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The following week, Rhoda and I met, and it was just magic. She introduced me to the original six co-founders—Kate, Mariann, Sarah, Chris, Beth & Traci. Haven Conference was created by a huge team effort that brought great blessing to the DIY/Lifestyler community.

Who runs Haven conference?

Wendy Zock is the creator of The Curated Farmhouse, where she shares her passions for interior design, DIY projects, social media tips, cooking, fashion, and more! Two years ago her husband retired from the military, and they moved to his small home town in Pennsylvania.

How much does the haven conference cost?

I hate to use money as an excuse, but after purchasing a conference ticket for $350, booking a flight for nearly $300, and plunking down $300 for a shared room (not to mention food or other snacks), attending Haven costs at least $1,000. That figure is too expensive to ignore.

Where is Haven conference?

AtlantaThe Haven Conference will be held July 15-17, 2021 in the beautiful Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta.

Where did Brian Flynn get his education?

Flynn is self-taught and credits his formal education in video production from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for influencing his interest in set design and set decoration.

When was Revive Upcycled Heart Upcycled Home created?

Infused with a newfound sense of purpose, Heidi turned her passion into a business, and “Revive-upcycled heart Upcycled home” was born in 2013. Revive primarily focuses on creating up-cycled furniture and teaching others how to do the same. Heidi now includes eco-friendly home decor in her product offerings for Revive.

Where is Brian from Surprise by Design?

Brian entered the television industry in 2002 at an NBC affiliate in Fort Lauderdale as a news producer. After producing a financial story on budget-friendly interior design projects, Brian crossed over from network to cable to join the production team of Surprise by Design on The Discovery Channel.

Who is Carmeon Hamilton?

I’m Carmeon Hamilton, a Memphis based environmental curator, interior designer, merchandising consultant, blogger and content creator behind the brand, Nubi Interiors. I finished college with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, started my career in health care design and was later pulled into the world of residential.

Who is the host of Flipping Virgins?

Egypt Sherrod. “Tough love with a hug,” is what fans have come to affectionately expect from home space expert, Egypt Sherrod. She is best known as host of HGTV’s “Flipping Virgins” and its long running show, “Property Virgins.” “Flipping Virgins” can now be seen on OWN – the Oprah Winfrey Network. The bubbly Sherrod has also hosted HGTV’s White …

Who is Oprah’s host?

A powerhouse speaker and moderator, Egypt hosted the stage at Oprah’s “The Life You Want Tour”, and countless business conferences. As a 20 year award winning radio personality, Egypt has been syndicated in more than 60 cities throughout the USA.

4 Reasons I Almost Skipped the Haven Conference 2018

Let me explain why I was “on-the-fence” this year and why I was glad that I made the decision to attend at the last moment.

The Reasons I Am Glad I Did Decide to Attend the Haven Conference

Weeks before the Haven Conference, I put aside all my “reasons not to go” excuses and snagged a ticket before they were sold out, booked my plane ticket, and confirmed my hotel room with my two blogger buddies. Here’s why I decided to go.

Seasons and Reasons

While at the closing ceremony of Haven 2018 three of the original founders of the conference announced they’re no longer returning to Haven. I’ll admit it was bittersweet because they are the face of Haven. Seeing familiar faces go is sad.

Moving Mountains In the Shadow of Corona Virus

A lot of us are moving mountains right now. I’ve had many calls these past few days with founders who are figuring out how to stay ahead of the curve. The resourcefulness and optimism I’m seeing

Moving Mountains In the Shadow of Corona Virus

A lot of us are moving mountains right now. I’ve had many calls these past few days with founders who are figuring out how to stay ahead of the curve. The resourcefulness and optimism I’m

How long were the two conferences in 1998?

Presentations at the second conference in 1998 were restricted to 3, 5, 10, or 20 minute durations.

What is hybrid theory?

The Hybrid Theory Conferences at Yale explored the convergence, inter-penetration and consequent hybridization of traditional and emergent communication mediums. The Conference founders initiated the series as a vehicle for (1) fueling the birth of new hybridized communication mediums and technologies, (2) developing new hybrid theories to explore the mutating hybridized social, cultural and economic forms enabled by these emergent mediums, and (3) as a localized attempt to break down the walls said to exist between town and gown: the Yale University community and the Town of New Haven’s inhabitants and workers. Speakers at the different conference events included members of the Yale community (including professors, graduate students and plant operation workers), leading entrepreneurs behind local internet and software start-ups, futurists, media and marketing consultants, local businessmen, landlords, politicians, union representatives from Bridgeport Brewing, townspeople from New Haven and many others. The diversity of the speakers and the audiences at the Hybrid Theory Conference was both a sign of the Conference success reinvigorating the format of public speaking and an expression of the founders stated belief that the standard academic conference format contributed to the belief amongst non-academics that theory was either irrelevant or a “dying body.”


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