How are college football conferences determined


Divisions are determined by school size and budget, with larger schools competing in Divisions I and II and smaller schools in Division III. In NCAA football, Division I is broken down into two subdivisions: the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).Oct 6, 2021


How are conference championships determined in college football?

At the end of each regular season, a conference champion is crowned. In the case of the Pac-12, Big 10, SEC, and ACC, the champion is determined in a winner-take-all league championship game. The Big XII and Big East championships are awarded to the team with the best record in regular season intra-conference match-ups.

What are the major conferences in college football?

American college football teams play most of their games against schools in their own conferences. The best-known Division I FBS college football conferences are the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC (Southeastern Conference), ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), Big 12, and the Big East.

How do the college football rankings work?

Each week during the season, the pollsters are asked to re-rank the teams in order, taking into account the results from the previous week. A team that is ranked and wins usually either maintains its position or moves up as a result of a squad that was ranked higher losing. But the rankings are not scientific.

Why are college football conferences juggling games?

At the conference level the juggling continues as they try to fit the games into the available dates and appease all the coaching staffs and school administrators. Last year Florida State was less than positive about Clemson and Wake Forest back-to-back following its big game against Oklahoma.


How are college football conferences divided?

NCAA member institutions are divided into three divisions: Division I, II, and III. For football, Division I is further divided into Football Bowl Subdivision schools (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision Schools (FCS).

What determines NCAA conference?

Under NCAA regulations, all Division I conferences defined as “multisport conferences” must meet the following criteria: A total of at least seven active Division I members. Separate from the above, at least seven active Division I members that sponsor both men’s and women’s basketball.

What determines if a college is Division 1?

Divisions are based on the size of the institution, the level of competition, and the funding of the athletic program. Division I schools, for example, tend to give out full scholarships to athletes, while Division III schools are not allowed to award any athletic scholarships.

How many Division 1 football conferences are there?

There are 125 Division 1 FCS football teams and 129 FBS football teams. FCS, or the Football Championship Subdivision, comprises 14 conferences: the Big Sky, Big South, CAA, Independent, Ivy, MEAC, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Pioneer, Southern, Southland and SWAC conferences.

What determines D1 D2 D3?

Essentially, all of the differences between D1, D2, and D3 are in terms of intensity and competitiveness. D1 is the most competitive and intense, while D3 is the least. D1 athletes’ college experience will be defined by their athletics.

What is the biggest conference in college football?

College football rankings: Big Ten overtakes SEC as college football’s top conference.

What makes a college Division 3?

Division III athletic programs are non-revenue-generating, extracurricular programs that are staffed and funded like any other university department. They feature student-athletes who receive no financial aid related to their athletic ability.

Is there a division 4 in college football?

There’s a simple answer regarding equality in this Division 4 discussion. A non-BCS playoff. The big boys have taken (almost) all the money for their college football Super Bowl beginning in 2014.

Why can’t D3 schools give athletic scholarships?

The simple reason D3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships is because they want to provide a “full” college experience. That entails a solid mix of athletics, academics, community, and social life. Their motto is that they want “true student-athletes”, who can excel in the classroom just as much as their sport.

How many Division 2 football conferences are there?

17 conferencesThere are 169 Division 2 football programs and 17 conferences, which include the CIAA, G-MAC, GAC, GLIAC, GLVC, GNAC, Gulf South, Independent, LSC, MEC, MIAA, NE-10, NSIC, PSAC, RMAC, SAC and SIAC conferences. Are you interested in the latest college football recruiting news?

How do college football divisions work?

For every sport but football, the NCAA divides schools into three major divisions: Divisions I, II, and III. However, in football, Division I is further divided into two sub-divisions: the Bowl Subdivision, abbreviated as the FBS, and the Championship Subdivision, abbreviated as the FCS.

How many Division 3 football teams are there?

250 NCAAThere are 250 NCAA Division 3 football teams in the United States.

What is the MAC football team?

