How academic conference benefit you


9 great benefits of academic conferences

  1. You can present your academic paper.. One the best benefits of Academic conferences is that you can present the paper…
  2. Killing your fears. Most of the researchers and speaker had a lot of fears of speech in the beginning of their…
  3. Meet related peer. With attending to academic conferences, you will find new fellows…

Attending a conference means that you can meet more advanced researchers, as well as established senior professionals and scholars. Listening to talks and presentations can open up new ways of thinking about a specific topic or even give you a new idea, one that you had previously not though about.


Why should I attend an academic conference?

Participating in and presenting at an academic conference has many benefits and provides a range of new possibilities, ideas and important opportunities. But, attending a conference can also be very intimidating, especially, if this is your first academic conference.

What are the benefits of attending a teacher conference?

While attending conferences can be hectic, moving from session to session, you also have the freedom to pay for an additional workshop, attend local museums (usually for free), or just take in the scenery and food of a new locale. Taking time for yourself to recharge is an essential part of the conference experience. 7. Teach other teachers.

How to plan non-conference events while attending an academic conference?

Two basic rules for planning your non-conference events while attending an academic conference: Plan ahead. Find out what’s interesting and/or important to take in while you’re in a given city. Make sure you know the conference schedule, so you won’t be missing out when you take your excursion. JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

What is the meaning of academic conference?

It is a meeting attended by various researchers mostly from academia. The attendees may be students, researchers, and professors, researchers from government or industry. The conferences are different in various fields. The person who wishes to attend the academic conference will have to submit an abstract to the conference.


What are the benefits of attending academic conferences?

By attending other presentations, you will learn from others and improve your own skills and knowledge about your field. It is also important to engage with their work, ask questions and perhaps go and see them after the panel. Like in any other profession, networking is very important in our field.

How do you benefit from a conference?

In summary, these are some of the benefits of attending a conference.Sharpen your knowledge.Gain and share new ideas and best practices.Learn about the latest innovations and insights.Meet influencers and industry experts face to face.Make new contacts and stay connected with friends and colleagues.Team building.More items…•

Why is it important to participate in conferences?

A big reason for going to conferences is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people in your field.

What are the benefits of hosting a conference?

Why should I host a conference?Networking. Conferences provide the rare opportunity in which key individuals from your field of specialism are brought together from all over the world in the same place at the same time. … Improved Knowledge and Skillset. … Boost your Research Impact. … Career Development. … Financial.

What benefits might you gain from attending a conference as a part of your professional development?

In addition to company-sponsored trainings, you can also broaden your horizons by attending a professional conference outside of the workplace. There you can gain exposure to external influences, make meaningful connections, and bring back valuable ideas and strategies to your company.

What are the benefits of attending an event?

Top 10 Benefits of Attending Conferences & EventsTop 10 Benefits of Attending Conferences & Events. … “What goes around comes around” … Build strong relationships with face-to-face networking. … Step outside your comfort zone. … Personal development — invest in yourself. … Get People Energised. … Mix things up. … Scout out the competition.More items…•

How effective are conferences?

A conference presents the chance to see a whole room full of world experts in your particular field, so there’s no better chance to get your work in front of these people and have them candidly discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

What is the benefit of participating in an organized event essay?

There can be many different reasons to organise an event – raise awareness, share information, educational, promotional, fundraising & entertainment. They all come with their benefits. A well-organised event can have a great impact in terms of visibility and goodwill.

What are the benefits of engaging in yourself in an organized event?

If you are unsure if this type fitness is right for you, here are a few of the many benefits of participating in an organized event.Positive peer pressure. … Exercise with purpose. … Challenge your fitness. … Improve self-esteem. … Step towards a long-term goal. … Support a cause. … Meet new fitness friends. … Motivate others.

What should be the main purpose of participating in an organized event?

The key benefits of participating in any event include: Ensuring your organization’s presence in multiple external / relevant forums – This is vital for the company’s brand image. Business Networking – An opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing one’s.

what is the point of academic conferences?

Some people think that attending an academic conference does not have any impact on their CV; But taking part at academic events and listening to the other students, researchers, authors, scientists and professors is not wasting of time. At Conference2go we listed benefits of academic conferences.

1. You can present your academic paper

One the best benefits of Academic conferences is that you can present the paper of your research work, in front of tones of people. These people are in the same field of study and research that you are. When you present all these researchers can give you feedback. You can exchange ideas about the research.

2. Killing your fears

Most of the researchers and speaker had a lot of fears of speech in the beginning of their academic path. By taking benefits of academic conferences you get a lot of points and an extra benefit: you get this chance to speak in front of tons of people.

3. Meet related peer

With attending to academic conferences, you will find new fellows that are like-mined. All of you can share related activities after the conference. You can go to lab and library together. Even ask about your academic problems and find good ways to solve them, because these people have the same research filed as you have.

4. Publishhing your paper

One of the best benefits of academic conferences is that the host will publish your article. The selected research papers will be indexed in the Journals. Even if your paper was not selected you can charge to publish it. All the papers of academic conference will publish in the conference publication with an ISBN.

5. Socialize with professionals in your field

When you attend an academic conference you will meet advanced researchers, as well as senior professionals, scholars and professors. One of the Fabulous benefits of academic conferences is that you can open up some conversations about their presentations; Ask them for more information about a specific; Talk about your opinion.

6. Finding the newest Data

As an academic researcher you must find out what is new in your field of study. One of the best benefits of academic conference is to keep you updated about new findings.

