How a conference website should be


10 Tips in Creating a Conference Website

  1. Spotlight Important Information. Your conference web design should be centered around the most important details…
  2. Introduce Your Team. Conferences are usually filled to the brim with attendees if it is organized by a well-known…
  3. Familiarize Your Audience of the Location. Your attendees may come from a variety of…

The first site should act as a focal point for your members, and promote your organisation’s work across advocacy and education. On the other hand, your conference website should be squarely focused on showcasing your event and converting visitors into attendees.Jan 18, 2020


How to design a successful conference or event website?

When designing a conference or event website you should pick a theme and stick to it. Whether it’s black and white typography or a layout filled with 80s design aesthetics, make sure it all meshes nicely with the conference’s mood and tone. If you’re not sure what to do try contacting the event coordinators and brainstorm a few ideas.

What does a conference website builder do for You?

Your conference website builder also needs to help you perform a lot of complicated functions all by yourself. You need to set up event registration online, including the ability to charge customer credit cards, and then send confirmations. Event enrollees need to be able to contact you through your event website with questions.

What is the best way to organize a conference?

Naturally the best way to organize a gathering is over the Internet so conference websites are rising in popularity. But how exactly should you design a new conference website? This post will cover a few tips and common design trends for events & conferences.

Why are conference websites becoming more and more popular?

These are becoming more popular as both patrons and organizers are gaining valuable experience and meeting new people. Naturally the best way to organize a gathering is over the Internet so conference websites are rising in popularity. But how exactly should you design a new conference website?


How do I make a conference website?

A short guide to creating an efficient websiteYour conference website is one of the first milestones of the conference planning process.Step 1: Plan your project.Step 2: Allocate resources and set a budget.Step 3: Define the website structure.Step 4: Write the copy.Step 5: Find a solution.Step 6: Wireframe your website.More items…

What makes a good event website?

An effective event website is eye-catching and entertaining, but also simple to use and effective at communicating the pertinent details of the event. It’s no use piquing a visitor’s interest in the event if they also don’t also get the practical when, where, and how of it.

How do you structure a conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

What is a conference website?

What does web conferencing mean? Web conferencing is any type of online meeting that involves two or more participants in different locations. These participants could be anywhere in the world. With a reliable internet connection and conferencing software, they can see, talk, and hear each other in real-time.

How do you write content for an event website?

Tips for writing content for your virtual eventAvoid long or vague intros. Keep the openings short and punchy. … Be concise and clear. Visitors come to virtual events for added value. … Convey meanings. Clarity is essential when you plan to educate the virtual event audience with your content.

Which is the most preferred way of handling events?

The addEventListener method is the most preferred way to add an event listener to window, document or any other element in the DOM.

What makes a successful conference?

Comfortable rooms, high quality equipment, ease of access, transport to and from (i.e. hotels and venue) are the first things that come to mind when we think of a successful conference venue.

How do you create a successful conference?

Friday Finds: 8 Foolproof Conference Planning Tips & a Checklist for SuccessMake sure the venue aligns with the event. … Give every attendee a leg up on networking. … Build a detailed content plan with unique takeaways. … Create your conference marketing tree. … Spare yourself the most common conference planning headaches.More items…

How do you organize a conference checklist?

The Conference Planning ChecklistStep 1 – Settle on a theme.Step 2 – Design the delegate journey.Step 3 – Identify your team and set roles.Step 4 – Settle on a date, venue and budget.Step 5 – Book the right venue.Step 6 – Select the right conference technology.Step 7 – Arrange people and services.Step 8 – Book speakers.More items…•

What are the types of web conferencing?

There are three different types of Web conferencing: Webcast, Webinar, and Web meeting.

What is web conferencing and examples?

Web conferencing allows users to conduct business meetings and seminars, lead presentations, provide online education and offer direct customer support via remote keyboard mouse control. Control of the session can be passed among users, so any attendee can act as the main presenter.

What is the best feature of web conferencing app?

Web conferencingInstant calling, easy invites. You never know when you might need to jump on a conference call or hangout. … Any device, any time. … Truly unified communications. … Screen sharing. … In-meeting chat. … Flexible pricing options. … Meeting recording. … Robust security features.More items…

1. Transatlantic ECI GPCR Symposium

This 1-day event is organized for Early Career Investigators to promote collegiality and collaboration among early-career scientists in the GPCR field.

