How are delegates selected for the general conference session


Delegates from union mission territories are selected by their division executive committees after consultation with the organizations concerned. Delegates from division or General Conference institutions are selected by the division or General Conference executive committees, respectively.

What are the rules for selecting delegates to General Conference?

The rules governing the selection of delegates are spelled out in the Constitution and Bylaws of the General Conference that define the purposes and operations of the global church and those that govern a General Conference Session.

How are delegates selected for a mission?

The executive committees of the unit that they represent select regular delegates. If the delegate represents a mission, the committee of the larger unit to which it is attached selects the delegate.

What is a delegate-at-large?

Delegates-at-large represent the General Conference and its institutions as well as divisions and their institutions. The entire delegation for a General Conference Session is comprised of: Delegates representing the General Conference, its institutions plus divisions and their institutions.

How many members are on the Executive Committee?

The 300-member Executive Committee, which includes representatives from each of the church’s 13 divisions and meets biannually to conduct church business, is automatically included in the delegate tally at Session.


What do delegates do in the General Conference?

Delegates spend the first week of General Conference reviewing legislation in their assigned committees. During the second week, the full body of delegates debates and votes on all items approved by committees. Delegates are not representatives. That is, they are not sent to “represent” the views of their conference, …

Who is eligible for election as a delegates at a general conference?

All ordained clergy in full connection are eligible for election as delegates at General Conference. In each annual conference, clergy members elect clergy delegates, and lay members elect lay delegates. Most conferences also elect alternate delegates who participate in General Conference as needed to assure that each annual conference is fully …

How many delegates are there in the General Conference of the Methodist Church in 2021?

The 2020 General Conference, currently rescheduled to meet August 29-September 7, 2021, will have 862 delegates, two fewer than in 2016.

What is the role of a delegate in the Book of Discipline?

Delegates spend the first week of General Conference reviewing legislation in their assigned committees. During the second week, the full body of delegates debates and votes on all items approved by committees.

Why does the Adventist Church hold a business session every 5 years? What is the purpose of the GC Session?

General Conference Session is a global spiritual gathering and a constitutionally required business meeting that has been held every five years since 1970. Its purpose is to vote on global leadership, set the direction of the Church for the next five years, and vote changes to the Constitution, Fundamental Beliefs and Church Manual.

Do you have to be a delegate to attend the GC? How many delegates are there? How are the delegates chosen? What is their job?

GC Session is an open meeting—anyone can attend—but only delegates and invitees have the ability to speak and only delegates may vote. This year, 2,713 voting delegates are expected to attend. Each union nominates delegates to represent its field. In addition, delegates representing major church institutions are selected.

How can members benefit from attending the Session?

Attendees gain an understanding of the world church and how it operates. They will literally see people from more countries and language groups than any other meeting in the Church and possibly in the world.

Describe a typical day at GC Session from beginning to end

For those working behind the scenes, the day starts with a Steering Committee to determine the agenda items for the day. The first public meeting is morning worship, followed by a business session that lasts until lunch. There is another business session in the afternoon.

How does the process of electing church officers work? What offices are filled at a GC Session? At what point in the session is the GC president selected?

A nominating committee is formed to nominate General Conference officers, departmental directors and associate directors, and division officers. The president is selected first and joins the Nominating Committee to offer recommendations on all the other nominations, which the committee may choose to accept or reject.

How can church members get updates on the proceedings and voted actions at GC?

Adventist News Network and Adventist Review will be covering the event.

Can I volunteer to help at the meetings?

Due to the technical nature of the General Conference Session events we are not able to accept any volunteer workers.


The Business of Session

The very first official World Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church was a one-day meeting held on May 20, 1863 in Battle Creek, Michigan with 20 delegates present. At the time the organizational structure of the Church was small and membership was only a few thousand, mostly from the United States of America. …

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Who Are These Delegates?

  • Here are some interesting facts about the delegates at this GC Session: Regular Delegates 1559 Delegates-at-large 1007 Total delegates 2566 Age data 1. Under 30 6% 2. 30-39 10% 3. 40-49 26% 4. 50-59 35% 5. 60-69 19% 6. Over 70 3% Gender Data 1. Female 17% 2. Male 83%

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How Delegates Are Selected

  • A question that is certain to be asked when reading statistics on gender representation is why is the percentage of female delegates so small when it is perceived that women are in the majority as pertains to Church membership? The answer is simple. While efforts are continually made to ensure that the entire delegation shall be comprised of both g…

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