Does x blue conference call


Each Xblue phone system includes many popular business phone system features and capabilities. Features like hold, call transfer, call recording, music on hold, conferencing and intercom are already set-up and ready to use when you first turn on your new system.

How do I contact xblue technical support?

Call 866-925-8312 or Click to Send Us a Message. Support Option for products beyond their original 12 month XBLUE new product warranty period. If you purchased your new XBLUE product less than 1 year ago please continue to enjoy our free technical support.

How many phones are included in the xblue x16?

IMAGES XBLUE X16 Small Business Phone System Bundle with (4) Phones – (6) Outside Line & (16) Phone Capacity – Includes Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Caller ID, Paging & Intercom Visit the Xblue Store 4.4 out of 5 stars271 ratings

Does xblue charge tolls for forwarding calls?

This type of forwarding may result in a per call usage and Toll charge for each forwarded call. Any and all toll charges are the sole responsibility of the user of the installed equipment; XBLUE offers no warranty or will assume any responsibility for any toll charges. Hands Free Calling

How many calls can be answered at once on x16?

X16 User Guide Issue 2-44- l Voice Mail The System comes equipped with a 4 channel auto attendant and voice mail system, which can answer up to 4 different calls simultaneously. Auto Attendant The system can be programmed to answer in “Auto Attendant” mode.


How do I forward calls on xblue?

At the phones you want to change, press the Program Button and press Enter….X16 Call ForwardingWaiting Time: the amount of time the phone will ring before the caller is sent to the Forward Destination.FWD Destination: the destination the caller will be forwarded to (see the definitions below)More items…

How do I install xblue X16?

Here are the steps to program the X16 system to set all incoming calls to rings at all stations:At any digital phone, press the Program Button.Scroll to select System Setup and Enter.Put in the the password and press Enter (#### is the default password)Scroll up to go to the Mail System and press Enter.More items…

How do I set up VoiceMail on xblue networks?

X16 System – How to Set Up Voice MailPress the Program Button.Scroll to Phone Setup and press Enter (it’s the center navigation button)Scroll up to VoiceMail Setup and press Enter.Scroll up or down to access individual settings.

How do I check my voicemail on xblue networks?

Follow these steps to access your voice mailbox from a remote phone line:Call into the system and let the auto attendant answer the call.Then dial the desired extension number.If the extension is forwarded to voice mail, and the mailbox answers, enter the remote access code (the default remote access code is 123)More items…

What is an intercom call?

Intercom calls – When another extension dials your telephone number the system allows you to speak to each other without pressing the speaker button or going off hook.

What are the two types of calls?

There are two types of calls; intercom and network . Calls from one extension to another extension are considered intercom calls. Network calls are calls made through a telephone company line and are often called Central Office (CO) lines or just lines.

What is X16 system?

The X16 system is a full featured, next generation, multi-line business telephone system ideal for both home and small office environments. It comes equipped to interface with 4 Central Office (CO) Lines, equipped to receive Caller ID, and sixteen (16) proprietary digital telephone endpoints.

How to answer a call on a cell phone?

When the telephone is ringing, lift the handset, or press the speaker button to answer the call. Making a call Intercom . Press the preprogrammed feature button or dial the extension number to place a call to another extension. You may converse freely or lift the handset to speak privately.

What is a BLF on a phone?

You may converse freely or lift the handset to speak privately. The Direct Station Select (DSS) also known as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows you to press one button to dial an extension and to see if an extension is busy. In this example, extension 302, 303, 304 and 306 are busy.

What is caller ID?

Caller ID is a standard feature of the system. When received from the telephone network, it will identify caller and synchronize the date and time of the system. Each call into the system is stored in the Caller ID list.

How to make a network call on a phone?

When placing a network call, Telephone Company, press the line button or dial 9 to access a line . You can speak on the speakerphone, or lift the handset to speak privately. Line buttons that are unlit are free to use. If they are lit blue they are busy and the line that you selected will be lit green.

What is XBLUE line?

Each XBLUE line provides one channel or talk path from a XBLUE phone system located in the United States. 2

How many VoIP lines does the X50 have?

No additional hardware is required. VoIP lines can be used at the same time as standard, analog phone company lines. Both the X25 and X50 systems support up to 8 VoIP lines. The X50 supports up 12 VoIP lines when XL expansion software is installed.

Where can I call a custom quote?

A custom quote may be provided for high traffic incoming and outgoing calling applications. 2 Call may be placed to locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. However, the originating call service location must be located in the contiguous 48 United States, which excludes locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

How does the X16 work?

Here’s how it works: An X16 phone can be set up to Forward callers to an external phone number such as a cell phone. When a call is transferred to the X16 phone, the call will forward to the external phone number. The XBLUE X25 and X50 systems take this to another level by enabling direct transfer to external.

Does Xblue have analog telephone lines?

All XBLUE Office Phone Systems support Standard Analog and VoIP Telephone Lines. The term “digital” is used primarily in cable or telephone company marketing. For instance, a cable television company that provides internet and phone service may say they offer “digital” phone service. And it is a true statement. In reality, the digital or VoIP service is delivered

Does XBLUE X25 work with SIP 2.0?

We occasionally get asked if a 3rd party IP phone will work on an XBLUE X25, X50, QB and XBLUE Cloud phone systems. The answer is an IP Phone should “work” if that phone is SIP 2.0 compliant. This is possible because these systems are SIP 2.0 compliant. However certain features of each system may not work correctly when the 3rd party IP phone is connected to the system. We have various proprietary functions that 3rd-party products cannot emulate, and

Does the X16 have an intercom?

Yes – the X16 system has an intercom with hands-free capability. The intercom enables you to call other phones (extensions) in the system. The hands-free reply function of the intercom enables you to voice-announce through the speaker of the other person’s phone and hear them reply hands-free. Read More ».

Does XBLUE have a headset?

Although all current production XBLUE digital & IP phones will operate with industry standard headsets, the connection and operation varies between phone models. XBLUE sells select models that we have tested and support. View the Selection. Connector, Adapter & Operation Notes – Contact XBLUE for more detail X16 Digital Phone 2.5 or 3.5 mm “cell phone” type connector. The size in mm of the connector varies based on production date of the phone – contact XBLUE Requires an adapter to connect

Does Cloud Burst require Ethernet?

A prospective customer asked “Does the cloud-based system require Ethernet plugged into each phone?” The answer is yes – All desk phones on the Cloud Burst cloud-based system are IP phones that use CAT 5 or 6 cables (Ethernet) to connect to your data network and access the internet. Here are a couple of exceptions: It is possibles use a WiFi adapter to “connect” desk phones to XBLUE Cloud. In that case, the adapter and phone would be dependent on

Can Cisco phones be added to X25?

Question: Can Cisco IP phones be added to an X25 system? Answer: It is difficult to know whether or not any 3rd party IP telephone will work on the X25 or X50. In regard to Cisco IP phones, many are designed to work best on a Cisco Call Manager system. Technically speaking any IP or SIP based telephone should “work” unless it was designed for a specific telephone system like our X3030 and X4040 telephones were. They have proprietary software

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Comes with four X16 Digital Speakerphones but is expandable up to 16 telephones. These are in the fashion color-Charcoal. Auto attendant answers and processes calls.


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