2. London UX Fest

The event is an online celebration of digital design and user experience. The talks are on user research and product strategy and more.

5. Red Hat Summit

The Red Hat Summit talks about open-source innovations and insights in enterprise IT.

6. Full Stack Fest

This example is a bit different. It is not a conference website per se, but a repository of past editions of the Fullstack Fest, an event for web developers.

7. Take Control

The event aims to provide insights on how the accounting and finance roles are changing and how processes can become more automated, accurate, and collaborative.


When I talk to event organizers, I ask them one fundamental question: What are the objectives of your event? Everything, including your conference website design, should revolve around the answer to this question.

Why is the internet important for conferences?

The Internet makes it much easier for people to connect and attend these conferences. But without a quality website and a streamlined user experience, conferences can suffer a poor online image and fewer ticket sales. I’ll offer a handful of practical tips for conference & event websites that can be applied to any theme or style.

What are the best ways to capture the mood and emotion of a conference?

Events occur in the real world with real people. This doesn’t translate well on a digital screen, so videos and photos are the best methods to capture the mood and emotion of a conference.

What is website theme?

Website themes can be anything from generic minimalism to exceptionally detailed skeuomorphism. Themes can also relate to web copy (funny, serious, techie) or the manner white space is utilized to organize page content.

Why is branding important?

Branding is crucial for every event. It builds subconscious recognition and helps the event scale to a wider audience. Even the smallest events can grow into something big. Presentations, activities, and conference environment all play a role in an event’s success or failure.

Conference Website Design Best Practices

Before we dive into the examples we’ve collected, let’s explore some best practices to keep in mind when designing your own conference website.

Best Conference Website Examples

Less than three months before Floqast’s annual user conference was scheduled to take place, it had to shift from in-person to virtual. Using CMS Hub, FloQast and its web design partner agency Aptitude8 was able to deliver a seamless conference experience and website.

Building Your Conference Website

And there you have it! Now you’re ready to begin creating your own conference website to attract visitors and increase attendees to your own branded event. Who knows — maybe your company will make it on this list in the future. Good luck!

Emphasize Special Guests

Conference workshops, talks, and keynotes are all delivered by honorary guests. Professionals in a certain field are usually invited to speak or give small workshops on a particular skillset.

Structured Typography

The important information listed on an event website is contextual. There’s no getting around the principle that typography defines how content is consumed.

Craft a Recognizable Logo

Cosmetic design tips often appear superficial, but the logo is a big piece to any composition. A good logo represents the conference branding. It may find useage far beyond the website like print work, flyers, or banners for the event.

Make Signup Easy & Fun

The purpose of driving visitors onto a conference website is mostly to encourage registration. Encouragement can be given with schedules and fascinating keynotes, but the final goal is to sell out.

Put it all Together

Whether you’re designing a professional conference site or just designing for fun, these tips will help you see the design process more clearly and efficiently. Underneath the text and flashy styles you’ll find repeatable patterns that can fit any conference layout.

Design and Layout

Let’s start with the basic layout and structure. Here, it’s particularly popular for ‘event’ websites to feature a linear design and even an ‘infinite scrolling’ layout. This basically means that you are going to put everything onto a single page and place all your content vertically.

Features to Include

While most events will use a relatively simple design, you nevertheless want to ensure that you include certain features so that your audience get all the details they need.

More Tips and Advice

While this basic structure won’t see you wrong, it’s of course fine to branch out and you may opt to get more creative with your layout. It’s up to you if you want to include more pages, or if you want to go with an entirely different structure.

Conference websites need a web builder toolset that helps them show off online!

Hosting or planning a conference or event is all about putting on a show. This means you have to show off what you do on your event website! Why are conference websites so important? Simple.

You can’t go wrong by turning your header image into a slideshow

We believe that if there was a such thing as a default conference website template, or a default event website template for that matter, the crux of it would include one thing: a large, built-in, header image slideshow application.

What should be the theme of your conference or event website?

We have already established that we are a full turnkey do it yourself web building and hosting solution for your event or conference consulting or hosting business.


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