Why is attending a conference important?

One of the biggest benefits of attending a conference is getting to know other people in your field. We’ve talked before about how conferences are a key opportunity for networking. Networking is very important for job hunting, obviously, but having a big network benefits you in other ways too. Maybe you will need advice from an expert in another field, or you will want to ask someone to come and give a talk at your institution, and this is easier when you have a network to reach out to. It’s also helpful to have support from people who are at a similar stage in their careers to you and can empathise with the problems and struggles which you go through at work.

Why are soft skills important in research?

Rehearsing and giving your talk or poster presentation will make you more comfortable in front of an audience, and you’ll learn things like the speed at which you should talk and the amount of detail which you need to give in your explanations. Answering questions after your presentation and chatting with other attendees will help to hone your communications skills.

Is attending a conference good?

Finally, it shouldn’t be overlooked that attending a conference is good fun! Although a conference is unequivocally a work event more than a leisure one, it can still be enjoyable. Travelling to a new place is a big part of the appeal of a conference, meaning that you get to see a different city, eat new food, and see some local landmarks or tourist attractions. You might even try out learning a little bit of a new language.

Should you take every claim you hear at a conference to be accurate?

Of course, you should not take every claim you hear at a conference to be accurate until you are able to look through the methodology and findings for yourself, but this is a great chance to get a peek of what other people are working on. These ideas can be great inspiration for your own research. 4.

How does a conference benefit the person?

The conference will benefit the persons by making sure that they would meet the other persons with the same mindset, goals, etc. This will motivate and would help overcome fear and will help to achieve the dream.

Why are conferences important?

Conference alerts the government and industry to get new methods developed in the academia and also they would recruit new members from academia and have the opportunity to meet various researchers by attending the academic conference.

Why is listening important in an academic conference?

Listening and participating in lively discussions at the academic conference will give new ideas and will help to refine the existing concepts. It will also give a chance to change the mind about a key issue in the field the person is working.

How long should a paper be presented at an academic conference?

One can present the paper with a short talk of about 10 to 30 minutes.

What is an academic conference?

Academic conferences are carnivals of learning. Academic conference contains various presentations. It is a meeting attended by various researchers mostly from academia. The attendees may be students, researchers, and professors, researchers from government or industry. The conferences are different in various fields.

What is a conference in publishing?

Publication: The conference alerts the by benefitting person with no doubt publication. The Conference is a good way to have the paper indexed and published. It will create an opportunity to publish the research paper in any of the journals. The publishers will also attend the conference to showcase the latest publications.

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Academic conference is so essential, it will widen someone horizon, Lastest discovery and ongoing researches will be discussed, someone will also learn different approaches to solve different problems, and most importantly there will be networking of researchers from different field of studies and locations.

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I think Attendance at academic conferences, if away from some of the weaknesses associated with lectures, demonstrates the participant’s scientific and research ability.

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Why are academic conferences important?

Image Source. Academic conferences, as important and enriching as they are for discovering new ideas, making personal connections, and presenting one’s research , can present real challenges when it comes to the logistics of simply getting to them.

What is an academic conference?

So now, just what is an academic conference? A conference is a gathering of researchers and/or professionals in a given field wherein scholars present their ideas and engage in discussion and critical interaction with other experts and peers.

Why should PhD students go to academic conferences?

A final reason why PhD students should go to academic conferences is because their own interests and research will be reinvigorated!

Why don’t PhD students attend conferences?

These often boil down to three main reasons: Students can’t quite see the benefits of participating in a conference; They feel they’re not ready to present their research ;

What is the core component of an academic conference?

The core component of academic conferences is the presentation of new research in the form of papers and/or presentations. It is common for there to be major presentations by “keynote” or “plenary” speakers who are respected experts at the top of their game in the field or discipline.

Where do academic conferences take place?

However, academic institutions do not exclusively convene in the hallowed halls of universities and colleges. In fact, many conferences gather at hotels, convention centers and similar venues. This arrangement often means that academic conferences take place in major cities with nearby airports and public transportation. This can also give organizers and presenters greater convenience in getting to and from major transit centers.

Is it intimidating to attend an academic conference?

But, attending a conference can also be very intimidating, especially, if this is your first academic conference. Questions about your own knowledge and ability as well as how and where you fit into the scholarly and/or professional landscape will arise. You might feel incompetent or even a “fraud” in the presence of so many established researchers who have “been in the game” longer you have. Such apprehensive emotions are totally natural and to be expected. However, you must not let such feelings override the benefits of going to conferences and making the most of them.

Why is attending conferences important?

Attending conferences can not only expand your horizons but can also reaffirm your own teaching practices. It is reinvigorating not only to bring what you’ve learned back to your students but also to be reminded we’re actually doing a pretty good job! Attending familiar sessions or favorites can be helpful, too.

Why are keynote speakers important?

Keynote speakers are often chosen for their innovative thinking, their contemporary art practices, and connections with the global community. Getting a chance to listen to current artists speak about the meaning behind their artwork, their processes and practice, and their artistic journey in person is a whole new level of energy.

What are the trends in art education?

Whether you are just hearing about new philosophical approaches or are ready to dig into a new way to teach, conferences are a great place for you to gather more research, more resources, or to meet those teachers that are already working hard in their classroom. Hearing others talk about their experiences and journeys as an art educator is nothing short of inspiring. Even if you don’t agree with their philosophy or are still a bit wary, attending these targeted sessions can help you make a more educated decision on your practice.


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