How big is national genealogical society conference


In all, the conference will offer family historians and genealogists more than 165 in-person lectures and another fourteen lectures Online at Home; a family history Expo Hall; Focus on Societies; and the SLAM!Jan 10, 2022

What is the National Genealogical Society family history conference?

The National Genealogical Society Family History Conference is a premier annual event for Family Historians, Professional Genealogists, Hobbyists, and History Buffs. There are also special events planned for organizations: societies, libraries, archives, and museums.

How many members does the National Genealogical Society have?

More than 9500 individual members welcome our new society and organization members to this wonderful genealogy community. NGS and FGS board members, NGS staff, and many volunteers put in a full year of planning, designing, and executing merger plans.

When is the 2021 National Genealogical Society annual meeting?

The 2021 National Genealogical Society Annual Meeting will be hosted online. The meeting will be held at 5:15 pm ET on Wednesday, 19 May 2021. You do NOT need to register for the Family History Conference to attend. To add the meeting to your calendar, use the links below.


How much does it cost to join the National Genealogical Society?

Learn from the experts how to build and expand your family tree that meets the genealogical proof standards. At just $75 per year—just $6.25 a month—individual membership in NGS is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make.

What does a genealogical society do?

A family history society or genealogical society is a society, often charitable or not-for-profit, that allows member genealogists and family historians to profit from shared knowledge. Large societies often own libraries, sponsor research seminars and foreign trips, and publish journals.

How do you become a genealogist in the US?

How to become a genealogistEstablish goals. … Consider a degree program or self-education. … Start personal projects. … Develop business skills. … Practice your writing skills. … Volunteer for genealogical work. … Join the Association of Professional Genealogists. … Apply for certification.

How many genealogical societies are there?

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is an umbrella organization of over 450 genealogical societies.

What are the publications of the New England Historic Genealogical Society?

In addition to the Register, NEHGS produces American Ancestors, a popular quarterly magazine; Mayflower Descendant, a journal of Pilgrim genealogy and history; and 20-30 print and electronic books annually on a wide variety of genealogical and historical topics.

How much do genealogists make a year?

$71,428According to salary survey data compiled by the Economic Research Institute (ERI), hourly fees for genealogists in the United States average $34 per hour, as of June 2020. Full-time genealogists annually earn $71,428 on average. Reported annual genealogist salaries ranged from $51,374 to $87,998.

Can you make a living as a genealogist?

The answer is, sure! If you have strong genealogical research and organizational skills and a keen sense for business, you can earn money working in the family history field. As with any business venture, however, you will need to prepare.

Are genealogists in demand?

Demand for genetic genealogy research services is already high and is rapidly increasing.

Where is the 2022 NGS conference?

The upcoming NGS 2022 Family History Conference, Our American Mosaic, will be held in Sacramento, California 25─28 May 2022. Attendees will have an opportunity to choose from more than 150 lectures by the nation’s premier genealogical speakers.

How to start a genealogical research?

Do You Want An Incredible Way to Kick-Start Your Genealogy Research? Reap the Rewards of Attending the NGS Family History Conference: 1 Choose from dozens of educational lectures from the basics to advanced. 2 Select subject areas you want to learn more about that include#N#how to build a family tree and organize your findings;#N#understanding the use of DNA and genetic genealogy;#N#immigration, naturalization, and passenger records;#N#how to accurately identify your ancestors;#N#census, religious, civil, court, and land records;#N#how to find family among the thousands of results in online databases;#N#building your skills for certification;#N#how to apply the Genealogical Proof Standard;#N#documentation and writing proof arguments;#N#military and ethnic research; and much more. 3 Share your experience with fellow genealogists. 4 Explore the Family History Expo with a host of genealogy vendors of family history products and services. 5 Learn from leading speakers in their field. 6 Get inspired with new ways to approach your research.

When is the NGS Family History Conference 2021?

Focus on Societies, which was part of the week-long virtual NGS Family History Conference in May 2021, included a full day of lectures centered on sharing best practices, building leadership, attracting new members, planning online meetings and events, developing newsletters and other publications, and more.

What is the NGS?

Program Information. The National Genealogical Society (NGS) recognizes that genealogical societies, historical societies, and family organizations are the backbone of the genealogy community and are an important source of information and knowledge for budding family historians.

In-Person Conference Registration Fees In-Person

Before registering for In-Person, please be aware of NGS’s COVID-19 policy which can be found here.

Online at Home Registration Fees Online at Home

Online at Home sessions will be held 27-28 May 2022. Also included are access to the virtual Expo Hall throughout the week and the ability to network with both In-Person and Online at Home attendees.

On-Demand Registration Fees On-Demand

On-demand sessions will be available to stream from July through 31 December 2022. Select your choice of 20 or 40 sessions to stream from 60 available. Choose “The Works” to get all 60 sessions on USB with unlimited access (only available if you register for In-Person or Online at Home).


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