Haven conference tickets


How much does the haven conference cost?

I hate to use money as an excuse, but after purchasing a conference ticket for $350, booking a flight for nearly $300, and plunking down $300 for a shared room (not to mention food or other snacks), attending Haven costs at least $1,000. That figure is too expensive to ignore.

Where is the Haven conference 2021?

AtlantaThe Haven Conference will be held July 15-17, 2021 in the beautiful Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta.

What it is

Have you ever felt people don’t get you and your business? You feel like you have all these big ideas and everyone is telling you to slow down and not encouraging you to go farther? Do you feel like you’re not getting the content that your soul is thirsty for?

What you will learn

If you are looking for Intro to Business Finance and Marketing 101—you are in the wrong place. We are going a lot deeper than that, not that those topics aren’t important, but we are talking about the real stuff that is going to help you make a name for yourself, hit that next revenue goal and change the world.

Not Yo’ Average Business Conference

At The Haven Conference we do not adopt to a certain belief system. Our speakers and attendees come from all walks of life and we encourage a community that is open to exploring new ways of thinking. We swear a little, we get a bit “woo” but regardless of your race, color, size or belief system – we treat each other with kindness.

Words from our Haven Tribe

“The Haven conference was the first conference I went to in April and I was so moved, empowered and excited that I booked the Detroit one the second it came out.

The Schedule

6pm Conclude

Words from our Haven Tribe

“The Haven Conference was packed with value from start to finish. It wasn’t just surface level tips, but true value adding, actionable content from every speaker.


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