Have attended the conference


What is the difference between “I attended the meeting” and “have I?

“I attended the meeting” is a statement and “Have I attended the meeting?” is a question. In English, the rule is that we reverse the order of subject/verb in a question.

Why attend attendance at a conference?

attendance dramatically enhances both your professional and personal development, as well as providing you with tools and skills which you cannot be taught in-house or online. The focused nature of learning at a conference allows you to dig deeper with the understanding of your topic of interest.

Are You calling those who attend your conferences “attendees” or “learners”?

As a professional educator and former association exec, she states: First, semantics are important (or the pen wouldn’t be mightier than the sword): let’s stop calling those who attend our educational and conference sessions “attendees” and start calling them “learners.” Attendees show up.

What is the purpose of attending conventions?

As an employee in a company or organization, there will be instances when you will be tasked to attend a seminar, training, conference, etc. Usually those conventions are closely related to what the company organization does on a daily or how the company or organization can improve on other aspects.


Have attended VS had attended?

The phrase have attended is the present perfect tense. Present perfect indicates that the attendance began in the past and continues into the present. Therefore, your sentence, “I have attended this class many years ago,” is not grammatically correct.

How do you say attended meeting?

“There is a meeting I need to attend in five minutes.”…What is another word for attend?be atcatchturn up atturn up toappear inbe a guest atmake it topop up atpresent yourself atshow up at12 more rows

What does it mean to attend a conference?

verb. If you attend a meeting or other event, you are present at it.

How do you use attended in a sentence?

Attended sentence exampleWe’d be happy if you attended our gala. … Alex, Bill and Katie attended worship together. … About one-half of the members attended regularly. … Tikhon alone attended him. … We thought we had him this time but he has receipts and papers from Chicago where he claims he attended a weekend art shindig.More items…

How do you say attend formal way?

attendaccompany,chaperone.(or chaperon),companion,company,convoy,escort,see,More items…

How do you write an email to attend a meeting?

Hi [Names], Please join me for a meeting on [day and date] at [time] to discuss [topic]. Our purpose at this meeting will be to [goal].

How do you write a conference attended on a resume?

Add the section title to your resume. If you’re listing all the presentations, call it “Conference Presentations.” If you chose the top five, call it “Selected Conference Presentations.” 3. Type the name of the presentation first. This should match what was printed the program or listed online for the conference.

How do you write a conference attended report?

1 List the names, positions, and companies of all attendees. … 2 Pay attention and write down every detail. … 3 Include your meeting agenda and record any deviations. … 4 Use reader-friendly language and structures. … 5 Write objectively. … 6 Detail all action items. … 7 Make your reports and minutes the only existing documentation.

Why are conferences attended?

So what are the main reasons people attend conferences? A big reason for going to conferences is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people in your field.

Have been attended Meaning?

“I have been attending the meeting for 2 hours” means that 2 hours have passed and you are currently still attending the meeting. “I have attended the meeting for 2 hours” means only 2 hours were spent and you either left or the meeting ended.

Has attended in a sentence?

Sentence examples for he has attended from inspiring English sources. He has attended madrasas all his life. He has attended funerals for at least nine young soldiers. This will, however, be the first one he has attended.

Is it attend or attended?

In the same way, when attend means ‘to go regularly to school, church etc’, use a direct object (not attend to or attend at):…attend ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌present tenseI/you/we/theyattendhe/she/itattendspresent participleattendingpast tenseattended1 more row

What is a good conference?

Good conferences have opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch, or cocktails, you may make a connection with the perfect provider or prospect. At a breakout session, you may find yourself sitting next to your next customer or mentor.

Why is a conference important?

A good conference forces you to grow and challenge yourself. And if you’re the boss , allowing your employees to get out of the office, gain confidence in their ability, and bring fresh ideas back to the business is just an investment in your own company.

What is the seventh habit of highly effective people?

The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one.

Is a conference expensive?

Conferences can be expensive . From the conference ticket to the plane ticket, from the meals to the bar tab. And that doesn’t even include the time away from the office where you could be doing “work.”. However, conference provide a unique convergence of networking, learning, and fun into a single package. A good conference forces you …

Why is attendance important in a conference?

attendance dramatically enhances both your professional and personal development, as well as providing you with tools and skills which you cannot be taught in-house or online. The focused nature of learning at a conference allows you to dig deeper with the understanding of your topic of interest.

Why is a conference important?

At a conference you will be able to get together with people from a wide range of backgrounds, of whom you may not encounter at your home workplace or institution. As you build your professional network, conferences can become a good place for meeting with people in your field that you haven’t connected in a while. 2.

What is a participant in a meeting?

Attendee – one who is present or attends a functions; a person who participates in a meeting. Participant – one that participates, shares or takes part in something; a participator; a partaker.

Why do we use words?

Call someone by the wrong name and they don’t respond. Use the wrong word and people respond according to their interpretation of that word. We can use words to describe what we are living, how we work and how to improve our professional lives.

What is a learner?

Learner – one that gains knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience or study; someone who learns or takes knowledge or beliefs; one that is learning; one that is acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values or preferences.

What is a conference meeting?

By definition, a conference is “a meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern, a usually formal interchange of views, or a meeting of members of the two branches of a legislature to adjust differences.”. With this, a conference is usually a gathering attended by a group of people with relative similarities in profession, …

Why do you have to submit a conference report?

It is usually required to submit a conference report almost immediately after the attendee reports back to work in order to preserve the information he/she was able to learn.

Why is a conference report important?

A conference report is a useful document in informing non-attendees of what transpired during the event. It helps you inform them in a more comprehensive manner. Since it includes basically all of the important and relevant information, the company may use it to improve management of the company .

How to include the names of the speakers in a conference report?

2. Include the main objective of the conference. The conference is conducted to achieve a certain goal or objective. With this in mind, include the main and original goal or the objective.

What do you need to remember when making a conference report?

When making a conference report you need to remember what was discussed and what you have learned through it. You need to be able to present relevant and significant information regarding the conference so that it will be easier for your reader/s to understand.

Why are conventions important?

These conventions are important since new information, techniques, or strategies will be taught and discussed helping the company grow even more. Sometimes, it can also be required by the law that a representative of a company is sent to attend conventions.

How long does it take to write a conference report?

Although the report writing process may be tedious, it is completely acceptable to complete within 2–3 days especially if you have actively taken notes and actually listened to the discussions. Writing the report any later than that decreases the accuracy of some of the information and at the same time decrease s the significance of the conference .

When to use “had attended” in a sentence?

Taylor is succinctly right. The sentence with had: When a story is told in past tense, “had attended” can be used to describe previous events. A less-commonly-used but memorable name for this tense is “past of the past.”. But “many years ago” establishes the description as being made with respect to the present.

What does it mean to take a course in MS Access?

If you take a course “in” MS Access, the course uses MS Access as a medium. The subject of the course could be Access itself, SQL, or relational database theory. What your statement clearly indicates is that MS Access is being used in the course. You could also take a course “about” MS Access.

What is past perfect?

Past perfect is used as an explanatory portion of a more complex idea. A past perfect clause shouldn’t stand alone. For example, you might say, “I had attended this class many years ago, but I don’t remember the details.”. The best way to make your point is to use the simple past tense.


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