How boston regulates a conference meeting


Why Boston for your next convention?

Boston has two convention centers and the city’s geographical location makes it an ideal and easy gateway for both national and international access and gives you access to the most valuable attendee base within a 2-hour travel radius of any city in North America.

Do I need permits to host an event in Boston?

You may need permits from several departments to host an event in Boston. You start the process online, and then meet with us. Anyone hosting an event on public property or on outdoor private property needs to apply. Whether the event is free or ticketed, open to the public, or invitation only, it doesn’t matter — you still have to apply.

How big is the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center?

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) is among the largest exhibition centers in Northeastern United States, with 516,000 square feet of contiguous exhibition space and 84 fully-configurable meeting rooms with 160,000 square feet of space and a 40,020 square foot ballroom.

What are the benefits of the open meeting law?

By keeping meetings open, the Open Meeting Law creates more transparency in policy debates by public bodies. Public bodies include all public boards, commissions, committees, and subcommittees that have multiple members. Unless there is an emergency, a public body must give the public notice within 48 hours of a meeting.


What is a conference in court?

The conference is a proceeding before an administrative judge (AJ). The AJ learns about the case from presentations by both parties and the submission of documents, such as medical reports, wage statements, and affidavits from witnesses. Witnesses are not called. At the conference you would need to show:

How long does it take to appeal a conference order?

The conference order can be appealed by either party on an Form 121 – Appeal of a Conference Order. You have 14 calendar days to appeal from the date of the order. There is a $650 fee to appeal the conference order if the appeal is based on a medical issue.

What happens if an employee’s claim is inadvertently assigned to another administrative judge?

If for some reason an employee’s subsequent claim is inadvertently assigned to another administrative judge, either party may request that the senior judge reassign the new claim to be heard by the original judge. If a party files a subsequent claim (or discontinuance complaint) while an original claim (or discontinuance complaint) is pending, …

Can an administrative judge deny joinder?

For the sake of judicial economy, administrative judges often allow joinder; however, if a motion to join would enlarge the scope of the proceedings, the Reviewing Board has held it is not an abuse of discretion for an administrative judge to deny such a motion. See Marco Polo Rodriguez v.

What are public events?

Public events include road races, block parties, festivals, and parades. Some events may include entertainment, games, food, and beverages. To hold a public event, you may need to get permitted through several departments at the City. Give yourself plenty of time to apply.

Do you have to apply for a public event?

Whether the event is free or ticketed, open to the public, or invitation only, it doesn’t matter — you still have to apply. Public events include road races, block parties, festivals, and parades. Some events may include entertainment, games, food, …

What are conferences and meetings?

Conferences and meetings come in many forms, internal strategy meetings, international conventions, association meetings, educational conferences, medical meetings, just to name a few. Each program, whether it’s a day or a full week of programming, has its own unique set of objectives and specifications.

What is customer meeting?

Customer meetings and user group conferences are an incomparable way to gain valuable insight from your greatest asset – your customers. Through face-to-face contact, customers and businesses can learn from each another, share best practices and create lasting relationships.

What is executive leadership retreat?

Executive leadership/management retreats provide an opportunity for top minds of the business to connect with one another in an immersive environment without the day-to-day distractions of an office setting. Results include greater collaboration and communication among team members, a fresh approach to current roadblocks and creating a vision for moving forward. From exotic locales to locations around the corner, Castle is expert in creating exclusive, high-touch programs that make an impact.

What is a trade show?

Tradeshows and exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes and are a tried and true method for showcasing and discussing new products and services with customers and prospects. Many tradeshows incorporate workshops or presentations, one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities into the program.


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