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HA 2019 Summary Hyaluronan 2019, the 12th International Conference on Hyaluronan, was hugely enjoyable and a great success. The event was held between June 9th and 13th at the Hilton Hotel, Cardiff, Wales and was sponsored by ISHAS.


When is the next Hei annual conference?

May 5, to May 7, 2019. The 2019 HEI Annual Conference was held at the W Seattle Hotel in Seattle, Washington on May 5-7, 2019. Stay tuned for the next Annual Conference, April 5-7, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Scientific Program and speaker presentations can be found below.

What happened at General Conference 2019?

At the conclusion of General Conference 2019, many United Methodists are wondering what the decisions made will mean for each of us and our congregations. Let’s take a look at what we know, and what is still to be resolved. What happened? The global United Methodist Church met in St. Louis, Missouri, February 23-26, 2019.

Who worshiped together at General Conference 2019?

United Methodists from around the world worshipped together at General Conference 2019. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications. The Traditional Plan was passed by the 2019 Special Session of General Conference.

What does the General Conference do?

The General Conference is the legislative body of the worldwide United Methodist Church. What happens next? Constitutionality: Before the 2019 Special Session of General Conference closed, a motion was passed (405-395) to request a decision from the Judicial Council on the constitutionality of the Traditional Plan’s legislative petitions.


How many sessions were there at the HA conference?

There was a total of 10 scientific and 3 poster sessions. View “Book of Abstracts” below.

Where was Hyaluronan 2019 held?

The event was held between June 9th and 13th at the Hilton Hotel, Cardiff, Wales and was sponsored by ISHAS. Tom Wight was honoured at the opening of the meeting and received the Rooster Award for his outstanding work in the field …

What is the benefit of reconfiguration in healthcare?

Healthcare systems can benefit from a reconfiguration of data, tools, technology, and analytic skill to drive their organization into uncharted territory with confidence and agility. The result: data-driven, integrated systems of success.

What are hidden opportunities?

Hidden opportunities can be found among health systems and other risk-bearing entities to improve the quality and decrease the costs of providing healthcare to at-risk patient populations. Discover how Health Alliance, a vertically integrated health system with a health plan and population health organization, found and maximized these opportunities by breaking down the barriers between entities to accomplish two fundamental goals:

When is the next General Conference?

Anything ruled unconstitutional can be addressed at the next regularly scheduled General Conference in Minneapolis on May 5-15, 2020.

When will the Bishops of Illinois meet in Evanston?

These issues will be addressed by the Judicial Council when they gather in Evanston, Illinois, April 23-25, 2019. This means that we don’t yet know what will change and what will not.

Setting Ambient Air Quality Standards – What’s Science Got To Do With It?

Chairs: Barbara Hoffmann, University of Düsseldorf, Germany, Kiros T. Berhane, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, USA

HEI Progress and Future Directions

We will present an overview of current projects at HEI, including HEI’s new literature review on traffic-related air pollution, continuing collaborative research on health effects at low exposure concentrations, new research underway for our core air pollution and energy programs, updates on our global health program, and a presentation of the Jane Warren travel awards..

Getting from A to B: Emerging Trends in Mobility

Chairs: Greg Wellenius, Boston University School of Public Health, and Sara D. Adar, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Acute Air Pollution and the Immune System

Disruption of the immune system is associated with an array of adverse health outcomes, including hypersensitivity, cancer, auto-immune disorders, and increased infection vulnerability and severity. Toxicological and clinical studies suggest air pollution exposure can adversely affect numerous innate and adaptive immune system pathways.

Improving Global Public Health through Actions on Energy, Air Quality, and Climate

Policies addressing energy access and use and improvement of air quality bring both climate and public health benefits.


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