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What is Haven conference 2021?

Haven is a DIY/decorating professional blogging / influencer conference which will take place July 15-17, 2021 in Atlanta, GA. Our conference brings 350 pro-influencers together with over 100 sponsor representatives for a 3 day event.

How much does the haven conference cost?

I hate to use money as an excuse, but after purchasing a conference ticket for $350, booking a flight for nearly $300, and plunking down $300 for a shared room (not to mention food or other snacks), attending Haven costs at least $1,000. That figure is too expensive to ignore.

What Haven Looks like for a first time attendee

Haven understands that a lot of bloggers attending are seasoned veterans. They also get that there are many who are new to the conference. Some of these newbies are new to the blogging world as a whole, or like me, have been blogging awhile but are new to the conference itself.

Where is the Haven conference and how are the accommodations

The Haven Conference is located in Atlanta Georgia. The conference itself was hosted inside the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. The hotel is about a 25 minute drive from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport.

Haven: there to make friends, pitch to sponsors, or both?

Of course you should do both! But, I’d consider making friends and connections as the top priority over working with brands and sponsors. This is why:

Try to get to as many brand booths as possible the first day

This was a mistake of mine, I figured I had all of day two to chat, and didn’t hit as many as I could have day one. Honestly day one towards the end I was just so overflowing with advice and talking to people all day that I wanted to hid in my hotel room. But DON’T DO THAT! This is your time to connect and shine, so get out there!

Choose the hard and needed classes over fun ones

Did I want to take a class about advanced SEO? No, not really. But it was needed. You chose blogging because you love to share your passions. That fun bathroom reno, or that quick tutorial on how to make a tablescape for fall.

When leaving the conference, you will experience the Haven Hangover

It’s a thing. The Haven hangover is real! It’s excited, being poured into by other bloggers. Filled with information. Then suddenly, you’re alone again, with a million and one things to implement. And you start freaking out.

Haven conference Conclusion

Is this conference worth it? If you’ve read everything above you know the answer is a resounding yes. My biggest takeaway is to go into the conference with an open mind and no preconceived expectations. Go in being ready to soak up what’s given to you, listen to the teachers and take lots of notes, make friends, and go with the flow.

12:45pm EDT

Leslie Saeta Brand Bombing – How bomb branding can build your audience, engagement, and business.

1:15pm EDT

Leslie Saeta Brand Bombing – How bomb branding can build your audience, engagement, and business.

When is the Design Bloggers Conference 2021?

Design Bloggers Conference#N#When? March 1-2, 2021#N#Where? Online#N#For whom? Bloggers in the design niche#N#In brief? The only conference specifically for bloggers focusing on interior design with informational sessions. Industry professionals will also be attending – perfect for networking opportunities.#N#Website? design-bloggers-conference.com

When is Tastemaker conference 2021?

Tastemaker Conference#N#When? September 2-3, 2021#N#Where? Brooklyn, NY, USA#N#For whom? This conference is for food bloggers, foodie influencers, and content creators—for all levels, from beginner to professional.#N#In brief? Two days of classes, workshops, and panels (that you get to handpick!), led by the best in the industry, valued at over $2,000 with the potential for loads of networking! The relationships you will make with like-minded foodies and sponsors are essential to growing a thriving food blogging business. And of course, there will be FOOD! (And you know it will be good—this is a food blogger event after all!)#N#Website? tastemakerconference.com

When is the podcast movement 2021?

Podcast Movement#N#When? August 3-6, 2021#N#Where? Nashville, TN, USA#N#For whom? Podcasters of all niches#N#In brief? With over 80 breakout sessions and presentations, podcasters of all levels will learn how to further their podcasting career and target an engaged audience.#N#Website? podcastmovement.com

When is the travel and adventure show 2021?

Travel and Adventure Show#N#When? May 1-2, 2021#N#Where? Los Angeles, CA, USA#N#For whom? Adventure travel people#N#In brief? For bloggers, travelers, and industry professionals in travel and adventure. This show is perfect for online entrepreneurs looking to find travel trends and networks with others.#N#Website? Travelshows.com


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