The Kent State Golden Flashes and the Western Michigan Broncos are some of the teams present in this division.

What is the Mountain West Conference?

The Mountain West Conference (MW) is a NCAA Football Division I conference which was established back in 1999. It features a total of 12 college football teams from the Western United States region. This divisions includes the Fresno State Bulldogs and the UNLV Rebels, among others.

How many divisions are there in the NCAA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA) is divided into three divisions, based roughly on school size. Each division is made up of several conferences for regional league play. Unless otherwise noted, changes in conference affiliation will occur on July 1 of the given year.

Does the NCAA split into divisions?

This list includes conferences in sports that the NCAA does not fully split into divisions, such as men’s volleyball and rifle. Sports in which the NCAA sponsors separate championships for men and women are officially treated by the NCAA as two separate sports.

How many levels of college football are there?

There are four levels of college football in the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ), but the one that really matters is the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). If you’re scoring at home, the other three levels are the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), Division II and Division III. There are 124 teams in the FBS, divided …

How are bowl games determined?

Each bowl game is an independent entity, and match-ups are determined primarily by conference affiliation. For example, the Big 10 has deals in place with eight bowl games, so if eight of the league’s 12 teams finish with six wins or more, they will play in one of those contests.

What is the SEC football?

The Southeastern Conference or SEC is comprised largely of public institutions in the former confederacy. It has earned the reputation as being the best football conference in the country, by virtue of having a member institution win the national championship in each of the last six seasons.

How many teams are there in the FBS?

There are 124 teams in the FBS, divided into 11 conferences – Notre Dame, Brigham Young University, Army and Navy are the only four schools in the FBS that are not affiliated with a conference. Six of those 11 leagues – the Southeastern Conference, the Big XII, the Big 10, the Pac-12, the Big East, and the Atlantic Coast Conference – are considered …

What does it mean when a team is ranked and wins?

A team that is ranked and wins usually either maintains its position or moves up as a result of a squad that was ranked higher losing. But the rankings are not scientific. Rather they are based on the opinions of the pollsters.

Is USC a major football team?

In the absence of an NFL franchise, the USC Trojans have become Los Angeles’ major football team, dissected in the local media and on talk radio as the Patriots are in Boston. College football is how sports fans in America spend their autumn Saturdays. It is a one-sided love affair that often makes little sense.

American Athletic Conference

Temple and South Florida each sit atop the AAC East with 7-1 records. However, USF’s one loss came against the one team it could not afford to lose to, a 46-30 defeat by Temple a few weeks ago.

Atlantic Coast Conference

No. 4 Clemson has already clinched the division with a 7-1 record, holding a head-to-head tiebreaker over Houston, which has the same record. Both teams play SEC opponents this week.

Big Ten

Penn State is heading to the Big Ten Championship Game after a Saturday that needed two things to go right. Ohio State helped the Nittany Lions out by beating Michigan in double overtime, leaving Penn State to control its own destiny. The Nittany Lions took it from there, shaking off a slow first half to top Michigan State and take the East.

Conference USA

Thanks to the Hilltoppers blowing out Old Dominion last month and handing the Monarchs their only loss in conference play, Western Kentucky controlled its own destiny in the final week of the regular season, just needing a win over Marshall.

Mid-American Conference

Due to the MAC’s tradition of midweek games, the winner of the division was decided Tuesday night with Ohio beating Akron 9-3 to clinch the East with a 6-2 record. That mark was identical to the one of Miami (Ohio), but the Bobcats held the tiebreaker with a win in the first week of MAC play.

Mountain West

Boise State could not get past Air Force on Friday, handing Wyoming the Mountain Division title before it even had to take the field against New Mexico a day later. Each team came in with one loss in conference play, but the Broncos’ loss came to the Cowboys, giving Wyoming the tiebreaker.

Southeastern Conference

No. 15 Florida’s goal-line stand against LSU last week clinched the division for the two-loss Gators, who are done with conference play and thus cannot be caught by three-loss Tennessee, which holds the head-to-head tiebreaker.


