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Like Biden, Trump had given just one White House solo press conference as of late September in his first year, according to Kumar’s data, versus five by Obama, three by George W. Bush, seven by Clinton, 13 by George HW Bush and three by Reagan.

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The same source said Trump slowly realized that most, if not all, of the major news networks were not going to carry his press conference live or send their top reporters to Palm Beach to cover it.

How many press conferences has Trump given in his first year?

The event would have been Trump’s second press conference since leaving office. While he has been banned from Twitter and other social media outlets, he has appeared regularly on conservative news outlets and held numerous rallies and other events.

Did Trump realize the news networks were not covering his press conference?

President Trump has now gone longer without a formal press conference than any president since at least President Lyndon Johnson. A little more than three weeks after his inauguration, Donald Trump gave his first-ever press conference as president.

Is this Trump’s second press conference since leaving office?

How long has President Trump gone without a press conference?

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