Don beyer 5th womens conference


Who won the Clara Mortenson Beyer award?

Saturday in Arlington, Congressman Don Beyer held his fourth annual Women’s Conference; a tradition his predecessor, Jim Moran, started and hosted for 24 years. 11-year-old activist Naomi Walder was awarded the Clara Mortenson Beyer Award, in honor of Beyer’s grandmother, an early suffragist.

What did Don Beyer write to GSA?

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who currently serves as Vice Chair of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, today wrote to Administrator Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration (GSA) warning of “devastating repercussion… and happy Thanksgiving!

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Who is Don Beyer?

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), a senior member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, today celebrated the adoption of H.R. 2225, the National Science Foundation for the Future Act, and H.R. 3593, the Departme…

What did the House vote to nix?

House votes to nix Trump methane rule BY RACHEL FRAZIN Originally Published At The Hill The House voted on Friday to get rid of a Trump administration rule that weakened regulation on a powerful greenhouse gas called met…


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