The conference is moving to divisional format for 2015, and the tiebreakers have yet to be released.

Conference USA

Highest regular season winning percentage based on overall Conference USA play.

Sun Belt

Composite records of each team in competition vs. the other teams involved in the three-way tie.

Why are some conferences designated as non-conference weekends?

Some conferences have designated “non-conference weekends” to ensure more uniformity in scheduling their league games. Other conferences, such as the ACC, “have full flexibility to schedule non-conference games wherever feasible,” according to Kelly. Each method has its positives, as one can imagine.

How many games does the Pac-12 play?

The mighty Pac-12 plays nine conference games; some years you’ll get four at home, and others you’ll get five. Home games are important, but keep up, and we’ll get to those later. Knowing how many conference games you have shows you what you’ve got to find on your own.


NCAA Football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit, student athletic association. It overlooks and regulates student athletes from over 1,200 North American institutions and conferenceswhich are divided into a total of three divisions, Division I, Division II and Division III. The NCAA Division I is the highes…

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NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision

  • Founded in 1978, the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Previously known as Division I-A) features the best student talent the country has to offer, making it the most competitive subdivision of the NCAA Football Division. Not only that, it is also the highest level of college football in the United States. The FBS is divided into 11 different conferences, each with its own …

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The American Athletic Conference

  • The AAC is an American college athletic conferencewhich features a total of 12 universities that compete in the FBS. These universities located primarily in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and southern regions of the United States, including Temple University. So for all those wondering what division is Temple University, East Carolina University and The USF are in. All three of the…

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Atlantic Coast Conference

  • The ACC is a conference which competes in the FBS and features a total of 14 different universities that are located the north to south east range of the United States. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets can be found in this division, along with the Boston College Eagles. So, if you are wondering what division the Boston College Eagles plays in, your answer is the ACC. The compl…

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The Big 12 Conference

  • The Big 12 is another one of the FBS conferences in the NCAA Football Division I. It includes 10 of the very best football colleges the country has to offer which are located in the South Atlantic, West North Central and West South Central regions. The TCU Horned Frogs and the Texas Tech Red Raiders are among the teams in this division. The complete list of the Big 12’s teams are as …

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The Big Ten Conference

  • Ranging from the Midwest to the North East, The Big Ten is one of the most known conferences of the FBS. It features a total of 14 different college teams, including the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Ohio State University, which are two of the best teams of this football division. Furthermore, for those wondering what division is Penn State is? It’s in the B1G. The complete li…

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Conference USA

  • The Conference USA or CUSA in short, is an intercollege athletic conference which includes a 14 teams from the Southern United States regions. The conference was founded back in 1995, however, its football division kicked off in 1996. The Marshall University and the UTSA are among the best in the football division. The complete list of the CUSA’s teams are as follows: 1. Charlot…

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FBS Independents

  • FBS Independents are schools whose football programs are not part of an NCAA-affiliated conferences. Last year, there were a few more schools, but in 2019, the numbers have come down to a total of six schools, including Notre Dame which is part of this football division. The complete list of the FBS Independents’ teams are as follows: 1. Army Black Knights 2. BYU Cougars 3. Lib…

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Mid-American Conference

  • The Mid-American Conference, or MAC is an NCAA Division I college athletic football conference. It features a total of 12 members from the Great Lakes region which stretches from Western New York to Illinois. The Kent State Golden Flashes and the Western Michigan Broncos are some of the teams present in this division. The complete list of the MAC’s teams are as follows: 1. Akron Zip…

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Mountain West Conference

  • The Mountain West Conference (MW) is a NCAA Football Division I conference which was established back in 1999. It features a total of 12 college football teams from the Western United States region. This divisions includes the Fresno State Bulldogs and the UNLV Rebels, among others. The complete list of the MW’s teams are as follows: 1. Air Force Falcons 2. Boise State B…

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