Don farmer conference


Why attend Don Farmer’s tax seminars?

Timely, accurate, relevant, thorough, and understandable are just a few words participants associate with Don Farmer’s tax seminars year after year. These programs will review current year developments and planning ideas affecting individual, corporate and business income taxation using a combination of humor and examples.

What happened to Don farmer from WSB?

Farmer retired from WSB in 1997. Monica Pearson, who co-anchored with him at WSB, told the station that “Don will be missed because he was a wonderful reporter, great writer, a hardworking anchor and most importantly, he was a person who cared about his craft.”

How old was Mike Farmer when he started CNN?

He was 82. Farmer and his wife of 49 years Chris Curle, who shared the news of his death, were key building blocks in the 1980 creation of CNN. The husband and wife team anchored a two-hour program at noon Eastern, “Take Two,” that mixed news, talk and lifestyle segments.

How did Chris Farmer meet Jim Curle?

In the late 1960s and 70s, Farmer was posted in ABC’s Chicago and Atlanta bureaus. He met Curle, then a TV reporter in Houston, while they were both in the city covering civil unrest in 1970. Curle said Farmer had the “best pickup line ever:” “Chris, what are you doing after the riot?”


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