

How does the Polycom Conference phone work?

The excellent sound technology in the conference phone provides great microphone coverage and audio quality. To start a conference call, press the “CONF” key and then the “JOIN” key for people to join the conference. The application port of the Polycom conference phone can be used to connect the phone to the computer system.

How do I test if my Polycom unit is working?

Before using the system (even to make/receive phone calls), you must be sure that the Polycom unit in the cabinet is working and responsive, and that it is not muted. The most reliable way to test this is to use the Crestron, select Flat Panel 1, and send the “Polycom” to it.

What is the best Polycom video conferencing alternative?

Zoom Meeting is a Polycom video conferencing alternative service that comes with a free version. It is reliable and a great solution for many people particularly because of the many advanced tools offers. The free account is generous and it is also quite affordable

How do I Turn Off my Polycom phone system?

If you are receiving a call on the Polycom unit, press the green “Answer” button or the red “Hang up” button if you don’t want to answer the call. To turn off the unit, press and hold the red button on the remote until the “The System is Shutting down….message appears on the screen.


How do I connect to a Polycom conference call?

0:312:53Conference phone setup and use – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipInto the bottom of the conference. Phone the phone cable goes into the power supply with the wallMoreInto the bottom of the conference. Phone the phone cable goes into the power supply with the wall port symbol as shown. Then plug in the other end of the phone cable into the phone jack in the wall.

How does a Polycom conference phone work?

Polycom SoundStation2: Conference a CallStart a call with Polycom SoundStation2.Press the Conference button . Places the first call on hold.Dial the number and connect with the second party.Press the Conference button. This will merge the three calls.

Is Polycom SoundStation 2 an IP phone?

Re: SoundStation 2 and VOIP phone lines The SoundStation 2 is an analog phone and will only work with an analog phone line. The AUX port on the Interface Module can be utilized to connect to an external Speaker System and is only an output.

How do I use Polycom?

How to Use Polycom Video ConferencingStep 1: Turn on the Polycom System. To turn on the unit, hold down the green button on the remote for a few seconds or until you see a blue flashing light on the Polycom unit.Step 2: Turn on the TV Screen. … Step 3: Start a Video Conference Call. … Step 4: Turn off the Polycom Video Unit.

How do I set up my Polycom?

To install your new Polycom phone:Locate the LAN and PC ethernet ports on the bottom of the phone.Connect the ethernet cable for your network into the LAN port. … Connect an ethernet cable from your computer or laptop dock/port replicator to PC port, if applicable. … Complete the setup process:

How do I connect my Polycom SoundStation 2 to my computer?

Connecting your SoundStation2 or SoundStation2W to your computer is easy: Simply connect the computer calling cable to the Applications Port on your Polycom conference phone at one end. Then, attach the other end to your computer’s microphone and speaker ports.

What is an IP conference phone?

IP Conference phones allow users to communicate with business partners, vendors, and remote workers and teams in a meeting style setting over the phone. In doing this, these phones allow for all users (present) to spontaneously and simultaneously participate in any conversation(s).

What is a Polycom system?

Polycom’s video conferencing system provides companies of all sizes with flexible deployments for mobile devices, desktop computers and meeting rooms.

What is a analog phone?

A telephone that sends and receives electrical frequencies in the range of the human voice. Analog phones have been the norm since the advent of telephones in the late 1800s. Single-line and two-line phones that plug directly into landlines from the telephone company are analog.

How do I connect my Polycom video conference to my computer?

So, for a Polycom RealPresence Desktop PC, CODEC or mobile location you enter the IP address in the dial window and click Join. You are then greeted by Zoom and asked to enter the Meeting ID. You can enter the Meeting ID with the keypad in the application keyboard. You join just like a Zoom endpoint.

Which Polycom phone do I have?

Finding Your Phone’s Model Number on the label on the back of the phone. Each Polycom phone has a label on the back which shows the phone model. Although the location of the label varies, you will always find the phone model listed underneath the Polycom logo.

How much does Polycom cost?

Download Quote Sheet#NoProductList Price (USD)14870-51111-027$7,995.0024870-51011-027$7,995.0034870-51011-021$6,995.0044870-51111-021$6,995.004 more rows

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