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Where is the Haven conference 2021?

AtlantaThe Haven Conference will be held July 15-17, 2021 in the beautiful Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta.

What is Haven conference 2021?

The Haven Conference is a place to celebrate the DIY spirit, learn new skills and build an online business! Entrepreneurs, makers and leading influencers gather together to share, teach, and inspire. Mingle with sponsors, try new products, and grow your brand.

How much does the haven conference cost?

I hate to use money as an excuse, but after purchasing a conference ticket for $350, booking a flight for nearly $300, and plunking down $300 for a shared room (not to mention food or other snacks), attending Haven costs at least $1,000. That figure is too expensive to ignore.

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Hey guys!
I thought it might be helpful to those of you considering attending the Haven bloggers’ conference next year to hear about my first experience! From their site: Haven is a “design and DIY blogging conference open to all who are passionate about blogging, do it yourself projects and creating beauty in the home.” I love that description! And I’d add one extra descriptor in there: INSTAGRAMMERS! There were so many IG-ers at this conference that didn’t have a blog, and they were able to soak up so much good info and make valuable connections and brand partnerships, too! Let me break it down for you from my experience..

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Who is Jess Crow?

Jess Crow is the owner/operator of Crow Creek Designs located in Palmer, Alaska. Specializing in large scale artistic furniture builds, she seamlessly melds inks, resin, paint, and mixed media into wood creating exquisite designs.

Who is Jade Bennett?

Jade Bennett is the founder of Finders Keepers Designs. Jade attended the American Institute of Interior Design where she refined her natural, home grown skills as an interior decorator. Finders Keepers Designs, which started as a thrifted furniture flip business, is a design company that focuses on more than just design. With the motto of “Live where you Love” Jade encourages homemakers of all styles, incomes and situations to create a space that they love in which to enjoy their lives.

Where is Erin from?

Erin, @hi_lovely, is a home and lifestyle blogger from Austin, Texas. Also a mama to one sweet, crazy, little boy. Her and her husband run a digital agency in Texas’ Silicon Valley and she runs a multi-million advertising program for a Berkshire Hathaway company. She’s a Texas born, Texas raised girl with an extreme love of traveling and hopes to sail the world one day.

Is Carmen from Living Letter Home married?

Carmen loves a good DIY and budget friendly renovation projects, but her claim to fame is her award-winning humor. She’s married to a bearded fellow, mom to 2 tots, and likes to keep things as real as possible to remind everyone there’s a real human behind the screen. On her blog, Living Letter Home, she aims to teach everyone to love the home they have on a budget and let it be an extension of your personality.

When is the Design Bloggers Conference 2021?

Design Bloggers Conference#N#When? March 1-2, 2021#N#Where? Online#N#For whom? Bloggers in the design niche#N#In brief? The only conference specifically for bloggers focusing on interior design with informational sessions. Industry professionals will also be attending – perfect for networking opportunities.#N#Website? design-bloggers-conference.com

When is Tastemaker conference 2021?

Tastemaker Conference#N#When? September 2-3, 2021#N#Where? Brooklyn, NY, USA#N#For whom? This conference is for food bloggers, foodie influencers, and content creators—for all levels, from beginner to professional.#N#In brief? Two days of classes, workshops, and panels (that you get to handpick!), led by the best in the industry, valued at over $2,000 with the potential for loads of networking! The relationships you will make with like-minded foodies and sponsors are essential to growing a thriving food blogging business. And of course, there will be FOOD! (And you know it will be good—this is a food blogger event after all!)#N#Website? tastemakerconference.com

When is the podcast movement 2021?

Podcast Movement#N#When? August 3-6, 2021#N#Where? Nashville, TN, USA#N#For whom? Podcasters of all niches#N#In brief? With over 80 breakout sessions and presentations, podcasters of all levels will learn how to further their podcasting career and target an engaged audience.#N#Website? podcastmovement.com

When is the travel and adventure show 2021?

Travel and Adventure Show#N#When? May 1-2, 2021#N#Where? Los Angeles, CA, USA#N#For whom? Adventure travel people#N#In brief? For bloggers, travelers, and industry professionals in travel and adventure. This show is perfect for online entrepreneurs looking to find travel trends and networks with others.#N#Website? Travelshows.com


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